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Cooking Quest with #HeinzAsianSauces: Chicken in Claypot

Cooking is something that I like to do.  If I only had so much time on my hands, I would cook everyday.  My kids like my cooking (I'm so glad they do!) and it really warms the heart when they tell me that what I made them is good!  But I'm a creature of habit, so I tend to make the same dishes over and over again with some tweaks here and there.  Good thing though, that my kids are kinda like me.  Haha!  So once in a while, they will ask me to cook 'that' chicken dish.  Problem is, which chicken dish!  Hahaha..  So I went Asian this time. I don't usually follow a recipe when I cook fast meals.  I just look at what I have and just wing it.  No definite measurement, most of the time - I just do it by taste and by mood.  I'll make a list of ingredients at the end of the post, so you'll have an idea.  Hehehe..  Recently, I was given #HeinzAsianSauces to try and I decided to cook with it last weekend. I find chicken dishes very forgiving,

Every day is a blessing..

I am not staring at the screen thinking of what I should write.  I was planning to write about my son's chinese lessons in school, a cooking post using #HeinzAsianSauces, and something about being grateful of what we all have right now. Yesterday, I woke up to the news of Kobe Bryant's death.  He was with his 13 year old daughter, Gigi.  It's sad news really - and it made me and so many of us realize that life is really short.  I took for granted the blessing that my Panget and my kids get to go home safe.  I saw one IG post of my IG friend - it says Just last week, I witnessed two motorcycle accidents.  It made me realize that so much can happen in an instant.  After seeing those accidents, I said a little prayer and thanked God for keeping me safe.  Everyday, I pray for the safety of my friends and loved ones.  Now, I'm starting to say to keep everyone safe in the world. Currently, the world is facing a panic on the Wuhan Coronavirus.  So many news here and

Heinz Asian Sauces are here!!

One recent Sunday, during a supermarket run - I noticed something new - I saw that there was a full range of asian sauces of the brand HEINZ.  I was curious because I knew Heinz was a brand of ketchup.  I took a look, read the label and thought, maybe on my next supermarket run, I'd try one of the sauces. Weeks late, I received an invite to their launch!  I was really excited because I'm sure to be able to see and taste the full range, right?  Here the are: I have long searched for a Light Soy Sauce, but somehow couldn't find one in a local grocery.  I knew it was available in Asian stores, but I didn't want to make the effort to go to one just to buy a bottle.  I'm happy that Heinz has their own Light Soy Sauce, I'm most excited to use this!! Here are some of the dishes whipped up by the in house chefs of Tong Yang Plus! using these Heinz Asian Sauces: They all look so good right?  I'm very excited to use them when I cook in the ne

Switch to Jeunesse Anion!

I have been using Jeunesse Anion napkins since 2017.  Here are six reasons why you should try it and switch! 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Jeunesse Anion             Menstruation is a fundamental function of our reproductive system. A reproductive system that is well taken care of leads to a fit sexual and reproductive condition. It keeps us away from diseases such as reproductive and urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis. Menstrual health practices that contribute to infections include poor personal hygiene and the use of a low-quality sanitary pad.             It is our right to be able to manage our menstrual health with adequate knowledge and safety. And part of it is to be able to choose a superior pad we can entrust our sexual and reproductive health with. After the most-awaited Lazada 12.12 promo, Jeunesse Anion keeps the excitement going with irresistible deals and discounts, so don’t miss to purchase wherever you are by logging in at  www.lazada.c

Starbucks celebrates the Year of the Rat!

Every year, I look forward to Starbucks' collection for the Chinese New Year! This year, we welcome the Year of the Rat and here are some of the products they have in store for us! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

#IFLIX K-Drama: Sky Castle

I've long heard that the K-Drama #SkyCastle is very good.  When I had the opportunity to see it on IFLIX, I immediately did. The first episode was shocking.  What was more shocking are the episodes that followed.  I was shocked, surprised, overwhelmed and in disbelief of what I was seeing on the screen.  I was told that this happens in real life in Korea.  I then realized, this happens to in our local setting. I remember when Kailee was still starting out in pre-school, I was being told to put her in various classes.  This was for Kailee's benefit, they said - because schooling now is quite competitive!  I laughed when I heard this - but then when I applied her in ICA, well - that's when I saw what they meant.  Kailee was in a midst of peers that knew how to read and etc!  But to be honest, I didn't want to burn her out - I knew my daughter would be able to catch up.  And I personally believed that if Kailee knew most everything that would be taught to her - wha

#SundaySeries: Going through the process

Most of the time, we like things to become easier.  We like taking short cuts to save time.  We like everything at out own pace - may it be fast or slow.  As long as it's what we want.  But with the Lord, he has his own timing.  It may be fast or it may be slow - but it's His chosen timing. We go through the process of getting it know Him.  It may be from something that is going on in our lives - but it;s a process that lead us to Him. Our life is one whole process of getting close to the Lord.  We must be patient and trusting of his timing.  We must have faith and believe. In life, there is no shortcuts.  There is only trust and faith in the Lord that he will provide for whatever it is that we need.  In his perfect time.

D&D Green Code Floral Shampoo for Hair Loss Regrowth

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be conscious of my hair.  You see, I grew up having nice black hair.  I never had issues with hair loss, nor having white hair.  My black hair was a source of pride because as I got older, I never experienced having white hair.  It was something that I was proud about - not having a single thread of white hair.  My brother had white hair during our teens, so you'll understand where my pride comes from.  It was only when I had kids that white hairs began to crop up! Aside from white hairs, hair loss is something I really dreaded.  And so, when I learned I was pregnant with Connor and Shobe, my immediate thought was the postpartum hair loss because that  was an effect of my breastfeeding (or hormones).  It is something I disliked most - the hair loss. My  hair loss was very very evident - it was right on my forehead hairline.  So imagine the horror, I had receding hairline!! My postpartum hair loss experience with Kailee was rea

HAPPY NEW YEAR + #SundaySeries

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! It's the most apt greeting for the new year because we all want to have some positivity when the new year enters.  I haven't done resolutions because I they simply don't get done, well - most of the time.  Hahaha!! Last Sunday, I heard Mass with Kailee and it really touches my heart that she now comes with me.  It's a mababaw thing, but I really like that she comes with me.  It's a start, that's always what I have in mind. The homily last Sunday was moving.  Well, I felt the sincerity of the priest and it I can't help but be drawn to what he was saying.  I think I understood what he felt.  The priest was narrating that 2019 was a very challenging year for him.  It was a year that he got a LOT of assignments from the Diocese of Cubao.  To be honest, I know that he recently got assigned to be the parish priest and so it was a mighty big role that he had to fill in.   The priest said that he had a LOT of questions on why he was g