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Homemade Treasures Ensaymada

I think I'm a late bloomer, because I just recently discovered Homemade Treasure's Ensaymada.  I was very lucky that when I ordered - their pick-up point was just near me!  I was secretly thinking that i was meant to be! My driver was a bit late picking up, but he made it on time!  Look at the nice box, what I liked the most was the tissue paper with plastic wrapping!  It was so delicately made!  I was so excited to try it and when I did - it was love at first taste! The ensaymada was heavenly!  It was really soft and the taste was absolutely perfect!  I must admit, I loooooove the fact that it was sooo much butter!  Hahahaha!! :)  Since I am pregnant, I think being able to consume two pieces in one sitting is excused!  It was really sinful, but I didn't care!  Move over my favorite ensaymadas (Hizon's and Diamond Hotel's) - I have found a new favorite!  Hehehehe... Homemade Treasures 0928-5070928

My Kailee!!

Kailee's 19 months now.. See how much she's grown! Thank you, Kailee for making Mama smile everyday. I love you!! :)