Love hate relationship with Smart

Friday, February 10, 2017

I have a love hate relationship with telcos here in the country.

I need to love them because let's face it - I have no choice and also the fact that without them, I won't be able to communicate with loved ones.  I hate them because their signals are spotty, their service is most of the time crappy.  I swear, I long for the time that signal & connection will be at par with our neighboring countries.

To be honest, we're at their mercy.  Every single one of us.

You see, I am a loyal Globe user, I have been with them since 1997.  Imagine, I have been with them for 20 years, yet I don't feel valued as a subscriber.  Well, there were two instances - when they released the first generation of loyalty rebates, I felt so valued because the rebate was really big!  After that, well - it was downhill.  Their gadget offers were mediocre, they even went as far as offering appliances (microwave ovens and toasters) as rewards, the catch - you'll be locked in for at least 2 years.  Silly really.  I wish there was a loyalty program that will reward you based on the number of years you'v been with them.

Since I am not 100% happy with Globe, I decided to use the services of the rival network - Smart when it came to data connection.  My Panget got me a pocket wifi and I got a SmartBro prepaid sim.  To be honest, I was very happy with the connection.  There were times that it was spotty, but it was reliable overall.  I was genuinely impressed, so I maintained it for my data needs.  I would buy prepaid sims, load it and avail of its promos.  Last year, when they started offering the GigaSurf promos, I was so happy because it was more useful and practical for me, I found it a perfect fit for my usage.

Recently - well, since January - signal has been very spotty.  I needed to *refresh* my connection by turning my pocket wifi on and off, but generally - it was good enough.  I love the convenience of their Smart app to avail of certain add-ons, there are times it was fast - but mostly it was slow, especially when you will be availing of the add-ons.  I would get error messages that would ask me to try again another time (but seriously, if you were pressed for time - error messages aren't what you'd want to see) I would still be patient enough to try and try again.   Since I knew and expected to get error messages, I would give an ample time of at least 15mins before my promo expires to avail of the add on.  To be honest, there were times that I was successful on the first try and successful after several tries.

So this happened - my GigaSurf was expiring today - February 10, 2017 at 10:59am.  I made sure to log-in 15 mins before - you know *just in case* error messages would appear.  So by 10:45am, I successfully logged in to my account and hit the add-on button.

I kept getting error messages, saying the service was unavailable and that I should try again.  So I tried, again and again.

Finally, I was able to get through - guess what time it was - 11:01am.

I am so sure that I had more than enough time to avail of the promo, but I guess - the system was trying to trick me or something?

Instead of adding on to my existing promo - well, the system said to itself *you know what, let's not let her avail of the add-ons to *add to her current subscription* let's wait and let it lapse, so she will just have the regular promo.

I honestly find it really unfair - because, it's not as if we're trying to cheat the telcos.  We paid good money for superb service yet what we get is less than great.  I know for a fact that our telcos have all the capabilities to give us the BEST service possible, but they've decided to control what they give us.  I find this really unfair and FRUSTRATING!!!

I've complained this on Twitter, @SmartCares has responded that they've received my complaint - let's wait and see what they'll reply with.  I hope I hear from them.  I really hope.

Please hope with me?  Please?

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