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Be the change you want to see in the world..

You should hear that line being said by Michael Scofield of the new series (na kinalolokohan ko) Prison Break. It was to die for!! Super kinilig ako, I swear!! PRISON BREAK - is the latest series that I am obsessed with. I already saw the WHOLE first season - which consists of 13 episodes. Kinda short huh? But hell, it was worth all the late night watching! I finished the series in 2 days! Considering that I bought my copy just last Saturday afternoon! And by last night I was done!! The series involves a number of characters that you won't usually see together (given that they're out of the walls) - there's a theif - Sucre and C-Note, a pedophile - T-Bag, a mobster - John Abruzzi, a notorious hijacker/theif - Charles Westmoreland aka DB Cooper, a death row inmate - Lincoln Burrows and a thief/structural engineer - Michael Scofield. These are working together for a common goal - that is to break out of prison. And who's idea is it?? The brilliant engineer of course!! T

Meeting Dr. Canlas

I never wake up early on Saturdays - NEVER - but today, I needed to - because 'my' panget needed to go to the doctor at 9am. So I had to be at Panget's house early to drive him to St. Lukes. And so I went - super nagmamadali magpahatid - and while driving to St. Lukes - 'my' panget was like a back-seat driver. EVERY LITTLE THING I DO may pangaral - like do this and do that - dito ka sa lane na ito or whatever. I was getting pissed (and nervous) kasi I couldn't drive properly! So I told him to hush up. My only problem in driving is that I HATE parking - I really don't know how! I only know how to park with the front first. HE INSISTED THAT I DO THE BACK FIRST!!!!!!! So shempre - pinag-pawisan ako diba? But I'm proud to say that I got it in just 1 try! O diba? Improvement right?? (Super na yan!!) And so we walked towards St. Lukes - I had to go get his MRI results first - and when I got them and handed them to Panget - he read aloud the interpretation prou

Di na natuto..

These were the words uttered by Nurse Fatima at Dr. Wee's office at about 3pm this afternoon. I was there because 'my' panget - hurt his knee - again. He asked me to accompany him to the doctor - because he can't move very well - take note that I am the PERFECT alalay - kasi asikaso to the max! I think 2 steps ahead! Hahaha.. :) Last night - at about 11pm - I got a text message from Panget - saying that he hurt his left knee and is on the way to the Orthopedic Hospital in Banawe. Of course I was worried, and so I called him - my first words were 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAt??????' He just laughed upon hearing me sweetly scream. He just replied 'Eh ganon eh!' Fine, he's okay - but... another injury?? Although he said that it didn't feel like another ACL - but he wanted to know for sure too. And so we went to Dr. Wee's office at St. Lukes. He just calmy said 'ACL na yan' i-MRI natin to make sure. I called the secretary at our office to sc

Gaining Wisdom

Everyday is new learning experience. This holds true for everyone - but for me, since turning 26 - it has been magnified. I never thought that I will literally learn something new each day - but just last night I came to understand what 'learning' exactly meant. I guess learning comes with age, and since I'm a year older - I have the past 365 days to thank for - because I'm a better, stronger person now than I was a year ago. I'm always in awe whenever I hear very sensible advice. Parang - why didn't I think of that? My mom always tells me - wisdom comes with age - because its the experience that molds you. You become brighter, smarter, wiser, and more mature. The things that bothered you a few years ago becomes a laughing matter now. It's something to be learned. --------- It's so odd - that being a Catholic - I seldom go to Mass and pray - My 2006 New Year's resolution is to pray more and develop a better relationship with the God - sin

biting off more than i can chew

did i say it correctly? kasi parang may mali sa phrase eh.. well, that's my problem - in my effort and willingness to help people, sometimes - I bit more than I could chew. That's one of my weaknesses. I'm super willing to help others (namana ko sa mom ko) but then when it's my turn to be help - I find that people are kind of - missing - I'm not saying that these friends NEED to help me - but more on the - how come I'm willing to help others, while others just sit there - stare at the computer or something and ignore the fact that - someone needs help?! It's frustrating all right - but i guess that's how I'm built. Learning more and more of myself - everyday. Every single day. Good night everyone!! :)


Why is it that there are some people who work on something half-baked?? Why not give it your best? It's like saying that you do your work without heart but when it's your personal life - everything should be perfect?? I hate it when that happens - because I WILL NEED TO CLEAN UP THE MESS!! I was taught to be very detailed when it comes to working - there should be minimal mistakes and better if none. When will they EVER learn?? When???

Close to you...

There’s nothing I won’t try, Just to make you mine, To get a little closer, Would be so divine, And everytime i see you, You make me come undone, I always want you near me, In you I found the one Oh why don’t you smile my only star Shine on baby Smile my only star With you by my side, And girl it feels so right, And now that im close to you, I could stay all night, No matter where I go, No matter what I do, In the end your smile, Brings me back to you, You shine so true, I can’t believe you’re mine, And everything may change, But to me you’ll always shine I know it's cheesy - but hell.. I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE SO BADLY! My oh-so-loving 'Panget' REFUSES to watch this with me - he says he wouldn't be caught dead watching this!! At least I have a good friend - embodied by Imma - and she's willing to watch with me.. and since she's the ONLY ONE who's willing to watch this movie with me, I WILL MAKE HER LIBRE!!! :) Yes!! Hahaha... 'Panget'


To everyone who's anyone... Happy Valentines Day!! Hope you have your reservations ready!! Sana hindi traffic!! Have a great V-Day!!

KATH - welcome to blogging!! :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :) I just needed to say this, Kath was the one who urged me to write a journal. I remember it being in High School - that she told me to write my thoughts - because it helps - even a little. So to Kath - one of my 'best' friends in the whole wide world - thanks to you - I'm writing. Seriously. When you think about it, Kath is a BIG part of my life - Thanks Kath!! :) Mwah...

what is HAPPINESS to you??

'So, what is happiness to you?' This question has been asked to me a dozen times by friends after watching Cameron Crowe's flick 'Vanilla Sky'. So, (short pause) what is happiness to you? Well, I just got back from the Quezon City Postal office in Nia Road - you may wonder why I was there - well, I was picking up a package that was sent to me by a friend in the US. I was falling in line at window 37 (because it was written in the notice I received Monday), I was supposed to be the next one to be entertained when this pretty lady passed me and gave her notice to the woman on the counter! Of course, since I queued up, I expected to be next to be served, but no - the woman at the counter DID NOT MIND what she saw, she just looked down, wrote something on a piece of paper and went on entertaining the one who made singit! For some strange reason, I did utter a word (for those who know me - dapat by this time nakikipag-away na ako! haha..) I just waited patiently -


BOYCOTT MANGO!! I've heard of so many horror stories from dissatisfied MANGO clients, I've read a certain email on the bad treatment or should I say 'unfair' treatments of MANGO'S management. I myself am a victim of such 'unfair-ness' of Mango. Last 2003, I bought a pair of pants that were on SALE at the Glorietta Branch - the pants cost around 1.3K - since it was on sale, I bought it because the fit was really nice. A few days after my purchase I was at the Shangri-la branch, trying my best to look for a good steal (do not take this literally). I chanced upon the same pair of pants I bought - Lo and behold, I saw the price tag - the sale price was P899.00 - DAMN! i got sa irritated that I went to the cashier and told her that I bought the exact same pair in Glorietta for 1.3K and here it was just P899.00! She told me that the SALE PRICES OF ITEMS VARIES IN EVERY STORE - how can this be so? Aren't ALL items in ALL their stores have THE SAME price tags?