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Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil partners with Philippine Heart Center

PRESS RELEASE Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil partners with Philippine Heart Center  for a heart healthy nation Being good to your heart requires not just exercise but a good diet. This Nutrition Month, Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil and the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) partnered, once again, to spread the gospel of delicious, heart-healthy food. Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil Brand Ambassador Chef Donita Rose and Chef DJ Santos showed over a hundred guests in a recent Philippine Health Center seminar how to make Ube Champorado with fried danggit and Rib Eye Tapa dishes more heart-friendly using Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil. Jolly Heart Mate brand ambassador Donita Rose w/ resident chef DJ Santos “I believe we can enjoy good food while being healthy, specifically heart-healthy.” Chef Donita told the staff and patients of PHC. “We just need to be mindful of the ingredients we use to make the food that we love.” A

Yaya Diaries: Riza Tepace

This is Riza Tepace. She worked as a helper in my household for a total of 23 days.  To be honest, she is nice, hardworking and cleans well.  She's smiley and is friendly.  The kids like her and Yaya B said she works well. I got her from my mother in law's mom.  Panget's Ama was the one who got her for us, there was a transportation fee of P1,500 that we needed to give to the *recruiter* because she advanced it.  When I let her into my home, we talked about rules and she needed to do around the house - such has days off and how I go about making bawas the advances we made.  She agreed and said that she really needed the work for her son (who is 1.5years old) even if her husband has been bugging her to come home - she told her husband that she was in Manila for just 2 days - how will she afford to go home?  I thought, well at least this helper knew what she needed. The next few days went by without a hitch.  Yaya B said that she was very easy to teach and she learn

Starbucks Fruity & Vibrant Yogurt Frappucinos!

PRESS RELEASE Bring on the fruit with new vibrant Frappuccino® flavors from Starbucks Summer’s here to stay as Starbucks brings you two of its refreshing Frappuccino® blended beverages! Find yourselves sipping endlessly as your savor these vibrant and fruity flavors. Starting July 24, Starbucks will serve up two fruit-forward Frappuccino® blended beverages—Apricot and Peach Yogurt Frappuccino® and Açaí Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino® for a limited time only. The Apricot and Peach Yogurt Frappuccino® packs two mouth-watering fruits in three gorgeous layers, creating one cup of yogurt goodness. The multi-layer of flavors unfold as you sip – from succulent peach jelly with real bits to a creamy, tangy yogurt blend drizzled with zesty apricot sauce. Making a return this season, the Açaí Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino® is a pretty, light purple, Açaí   berry-infused drink with pearls that burst with mixed berry flavors, topped with velvety milk foam for that added crea

School Diaries: Consequences of Incomplete Notes

Since I have two kids in big school, I think I'll start a series of their experience and my experiences as well.  I'll use the hashtag #DIDISchoolDiaries.  I just hope that I'll be able to sustain this, hopefully good stories will come out.  Hahaha!! Since school started for Kailee, things have been different.  She is already spending what is considered a whole day in school.  She brings lunch and has it in school, she doesn't come home until in the afternoon - so that means there are no afternoon naps.  She would come home energized wanting to spend time playing - but of course, there are home works.  For the first week, there was still no home works, just reminders.  You can say the first week was quite easy not as demanding.  But, I noticed every morning, she would still be quite sleepy when I wake her up.  There's a pinch in my heart every time I see her standing up waiting to be dressed (by me) with her eyes closed.  I know the feeling, I went through that fe