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14 hours and 15 minutes from now..

I will be seated (hopefully - comfortably) on the 19 seater plane of Seair going to Coron, Palawan. Yes! Finally, after 2 1/2 months of planning and convincing friends to come with us - the day has arrived (not yet, but hey - it's tomorrow!) See you guys in a couple of days!! :)

A Golf blister...

Remember when you golf shoes still had metal spikes? Well, that's how long it's been since I last held a 7 iron! And just last night at the Top Flyt driving range in Quezon City, I did not just hold one - but hit a bucket of golf balls - with the chidding, pushing, cheering on of my Panget and my tee-boy Myke (naks...) Even though its been years, I still remembered the grip, the stance and the swing - although not the correct stance, grip, back swing and etc., but at least somehow - I knew and remembered a little of it. Everyone will agree that I hate the feeling of being sweaty (ma-pawisan) I hate it so much that I purposely do not engage in sports (it's as if I'm a fan of any sport - I just watch them on TV or on the court) but for golf (driving range and badminton) I was willing to sweat it out. I remember vividly, during my first summer learning golf, I sustained a tennis elbow injury - that was during 1997 (I think) because the glof club I used was too heavy


In a few days, I'll be off to Palawan, but right now - I'm getting stressed by the minute! There's a little problem with the accomodation arrangements in our resort. Everyone, it seems - realized (just now) that they wanted rooms for themselves!! I know for a fact that the resort if fully booked - but I'm hoping and praying that things will turn out the way I(we) want them to.. Hopefully... Hopefully... or help me... Waaaaaaaaaaah!! I've exhausted all resources possible.. I just hope it pays off... Special thanks to tequila mike!! :) thanks thanks!!

5 days to go!!

And I will be off to Coron, Palawan! I'm excited and at the same time worried because my panget is still kind of limping - well, since he just had his ACL done less than a month ago... But nevertheless - I will be in the company of friends!! It's sad that Belle and Berly won't be able to join me, Mon, Lyn, and Ian - anyhoo - there's always a next time!! :) I'm counting the days...... :) Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! We'll be staying at El Rio Y Mar Resort (formerly Maricaban Bay Resort) any comments? reviews??

Happy Birthday Shirley!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Shirley!! :)

Lower Back Pains...

For years, I have been suffering and complaining of the pain on my lower back. I've gone twice to mang-hi-hilots and they STILL haven't cured me. I've taken X-Rays of my back - and there's nothing wrong with it! I hate the feeling!!!!! Argh.... :)

I dreamt of Sam Milby

I know some of you will shriek out of ka-cornihan - but what the heck - I didn't plan this! It just happened - but I'm glad it did. Haha!! :) Right after my massage last night - I was playing with Jenna and Jacob in my mom's room - the TV was turned on because my mom was watching the soap 'Gulong ng Palad'. While playing with the babies - I suddenly heard a certain commercial model say that he enjoys eating 'Amazing Aloha' (or something to that effect) I just need to tell you, that I am such a fan of Jollibee's Amazing Aloha - that to me was the perfect burger. Was - because it was discontinued years ago. Of course, upon hearing this - my eyes suddenly shot up to the TV screen - surprise, surprise - It was Sam Milby alright - he's become a Jollibee endorser. I happily told my mom that the 'Amazing Aloha' burger is back! (She was the one who told me it tastes great) I was excited! Maybe because I will be seeing more of my dear Sam Mil

Unconditional Love..

I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic all-girls school, and attended a Catholic University (I think?) Having said that - since it's the Holy Week, I guess this particular entry is timely - for me that is!! :) Just yesterday afternoon, I had a misunderstanding with her. She called me a few times on my mobile with a raised voice asking me questions. It's quite a norm already but I can't seem to make myself numb to it. Anyways, when I got back to the office - it was when it all started. Acutally, I think it was nearing 10pm that I realized how much she loves me, that despite my shortcomings, imperfections and mistakes - she loves me still. And there is no question on how much, because she just does! I never thought I'd be witness to a thing such as 'unconditional love' - a love that is willing to see passed mistakes, a love that forgives and hopes for the best, a love that will forever be there for you when everyone is not. Come to think of it - this

Thanks Auntie Nene!!

Auntie Nene - I love you!! :) Thank you so very much for the Sam Milby poster - I absolutely love it!!!! :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Coron temptations..

I've never been a beach person, NEVER, and that stands till now, but don't take me wrong, I don't hate or dislike beaches, in fact I appreciate and love the scenery and beauty of beaches. I love looking at pictures that showcase pristine waters and white powdery sands, whenever I come across images of clear water white sand beaches - I'm in awe. It takes me some place peaceful - sort of like a 'happy' place for most of us. While channel surfing about 4 years ago (that long huh?!), I chanced upon a segment of Lakbay TV on Coron, Palawan. I was impressed. I never thought I'd see a place within the Philippines that was as nice as what I saw on TV! Hosts of the TV show were cayaking from island to island. The water beneath them was crystal clear! Imagine seeing the bottom part of the cayak immersed in water??!! I've never seen a place so beautiful and so peaceful! Coron, was said to be the hide-out of Japanese ships during the world war - this was