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Glorietta's Midnight Madness SALE this weekend!!

It's begging to look at lot like CHRISTMAS!! Join the Midnight Madness Sale at Glorietta this weekend!! November 28, 29 and 30!! And there will be a FLASH SALE! an ADDITIONAL 20% DISCOUNT will be given to all shoppers in the mall for an hour!! One thing I really love during the holidays is the EXTENDED MALL HOURS! Please see the schedule below!! Enjoy the holidays with Glorietta!!


Here is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: On November 29, Saturday ( 12NN to 11:59PM ) - there will be a massive (sort off) TRAFFIC RE-ROUTING in QUEZON CITY!!  Please be informed!! Also, expect heavy traffic.  There are seven (7) images below.. It would be really nice if you can pass on this information to everyone you know!! (You know, to avoid the congestion and not getting to your destination on time or at all!  hahaha..)

DIDIscoveries: Johns Cookers: Southern Fried Chicken in Examiner

We pass by Examiner on a regular basis and so we are witness to so many things - existing eat-all-you-can restos, new small restos popping up here and there, car washes that are open 24/7 and of course the ABS-CBN warehouse (or sort of) that is the main *sorting* ground when there are relief operations. So, two weeks ago - we suddenly noticed that the place that Cassava Creme used to occupy is now Johns Cookers!  We slowed down to see the place it was very well lit and new (obviously!)  My Panget told me that we should try it sometime - it was perfect because that day, we didn't have a helper, so I thought to buy some take out. I dropped by the place right after I heard Mass in a nearby Church.  I was greeted with smiles.  The menu was fairly standard - they were offering burgers and chicken.  I asked for their specialty and they told me that it was the fried chicken.  You know how much of a sucker I am for friend chicken - and so I ordered.  Initially didn't know how much

On & Off again Colds & Cough

For the past three months, I have been battling colds and cough.  It has come and gone.  I was well for a week and then something happens and I get sick again.  It has gone far too long that's why I decided to consult a doctor.  I am one who avoids going to the doctor.  The only time I went religiously was when I was pregnant with Kailee and Connor, but those other times that I was sick - I self medicated because I knew what drugs are most effective for me.  I HATE going to a doctor - I hate the wait,  I hate they they're almost always late, I hate that their consultation fee is expensive, I hate that they're just *guessing* what you have based on your symptoms, plus - I hate going to hospital clinics - its so effing depressing. A few months ago, I was invited to see QualiMed in PGH.  I wrote about how I was impressed with their facilities and their work standards .  During the tour, I learned that they have a branch in Trinoma.  Lucky for me, Trinoma is nearby.  So this

Slammin Mini Burgers: I got Slammed!!!

Since I love french fries - it's not surprising that I love Belgian Fries.  I remember first seeing it in Xavier so many many years ago.  Hahaha!  Then, they opened a stall at Promenade - and whenever I was there, I would order the Belgian Fries with dips of course. I honestly forget where I first encountered Slammin (formerly Slammers) - but I remember it because it looks very similar to those White Castle burgers that I saw on TV!  I first tried it in Trinoma and I really liked it.  So whenever my Panget and I would watch movies in Trinoma - I always ordered from Slammin (formerly Slammers) - I always get their chicken burger - Crispy Chix.  Hihi.. Feeling *healthy* hahaha!! Some months ago, I got an invitation to try out Slammin in the new wing of the Promenade.  I was really meaning to go but somehow - I never found the time, but last week - I finally did! :)  I honestly wondered where they were located then I realized there was still a part of the new wing that

The Flash: Grant Gustin & Barry Allen

I haven't had this bad of a crush since seeing Matt Bomer/Neal Caffrey on TV while I was pregnant with Kailee.  I was obsessed with seeing Neal Caffrey on TV - I would watch over and over again the Pilot of White Collar and I would have this silly grin on my face while I saw it.  Ask my Panget he can attest to that! Before Neal Caffrey - I was crushing Seth Cohen from the OC.  I'm sure you'd ask why - well, he's cute and awkward and geeky.  Hahaha!  I don't know, I can't explain it - but he was sort of my perfect guy on TV.  My next TV crush was Chuck Bartowski - again, geeky and awkward and FUNNY!  But then their shows were and I had nothing to look forward to.  And so when I saw Matt Bomer (I remembered him as Bryce Larkin from Chuck) it was TV love at first sight. I first saw Grant Gustin/Barry Allen in an episode of Arrow.  I knew from the moment he spoke, that I was going to like him (and his character).  He had this funny charm, the talkative ver

Rita's Italian Ice - Ice. Custard. HAPPINESS!

