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My son is a Vampire! HELP!

What do vampires do?  They BITE and suck blood.  But I'm just referring to the *biting* When I was younger, I had a cousin who loved to bite out of *gigil*.  So I remember my brother and I would have bite marks all over our body.  He was notorious for biting - as the yayas would always warn us to keep our distance, as he can and will *bite* us anytime he pleases.  He outgrew it eventually.  Thank goodness. For the past few days, Kailee has been telling me that Connor tries to bite her.  I told her that if Connor ever attempted to do it again - to run and tell me immediately. On Christmas Day - we were at SM Aura.  While waiting for my mother in law in All Flip Flops, Kailee and Connor were busy playing on the round chair - they were laughing and running around the chair.  And then I heard a sharp scream, when I turned around I saw Kailee crying and banging her arm on the chair.  She then screamed *Connor bit me Mommy!*  I saw her face and she was in real pain, she was t

It's a HOLIDAY on January 15, 16 and 19!!

And it's official!! Holidays on January 15, 16 and 19, 2015! Everyone's excited for the Pope! Happy Holidays everyone!

Sumo Sam is 9!!

Sumo Sam is 9!! And they're celebrating it BIG TIME!! Don't forget - December 23, 2014 (Tuesday)!! Press Release

Yaya Diaries: Yaya Babylyn Part 2

We all have a LOVE-HATE relationship with our Yayas/Helpers.  They give us unending headaches and sometimes - heartache.  I have written my fair share of headaches & heartaches - but well, what can I do?  I need them in my life - and that's the trade off. It's been quite a while that I've written about them.  Nope, it's doesn't mean that I've found the *one* it simply means, I got tired of writing about them.  But last night, I got a text message from Yaya Babylyn - it seems she forgot who I was.  This is the second time she did that.  And I wanted to share how brave and bold and direct they are - with the matters of the flesh. The first time was this message:  Please note the date. How bold of her right?  A bit of screw loose in the head?  So I ignored her.  But then I realized, this woman - gosh, she's really something.  I mean to boldy ask someone to have sex with her?  I guess sex in indeed a pleasure for her.  According to my Sister in

Didi's Holiday Gift Guide

This is my first ever attempt in making a Holiday Gift Guide, and here it is!!! BUILT NY Oven Mitt Why?  Simply because its long!  See how long?  It covers your whole forearm and that is important!  I remember the time when I was so scared of getting burned by the oven that I had to use sticks and thong just to get my pyrex from the oven!  With this fabulous oven mitt - you need not worry about your forearm!  I have been using this for months and I super love it! :)  I love that it's thick, easy to clean and most of all - LONG!! And look at how cute it is - so nice to see it in the kitchen.  Changes the mood and feel of the kitchen too!  They have other products too - very useful, functional, versatile and durable not just for the kitchen but for everyone - from babies to adults - truly, very versatile!  Check out their FB page for more items and inquiries. SEVILLA & SONS Sausages Cotton is the Bags2Go donya and while texting to one another, she mentioned

Candy Corner Kingdom on Dec. 12, 13 & 14!!

I am a huge huge fan of Candy Corner!  I so love their Strawberry Kissed gummy candy.  I used to enjoy eating it alone - but now that I have Kailee - I *need* to share it to her.  She has declared it *Our FAVORITE candy!* and so whenever I spot a Candy Corner store - I buy it, but instead of just for me - its now for me *and* Kailee. Next weekend join Candy Corner for a major event called the Candy Corner Kingdom at the Glorietta Activity Center from 10am to 10pm next weekend!  Yes, that's three FULL days of candy fun and activities! Candy Corner FB Page I Love Candy Corner Instagram @ilovecandycorner

Shell Fuel Save: Travel & Safety Tips

I am not very particular with the issue of gasoline.  Just as long as I have a full tank or at least half a tank of gas while on the road - I was okay.  It was important to me to have AC and that I would be able to reach a particular destination without trouble.  I wasn't aware that there were different types of gas - the only thing I knew different was there was diesel and gas, that's about it.  It was only recently when I really started driving around that I became conscious of the gas that I was consuming.  I remember changing from Petron to Caltex to Shell.  My Panget is a Shell loyalist - and he has convinced me to switch. More than a month ago, I - together with the SoMoms had an *out of town* trip.  It was my first ever out of town trip alone with Connor and with the SoMoms (my newfound friends!).  So I was very excited.  The plan was that I will drive to Tagaytay, but on the last minute, my ever thoughtful Father-In-Law (Bless him!) sent over his driver and a car to t

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

The last time I was in Tagaytay - I think I wasn't married yet.  Yes, it has been that long - too long.  Well, to be honest - when I still didn't have kids, I was always game for an out of town trip.  It was always a *go* for me.  But now that I have kids, I'm sorry to say - that the thought of going on an out of town trip with them, repels me.  Why?  Simply because of all the things you need to pack and take along with you.  I have to be honest, now that I have kids - I bring with me *everything* as in everything!  Then I need to know that the place we're going to is conducive for kids or is kid friendly.  I mean, you don't bring your child to a nudist beach or a place that needs a long uphill hike.  Now that I have Kailee and Connor - it's all about them.  It's all about keeping them entertained and wanting them to have fun and enjoy the trip as well.  A lot of elders tell us that kids won't remember anything - but I beg to disagree.  I believe they ga