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SOM'S Noodle House

Interior of Som's Noodel House It was cheap alright. That I can proudly say. But the quality of the food? Let's say - for a cheap affordable restaurant - what do you expect? I'm not complaining that I wasn't full - because I was so full - it's just that the dishes that we had sort of had a similar taste. Spring Rolls - I liked it, I especially liked the sauce! My Panget however is not a fan of Spring Rolls - but I guess he did enjoy them as he also ate most of the pieces. Spring Rolls Tom Yum Soup - I was expecting it to be fiery hot! But fortunately - it was just alright, two complaints though - it tasted more sweet than spicy, and the shrimp - well, they were overdone (the skin was kind of hard to pull away from the meat) Pad Thai - This for me was the worst Pad Thai ever! It looked good but it tasted like ketcup and consisted of only - tofu, noodle, bean sprouts and eggs. That's it - No meats and seafood - nada. Pad Thai Red Curry Beef - I loved t

Whisper & P&G Update

Last Saturday, I received a package from SYKES ASIA - I was wondering what it was, and when I opened it - it was the replacement pack of the Whisper Napkins. It came with a letter dated April 12, 2007 where it was written that I was supposed to receive the same kind of napkin I complained about. Well - unfortunately, with they didn't have it on stock or it was deliberate - I got another kind of napkin AND there's a price tag! Unbelievable - the least they could do was give me the same pack I complained of, instead they gave me one that - maybe fit the description. What was worse was that it was sent out - April 28, 2007. Hmmm.. Nice customer service eh? Here's the copy of the letter, the replacement napkin and the waybill, click on the images to have a closer look: The waybill Here's the body of the letter The actual replacement napkin with the price tag

Malcolm's Place

Finally! Last night, I knew what the fuss was all about over the Wagyu Kobe steaks!! My Panget and I decided to give Malcolm's Place a try, since Anton raved about their Wagyu Rib-Eye steak. I've been hearing lot of good and bad stuff about Wagyu Kobe beef - some say that its the best beef in the whole world, that it melts in your mouth and that it's absolutely to die for. On the other hand, I've read that there are some animal activist groups who are against the method of Wagyu because its considered animal cruelty. Hmm.. Where do I begin? We somehow got lost trying to look for Malcolm's Place - we were in unfamiliar territory. Apparently the Makati that we know of consists of Greenbelt, Glorietta, Makati Shangri-La, Rockwell, Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, Makati Ave and the villages - mention a street from Salcedo Village or Legaspi Village - we'll be dumbfounded and confused. I honestly don't know the difference between Salcedo and Legaspi Village

Mineral Make-Up

I've read so many good things about Mineral Make-Up and finally, the other day, I decided to give it a try. I got my sample set from Sophie, she mans the sites Mineral Make-Up blog and Beautynomics . She introduced me to Mineral Make-up, but since I still had my loot - I had to wait until they at least become half-used before getting some products! I got my sample set last Friday, and by just looking at it, I was already intimidaded. What are these mineral make-ups? What's the fuss about it? The looked like ordinary powders, but they were supposed to be better than ordinary make-up. Mineral Make-Up claims to be without harmful chemicals and irritants AND it's supposed to make your skin flawless. Out of curiousity, I immediately opened the containers and tried them one by one on my hand. And from just sampling them in my fingers here's what I thought about them: CAROLINE, HYE YEON, ANGEL - I checked their shades one by one, but I later realized that without a

What's you sexy Brazilian Name??

Your Sexy Brazilian Name is: Marina Mendes What's Your Sexy Brazilian Name?

a call from P&G

A few seconds ago, a representative from Proctor and Gamble called me. She was asking if she could pick up the product with the ants tomorrow - she said it will be together with the replacement pack! Isn't that quite weird? I mean, I called them last April 12, 2007 and they're just asking me now? I don't think anyone in his right mind would want to keep the product infested with ants for more than a week! When I asked her again And secondly - when I spoke to Amor (the customer service representative) last April 12, 2007 - she told me to throw away the product! I'm assuming that was their protocol. I even asked Amor if I needed to keep the product for them to see, she told me otherwise. Did they just recently find out about the red ants? Weird!

It's FRIDAY again..

Yes, it's Friday again, and what a coincidence - it's a Friday the 13th! Time flies so fast, as last week - was just the start of April - and now, we're right in the middle of it already! Woooooooh!! :) It's Friday again! I wish you all a happy weekend! P.S. I still can't get the red ants out of my head!! Yuck!

