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District 9: What the ?!?!

What the ?!?! This was my reaction for the first hour - I thought I was watching a documentary instead of a movie. And the aliens? Prawns?? What the ?!?! The movie was funny and entertaining all right, but well - I was expecting LOTS of action sans the Prawns. I wish the 'action' part was longer - it was exciting as hell!! So - will there be a part duex?

My 'special' neighbor..

I have been thanking my neighbor for a month now because of the internet access I have at home. I am so thankful for wifi - as I have benefited from it for many many nights. Just last week - I met one of the neighbors because; he's friends with Panget's dad - thus he came in our house to relay an issue. He then told me that another neighbor - has the same issue as his! He blurted out the name and I was stunned! Literally STUNNED! I was shocked and scared after hearing the name. I was terrified! What if he breaks into another tantrum? When I told Panget - he just laughed off and told me - ' Didn't you know?! ' How in the freaking hell will I know?!? Panget said he knew of this since last year!! I will not disclose the name - I will just give clues. Clue #1 - My neighbor is a HE Clue #2 - He was recently pardoned by PGMA Clue #3 - He figured in a road rage turned deadly incident. Have you guessed? May I please ask that you DON'T leave the name on

I want the LJC credit card!!

I am so in love with Fely J's!! It has to be my favorite restaurant in Greenbelt 5!! And when I saw this - I just thought of the discounts!! The savings! Wow. Anyone who can help me apply for one - FAST? Email me!! As I want one NOW!! (No joke guys) Help me get one!! :) (I will give a special prize to the one who will be able to help me out!!) Yahooooo!!!

Long overdue haircut..

Since my big day has come and gone.. I have been contemplating on... Having a haircut!! Yes, I have been thinking of sporting my short do. I have been missing it for years!! But the thing is.. I feel guilty - I mean, I've sacrificed growing my hair for a long time, and I feel that when I cut it really short - all my efforts have been futile! But then again - I have waited this LONG to have it cut. So, I am still trying to decide - if I'm cutting it short or just having it trimmed. What do you think?? Help!!!

Wedding pictures

Just a glimpse of the wedding photos. Taken by the BEST - Pat Dy!!

Wedding supplier ratings!!

My first official post after the wedding! I am sharing with you my suppliers - as I loved working with all of them! They made my wedding day super memorable and fun! Coordinator: CAROLINE SEVILLA 10/10 I have to say that indeed - I got the BEST suppliers! Carol is one of them. We jive so well together - we're both OC and that explains everything!! I've been told that she's masungit, but she was NEVER masungit to me nor my guests. My mom loved her organization. I left everything to her and I'm happy to say that my wedding went on smoothly. I highly recommend her to Chinese brides as she knows certain customs that we modern brides don't Photographer: PAT DY 10/10 It was love at first sight. When I first saw Pat Dy's website - I knew I had to have him as my wedding photographer. There was no questions and no other option except for Pat. Luckily - I was able to work with him, which made me all the more confident on my decision to get him. Pat Dy

First meal out

First meal out at Trinoma as Mrs. Panget. I better think of an alternative missus name! Haha.. This was supposed to come out last July 30, 2009 (Sandbox wasn't functioning well...)