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Operation ACL: Successful!!

Just came back from St. Luke's Medical Center. Yes, FINALLY my panget had his ACL repaired. The surgery was at 7:00am - he had to be at the Operating Room by 6:00am - that means he had to wake up at 5:00am and leave at 5:30am! My panget is definitely NOT a morning person, so I guess he was masungit to everyone at the operating room. I called the recovery room at about 9:00am, I spoke to a nurse Emy. I asked her if my panget was awake, so I can ask him what food he wanted for lunch - she paused and said that he was still asleep although a while ago he was awake. I told her I'd call back at 11:00am and if in case he wakes up to ask him his preference of food for lunch (para hindi ako simangutan in case I bring in the wrong food) When I called at 11:00am it was no surprise that my panget was still asleep (duh?!) but nurse Emy said that he wanted a burger and water lang. After a few minutes, my panget's sister-in-law called my cell to ask what time I'll be going to the ho

ang INIT grabe!!

I am one person who doesn't like to sweat (I hate the feeling of 'pinapawisan') thus, sports is a no-no for me! Although I tried my luck in badminton (which I miss..) 2 years ago enjoyed it to the fullest (still, I'm not a good player - I DON'T run after the shuttlecock - I literally watch it fall on the ground). Whenever I feel sticky - I take a bath, immediately! I like the 'fresh' feeling after taking a bath - what's wrong with that right? Well, what's wrong is as they say (my parents) SAYANG ANG TUBIG!! Having been used to not using the aircon while sleeping at night - I realized these past few days that it's officially summer.. dammit!! it's so damn hot!! before, I used to just turn the aircon on for an hour and sleep, but now it seems the aircon in my room is not enough! I need to turn the electric fan on too!! I know - sayang kuryente - but WTF! It's so freaking hot!! And hey, I saved a lot from not using the aircon whil

Roaring to Macau

In a few hours my family and I will be leaving for Macau via Tiger Airways. We booked this trip way back December 2005! We got it unbelievably cheap! Imagine USD228.00 for 4 passengers, and take note - that's round trip tickets!! Good deal huh?! Anyhoo - I'm off to a short vaca - I just hope I don't get stressed out. I'm really looking forward to: - Seeing Kim & Cubie!! (Super!!) - Shopping for Shu Uemura stuffs with Kim and Cubie! (at last!!) - Sleeping and sightseing - Trying my luck at poker in the Casinos (Wish me luck!!) - Eating a lot of food - (meaning PIGGING OUT!) See you in a few days guys and girlies!! :) Tata!!

Stub Number 02034

Last Friday, my panget and I attended Kodak Philippines' dealers meeting. It showcased new cameras and new products such as the Kodak's all-in-one kiosk. NBC Tent was transformed into a coliseum like set-up - stages were put up in a circular manner on the four corners of the tent - the hosts Mariel Rodriguez and my HS friend Drew Arellano stood at the center stage (right smack in the middle of the place) There were dance numbers and a segment that narrated the beginnings of Kodak Philippines and it's mission. While featuring the newest digital camera that boasts of panoramic shots - my panget whispered - I want that camera. Since I assumed there was a raffle - I hoped silently for us to win. But what are the chances right? The event was grande - as expected, the Kodak people went all out for the launch. The food catered by Hyatt was not so bad, I was kind of shocked to learn that the buffet was placed outside the tent itself - although tables were places outside - wo

Farewell dinner...

Last night, my panget and I had dinner with his college buds at TOC (Top of the CITI). It's been a long time since I last saw them (I think it was Julie's baby shower), with the exception of Grace and of Barbs. This dinner was somewhat special because it was Grace and Francis' despedida - they're moving to New Zealand this Saturday. When I heard the news, I was in disbelief, I couldn't believe that it was already March! I remember Grace telling us that the plan was that March - they're supposed to leave, but she was still unsure - maybe she was giving themselves a margin for error of some sort. Anyhoo, I received a message on friendster from Barbs, informing me of the despedida dinner and to get a bon voyage card and to remind my panget about it - of course, since Lolo Edmund is crippled(due to his recent torn ACL injury) he might forget. After reading the message, there was no feeling. But last night, when I saw Grace, the idea of her relocating sank in


I know people hate people who eavesdrop. I on the otherhand, love to eavesdrop. But before you judge me - I need to clarify first the reason why I eavesdrop. Since I came back from Beijing, China - I have to admit - it became a hobby. At first, I didn't realize that I was eavesdropping. It began when I went to Beijing to learn to speak Mandarin Upon arriving - I was clueless on what people around me were saying. I had to decipher the meaning by actions, making sounds, and by drawing (I am the worst ever artist! I cant even draw a nice stick figure!) I swear, the first month was the worst! I was literally in a foreign country where I could not understand what was being said, the signages were all in Chinese characters. Everything sounded and seemed alien to me. But after a few classes - I found myself understanding what people on the other table (in a restaurant) were saying. Then it hit me, I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD Mandarin!! This is where my eavesdropping (hobby) began.

My fascination with American Idol

There's just something with me and singing contests, American Idol in particular. I can't help but watch it over and over and over again - I admit - I'm a huge huge fan! Ever since last year when Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice were admitted to the roster, I felt that AI has accepted musicians from all genres and at least stretched the age group a bit (compared to before) This year, I missed out on watching the auditions - I wasn't able to see who stood out from the rest in the beginning - it was just last week, that I was able to catch AI. Funny how, (again) a rocker caught my fancy - He's none other than Chris Daughtry - yes, the bald, kinda sexy-ish, roker-ish guy. He can sing man, he really can. I really don't know why I'm partial to those rocker/alternative 'songers' but I am. I just love the way their voice sounds when its all husky and bordering somewhat coarse - but still you can hear the good singing voice. At last weeks performanc

my SHU UEMURA loot!!