I honestly had no idea, I mean *no idea* what Rita's Italian Ice was.  I googled it and what I read intrigued me on what the product was about.  Last week, during the soft opening - I go to try what Italian Ice was. (Left to Right) Blendini, Misto Shake, Gelati and Blueberry Ice I met Ted, the operations manager of Rita's Italian Ice - Philippines and Jamie - Rita's Italian Ice manager for franchise.  I am one who likes to ask questions - so, yes - I berated them both - especially Ted - and he was impressive!  He had an answer for every question that I threw at him.  He knew his product well.  Thank you Ted and Jamie for indulging me!  Haha.. So, what is Italian Ice?  Italian is a frozen dessert made with fruit juices and flavorings.  Imagine a snowcone - but instead of putting concentrates on shaved ice, - the ice and concentrate is mixed together via the same process of ice cream, sans the *cream*.  It comes out smoother and with more body and flavor.

Road Rage

I have Road Rage. Yes, I curse every Bus, Jeepney, Taxi, Tricycle that is hassling us private car drivers on the road.  I super hate them!  But know what, I used to be *NR* with them, I think, I got this hatred from my Panget.  His disdain for them rubbed off on me. These public transport service(men) seem to not know the rules, etiquette and I think they also don't know how to read and respect the street signs.  They would just stop whenever they wanted - alight and drop off passengers on a whim.  They drive like madmen and causes traffic and the most scary accidents.  What's up with that?  I mean, that's not right! Everyday - private motorists need to abide by the rules of these public transport.  We are at the helm of their mercy.  We suffer their being disorderly and disrespectful of the road rules.  Then there are MMDA officers who just look on to the traffic that these silly boys create - they do not apprehend, and just do nothing.  They see the buses viol

Mama Lou's Nuvali

Last year, I saw tweets of friends mentioning Mama Lou's - an Italian kitchen in the South.  It got me curious, so I followed them on Twitter.  I've been hearing how good their food was and I was so interested to try it.  Unfortunately -we're located on opposite sides of the Metro.  It was quite difficult for me to travel to the south and Mama Lou's doesn't deliver to QC. And so for months, I just contented myself with seeing tweet, and images on Instagram.  I even had a twitter conversation with Mama Lou's of how much I wanted to try their place out.  They kept telling me to visit - but I never found the time.  Then a few weeks ago - I was invited to go to Tagaytay - I gathered that on the way back - I just HAD to visit Mama Lou's.  And so I sent them a message on Twitter and FB of my intended visit to their Aguirre branch.  My doctor friends have told me that if I had the chance - to visit their BF Aguirre branch since it was more homey compared to t

Oreo's Better Together Halloween Trip and Treats

I've always felt guilty of not being able to spend more time with Connor.  But let's be honest - as much as we want to spend equal time with our kids - we just can't split ourselves up into separate persons to do so.  I remember not understanding the movie *Multiplicity*, but now that I'm a mom - I say to myself that I really need a clone! My Connor really loves nibbling his food, everyday he would point to the not-so secret drawer that contained snacks (in my room) and he would always get Oreos and have me open it.  As much as I want to stop him - I give in because I felt guilty - and so he has his way.  And he's so loving it.  I know, it's not good - but what the heck!  Every child needs to enjoy his Oreos right?  Who am I stop him?  I love Oreos too! This trip to Tagaytay with just Connor, forced me to spend *alone* time with him.  And I am so very glad that I got to do it.  It's actually a blessing in disguise, since initially - I was suppo