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Learning Mandarin, what method is best?

I studied in a sort of Chinese school for 13 years. So that "sort of' means, I SHOULD know how to speak basic Mandarin right? NOT QUITE!! I studied in a Chinese school where we only get less than an hour of Chinese class daily.  When you think about it, well - one hour a day, should be okay - but the problem is, at that time - it was pure memorization.  The books that we used, were those traditional books that I honestly have no idea what is written in them.  I see Chinese characters and they're just that - Chinese characters without meaning, nothing.  It was not practical if you ask me.  The words we were taught were not used in everyday conversation It was only during my 3rd or 4th year of high school that I realized how important knowing how to speak Chinese was.  It was during a trip to the Chinese border from Hong Kong that while I was going around the mall, I was having a hard time communicating with people who looked like me.  I was so frustrated that

#SundaySeries: Wishing them well!

When I was a lot younger, I used to have this idea in my head that I need to take revenge on certain things.  That when people do something to me, I need to retaliate.  I was following the saying, if they hit you, you hit back.  I couldn't for the life of me (at that time) understand the Bible phrase to 'give your other cheek'  I swear, I thought it was so very wrong. Then I experienced heartache.  I was feeling my lowest (I think) and then one day, I realized - that I needed to forgive that person and I needed to forgive myself.  It took a while, but then when I wished that person well and after that, everything was alright again.  The pain was minimal, I think I grew so much from that experience.  The lesson I learned then was to not think negatively of others, and instead wish them the best. Let's not think ill of others, instead wish them well.  That's what I do now.  Whenever I'm irritared or angered by circumstances, I take a breath - say this in my he

Paymaya X Ministop! Spend P200 get P50 Cash Back!!

I love love love my Paymaya.  I love the #ScanToPay QR payment because of the cash back!  It's so convenient, safe and oh so easy!  I look forward to my purchases using Paymaya.  I have this habit of asking the cashiers if they have Paymaya.  I get giddy when they say they do because I know I'll get cash back when I use their #ScanToPay QR. Grabbing a quick bite or buying some last-minute needed items just got more convenient and rewarding as   Ministop   joins the growing list of PayMaya Preferred merchants, where customers can get added treats and perks whenever they pay using PayMaya QR. PayMaya QR is now currently available in more than 500 branches of   Ministop   all over the country, allowing for the ultimate convenience not just in buying goods but in having a quick and hassle-free payment experience as well. Additionally, shoppers can also get a P50 cashback once a  week  from February 19 until April 18, 2020  whenever they scan to  pay a minimum

Quaker Smart Heart Challenge

Would you believe that I never consumed oatmeal as a child?  Yep!  Oatmeal was never forced on us, I remember trying it and saying it doesn't have taste and that was it.  I only really ate oatmeal as an adult, a full blown adult.  And do you know the reason why?  It was because I was told that it was the healthier alternative and also because, well - my cholesterol level was slightly above the borderline. I would put honey as a flavoring or strawberries, when it was in season.  I remember eating it for a few days and then that was it.  My Panget on the other hand ate it regularly - it's his breakfast every Monday.  He said this was to counter all the food that he eats over the weekend.   I remember seeing ads of Aga Muhlach with his healthier look and 'abs' on TV.  He was saying that he Quaker Oats helped him get back into shape and at the same time lowered his cholesterol!  I remember thinking, this was a very good testimony because a LOT of us saw that h

#SundaySeries: Be the Light, Pay it Forward

Be the light. Be the salt. Pay It Forward. The animated priest who officiated the Mass I attended yesterday said to share our light to others.  What he said struck me and I found myself in tears.  I was asking for a sign, and it was during his Homily that I found the answer. Be a gift to others.  Share your light.  Pay it forward. And so I will pay it forward.  I will share my light.  I will try and be a gift to others. I thanked the priest after Mass.  I told him that I was asking for a sign and that his Homily was the answer.  He hugged me and said 'You're going to be OK'. Have a wonderful week and month ahead. Take care everyone!

Infographic on the Coronavirus!