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Smart Infinity dinner..

Last night, my Panget's cutie friend M - invited us for a dinner hosted by Smart Infinity at The Fireplace in Hyatt Hotel and Casino . We had no information whatsoever on what the event was for - we were just told to dress in formal attire in black or red - that was it! And so when we got to the place - we were like clueless kids walking into a gathering for the first time! We were greeted warmly by Mr. Johnny Litton - he was such a charmer! As we entered the restaurant - My Panget and I were actually feeling out of place because those who were invited to the event - well, they were part of the society's big guns! Who were we to be there? We couldn't believe that we were in the midst of the movers and shakers in society. There was the son of the country's biggest mall developer, the wife of the co-owner of the country's biggest mall developer's hardware department, the grand son of the country's foremost broadsheet, the editor of a known fashion gl

Zowee is sick!!

Our youngest puppy is sick! She's like a child! Look at her! The vet advised us to put a cold pack on her head to bring her fever down. And she's been sleeping like this since 10am!! :) Isn't she cute??

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope I got it right! I know that Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November - and that is now! Happy Thanksgiving to all!! :) Cheers!! Here's a turkey for everyone!!

The Weekend that was....

I will be posting in bullets. It was actually a lazy weekend, which I liked! I actually watched an FPJ movie on Channel 2! I was laughing at myself! Hahaha.. Went to Megamall to check out my Panget's display booth Ate at Banana Leaf - disappointing Thai food! The Tom Yum Kung was just all broth! Went to get take out at Banapple . Man was I disappointed with the Apple Pie! It tasted really blaaaaaaaaaaah!! But the Banofee Pie was really really good!! :) (I will be posting pictures soon!!) I started my Sunday with a Mass - and I loved it! It truly made my day.. Mom bought 1/2 kilos of oysters for a meager Php50.00! She made a delish Oyster Cake! Had an uber lazy afternoon, went to Metrowalk to get some DVDs - bought Superbad , Knocked-Up and I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry . Watched Superbad - it was super bad for me but my Panget loved it! (a guy movie) Ate at Little Asia in Promenade - the food was so so - nothing great. It was filling! Watched Knocked-Up and fe

MMU Weekend!

When: November 24-25, 2007 (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.) Where: Greenmeadows Clubhouse (inside Greenmeadows Bazaar) Experience healthy and skin-friendly makeup, and feel the difference! Bringing the sensation from the US, we are launching the concept of mineral makeup here in the Philippines. This marks a first as all the mineral makeup brand vendors in the Philippines come together in one venue to celebrate mineral makeup and create more awareness about it to the market. Six brands would be joining, and as a treat, free samples will be given away, as well as free makeovers and skin consultations. Moreover, talks will be held by skin specialists, makeup artists, and MMU brand owners as they showcase their strengths and advantages, and show us how to create simple yet stunning day and night looks.

Bangkok - Day 3

We were more relaxed - decided to go to Platinum Mall as suggested by Mabs the night before. He said we will surely enjoy shopping in this mall. And we surely did! Having enjoyed walking around the whole mall - we forgot to take pictures!! Hahaha... Ladies, you will go crazy in this mall. I won't say anything much but - you've got to get your butts down there!! We had lunch at Platinum's Food Court - we were actually tired to find a restaurant. Hehe.. I think the 4 of us felt too tired that we were all feeling kinda loopy. I guess we walked so much! Haha.. After Platinum Mall, we walked ourselves to Siam Discovery, and found our way up to the store called Loft. Those Hong Kong fanatics are familiar with this place, they sell cutie goodies, most importantly - ballpens! Haha.. Too bad their ballpen collection was mediocre - the selection was very limited - sort of like National Bookstore. Nevertheless, I got myself 2 pens - Uni-ball's Vision Elite to be e

Bangkok - Day 2

Waking up at 530am was the hardest thing to do especially the day after a plane ride coming here. I was still feeling funny from the plane ( I know it's a shorter trip but I'm weird! ) but I had to get up. Our tour bus was scheduled to pick us up at 7:00am. So we had to be ready before that, but why that early? We wanted to have some breakfast first before leaving! It was an hour and a half trip to Ayutthaya - we had to be filled first right? Mabs had arranged for us to take the Ayutthaya tour from the agency called River Sun Cruise tour. The bus we got on was not filled - thus, I wondered if there were less tourist this time of year of something was off. The drive up to Ayutthaya was nice and funny - our tour guide Pon, was really really entertaining. He was talking non stop for about 30-40 minutes about the history of Bangkok and Ayutthaya. It was a relief that he had a sense of humor, because he cracked us up once in a while. I think SE and I were the only ones l

Bangkok - Day 1

I have been giddy about going to Bangkok for months!! I'm so blessed to have friends who helped me book a place in the Langsuan area ( actually they convinced me to book at Fraser rather than Hotel Ibis in Pratunam - thanks Mabs & Whit! ); give tips and suggestions on where to go, what to do and most importantly - where to eat! ( Thanks Nena!! Hope Joey had a blast too!! )Here's a summary (if you can call it that) of my 5 days in Bangkok. I guess most of you know that our flight was delayed. Great right? I mean sarcastic great - you see, we had most of the 5 days planned. My good friend Mabs set out an itinerary for us to follow - it mainly consisted of shopping (the only activity he knew we'd like) but it was ruined because of the delay. At first I didn't think that 2 hours would matter - well, it did matter! Because since we got there 2 hours later - traffic was horrendous! I've been to Bangkok before, two years ago I think, but that trip was mainly visiting

I'm back!!

Just got back yesterday - time sure flies!! I had a wonderful time in Bangkok!! Will post as soon as I organize the pictures!! :) I'd love to go back to Bangkok again!!