Red Ants in an unopened Whisper Ultra Napkin pack..

Last night, before the start of my Yoga class, I noticed that there were 3 red ants crawling on my towel. Of course, I immediately killed them. I wondered where they came from, and thought that once I got home - I'd inspect my closet. It was already late when I inspected my closet. I found a few ants crawling on my cabinet where my towels and my Whisper stash were kept. I hastily removed my bath towels to check where the ants came from, it was quite weird because there were no ants below or at the side of the cabinet. I also found a few ants inside a small plastic container where I kept cotton buds. Since I killed all the red ants I saw, I thought that it was the last of it. And just this morning, while getting ready for work - lo and behold as I opened the cabinet where I kept my towels, there were a lot of red ants crawling around and about! I killed all the ants I could see! I was kind of panicking already - as they were many! Then when I started to look for the source,

an Ice Cold Coke..

I've never been a soda drinker. My mom hardly gave us soda when we were young. She said we didn't like the carbon on our tongues. There's one soda that I like (actually, it's more of love) and it's Rootbeer! I love the taste of rootbeer and Sarsi. I know there are some people who actually 'hate' rootbeer, but me - I love it! My Panget says it's not even considered a soda! Time and again, my Panget's been telling me, usually after a meal that he'd love nothing but an ice cold Coke. Since I'm not a soda fan - I cannot understand this desire of his. Then a few days ago, my Panget's mom said the exact same thing (we were in Subic, so I assume it was because of the heat) and last night - my mom told me that she'd love to have an ice cold Coke. So, what's with the fascination with an ice cold Coke? Can anyone tell me? I really don't get it. I think I won't ever get it, hahaha.. I hope I will. I have this same pro

the HOLY WEEK that was..

For the past 3 years, whenever Holy Week nears, I sort of know where I'll be. And sure enough - I was in Subic, for the 3rd consecutive year. You see, my Panget's family has a house there - they leased it for 50 years (I think..) and so - there is always a place to stay (Thank god!) No need to scramble with everyone else in making reservations. This Holy Week in Subic was different for me. Well, for starters - I've renewed my faith- I've been attending mass every Sunday, I've somehow become more in touch with my prayerful self as I pray as often as I can. The ' holiday ' has been less hectic and more relaxed. Even if I brought Jenna (our clever dog) - I wasn't stressed at all. I can say that I had a good rest, just lazing around and eating. I kinda missed doing Bikram Yoga - no way to burn off the extra calories consumed. Anyhoo - what made the 'holiday' different was - I experienced my first ever roadkill . Yes, you read it right! My


I've noticed that lately - my creative writing juices have not been flowing smoothly. It seems that the supply has somehow halted. Whenever I plan to sit down and start typing - my mind goes blank. A writer's block maybe? Or I might just be distracted with some issues. I'm trying to read again but the efforts have been futile since I shift from one book to another! Damn, I can't seem to concentrate! What is happening?! I am so frustrated! I can't seem to write away my thoughts! Argh.... Help!!

Bar Exams 2007 - It's OUT!

I'm so happy to learn that 3 of my friends have passed the bar exams!! 1) Baldos, Graciella 2) Ley, Monica 3) Tan-Paredes, Lydia 4) De Castro, Jean 5) Lim, Sharon Congratulations you guys!! :) Wohoooooooooo!! And to a fellow - yoga-addict Macadaeg, Marc - Congrats ! :) To view the complete list click THIS

It's so damn HOT!

Is it just me or is the weather getting hotter and hotter? Well, you see - I'm not you're average normal person. Why? Well, because I subject myself to a torture chamber 3-4 times a week. Depsite the summer heat - I still attend my Bikram Yoga classes. Am I crazy? Well, you can call it addiction. Yes, I am definitely addicted to Bikram Yoga. Thank heavens for Tristan for bringing Bikram Yoga to Manila! I've finally found an exercise I appreciate and love. I so love Bikram Yoga that I always tell people about it. To those I've spoken to, well majority has tried it, some of which are already enrolled! Good for you!! :) But tonight's class - well, it was one of the hottest for me. As teacher Al - is loving every inch of the heat - tortured us all by not opening the door and just slightly opening one window as consolation. I tell you, IT WAS NOT ENOUGH!! My gosh - I couldn't believe that 5 months into my practice I would feel light headed once agai