Yesterday, I received my winnings from being chosen as the ' Letter of the Month ' for OK! Magazine. Upon seeing the small bag - I was delighted - because it was from SHU UEMURA!!! Who would have thought I'd win something from SHU UEMURA!! I can't get over it!! I swear, I can't!!! Here's the list of my loot - pictures will follow (since I'm kinda tamad to upload them pa) - instead I will borrow pics and links from the Shu Uemura website!! :) Sweet Mode Palette USD15.00 PHP1,250.00 Sweet Lip Gloss - Daisy USD18.00 PHP1,050.00 Glow On - Sugar USD21.00 PHP1,675.00 Eye Light Pencil - Light Yellow/Light Blue USD18.00 PHP1,200.00 False Eyelashes Sweet Mode USD0.00 PHP 0.00 (Free) My Total Winnings(savings): USD72.00 PHP5,175.00 Special thanks to Frances Amper of OK! Magazine

Prayers and Issues..

People have a lot of issues - and I am one of them. There are days that I feel happy and some days I feel like I'm so worthless. Am I crazy? Well, I guess a little bit - isn't everyone? My friends tell me this feeling is the 'BURNT OUT' feeling - I ask them how they know - they reply with 'Parang ganyan ang burn out eh!' How come I didn't see it coming? I feel pressured - not because I am being pressured but because of the things I feel that I need to do since I'm the eldest (daughter). I need to be responsible enough, good enough, organized enough - that sometimes - it's so tiring. Why can't the other be more responsible? Why do I need to worry about him? The answer - because I'm his elder sister - and I can't help but feel responsible, I spoil him at times - but where do I draw the line? I'm just a sister, not a parent. Do you get my drift? I feel like it's a lost cause, but the thing that I hate most is that - the

Dessert First..

Whenever I go and eat buffet, I always check out the desserts being served. There are times that I go through them first before the main courses. I'm partial to sweets (but not to chocolates - I hate them to death!!) and crave for something sweet every so often. While browsing through Carlo Celdran's blog - I found this site! Dessert First - all I can say is - Yummy yummy yummy!! All of a sudden - I wanted cakes and anything sweet!! You're invited to a Tea Party (Click above to see the picture) It's so tempting right? Imagine having to attend a small get together with fellow foodies! Instant sugar high!! Too bad tickets were already sold out. Dog dammit!! I hope that next time, I'll be luckier!! Sweet cravings - damn!!

Dana Reeves, 44 dies of Lung Cancer

Dana Reeves dies of Lung Cancer March 7, 2006; she was 44. When I saw the news on TV - I felt heartbroken. Heartbroken because Just a few months back I saw her interview with Oprah. She seemed like a very strong woman, fit to be Superman's wife. They have a child named Will, and at a young age, Will lost his father - 1 year and 5 months ago, and now his mother - 7 months after she announced that she had lung cancer. It was quite weird because Dana Reeve never smoked! Damn, cigarettes!! Rest in Peace dear Dana - you'll strength and dedication will not be forgotten.

Galileo Enoteca

Have you heard of this place? Well, it's a deli/restaurant that's well tucked in the streets of Mandaluyong - Calbayog street to be exact. I got lost trying to look for this place last night - well, because the street numbers were jumping from 40 to 469 to 151 down to 2! It was only when I called Berly to ask for directions did I found the place. It was packed - they were fully booked, but I managed to get a table 15 minutes later. It was a very small deli - really small - but kind of deep. They served pasta dishes, cheese, wines and lots more. A set menu will cost you Php400.00 - not bad right? It's inclusive of: A glass of wine Ham, Salami platter Cheese platter Soup Main course (you can choose from 3 different pastas) The food was OK - nothing spectacular, the service was so-so, but the conversation - great!! To Berly, Lyn, and Ian - sa uulitin?? Ya, think?!?!

Letter of the Month!

I was shocked to see portions of my letter printed out on the Letter of the Month section of this month's OK! Magazine. I was told thru email that I should watch out for the March 2006 issue, but I was merely expecting to see more of Brangelina, and indeed the cover featured the now public Brangelina. Carefully reading and turning EVERY page, I was astonished to see MY name! My name?! (Can you believe it??!!) On the magazine!! My email was chosen as Letter of the Month! And not only that, I won a great great great prize!! My ultimate favorite make-up brand!! Shu Uemura!!!! Yeah baby!!! Until now, I'm still reeling from the shock - thanks to OK! Magazine, Frances Amper and of course.. Brangelina!!!!!!!


JACOB , originally uploaded by candishhh . This is Jacob - the youngest member of our family. He's uber cute, playful, naughty, always hungry, loves to bite, and more! Isn't he cute?!

American Idol 5

While watching the AI5 auditions - I did not find a favorite of mine but then at last night's performance.. I can say... I have one now!! He is Chris Daughtry - when I heard him sing Fuel's Hemorrage- OH MY GAWD!! I was pulled - pulled as in I watched closely and man - is he goooooood!!! I'm partial to rockers, yes - I am! There's a certain tug when I hear them sing alternative songs! I really don't know why.. Let's go TEAM CHRIS!!!!