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One Week Later..

Today is my 7th day without rice!! Thank goodness I'm not craving for it! Last night, I was really tempted to eat the salted fish fried rice served in front of me. Good thing - I had self-control! 23 more days to go!! :) Congratulations to me!! :)

Getting emotional...

Well, as some of you may have guessed - it's the time of the month again, and last night, as I was listening to the DVD Berly gave me on positive thinking - I suddenly became dramatic and emotional. I was about to cry but thank gawd I didn't! I hate this feeling!! Argh... On a lighter note - it's been 3 days since I last touched rice!! Yeah - discipline baby!! Wahooo!! I never thought I'd be able to do it. Today's day number 4, 26 more days to go!! :)

No more RICE!

I love rice, especially fried rice! For some strange reason, I loved eating white rice and fried rice whilst in Beijing, I could have just that for lunch or dinner! I especially love the fried rice of Maxim's Restaurant in Hong Kong. Well, actually anywhere in HK - the fried rice is delish! I suddenly crave for it.. dammit!! FYI: I've not eaten rice for 2 whole days. I repeat, 2 whole days! Yehaa!! I'm trying to cut it out of my diet since I'm starting to balloon again. It's so hard not to eat rice, it's so damn tempting especially when its right in front of you. My chopsticks automaticall go to the direction of the bowl of rice but then, when its about to touch the rice - I suddenly remember that I've vowed not to touch rice for a month. My brother has told me that the first week would be difficult, but after that - I wouldn't crave for it anymore (as much) And it's really been difficult. Today's just my 3rd day - I still have about

My Jacob-bee

Jacob or as I fondly call him Jacob-bee; is our 'male' family dog, he's the one who got Jenna pregnant - who is her half-sister by the way (they have the same dad). When he got to us (the messenger picked him up and he was kept in a box) he was so madungis and we think he puked (he got dizzy from the ride siguro). We had the helper bathe him, but still after his bath - he still had this funny smell. Jacob is a super energetic dog. Super energetic meaning there's no stopping is playfulness! When I reprimand him, he still thinks I'm playing around. He's not as bright as Jenna but somehow, I was able to teach him how to stay flat and how to 'sleep' - that is lying on one side. He's so photogenic! In pictures he looks so cute, so angelic and so peaceloving! But in reality, he's so naughty and playful!! He barks like crazy - he's male dog but his bark - it has this shrieking sound!! He barks like crazy whenever there's a visitor or a

Putting on make-up

I love make-up but one thing I hate is... PUTTING THEM ON!! Since I have chinky/chinita eyes, sans the double eyelid - it's so hard to put on eyeshadow!! Argh... While in college, when I got fascinated with make-up. I'd put on a base, concealer, powder, a light blush - and that's about it. I'd curl my eyelashes and put on my ever reliable Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 on my lips for shine - That's my whole routine - and for years - it still has been my routine - and now, I'm kinda tired of this routine. I need to learn more man! Last night I attended a wedding reception at the Manila Penn and after bathing - I was scrambling to put on make-up! Damn, if I just was knowledeable on these things, my life would be easier somehow... Oh well, trade off!! My quest to learn is now more real than ever, anyone willing to teach eager 'ol me the tricks of the make-up trade?? :) Please!?! I beg you!!!

The Jolie-Pitts

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is definitely Brad and Angelina's daughter. Looking at their first ever photograph together as a family - Baby Shiloh has her mom's lips and her dad's hair!! :) I can't wait to see what she looks like when she grows up!!

Superman Havaianas

Want a pair?? :)

10 days old..

Here's a pic of the pups - they're 10 days old today!! :)

The White Flag

I officially give up..

Soozy Hopper

I came across her(if she's a she..) blog just this morning and I can't help but read all of her entries! For those who loved Kitty Go's book - When Chic Hits the Fan and Chic Happens - YOU'LL LOVE READING THIS BLOG!! It's a pity that blogger no longer carries the blog - good thing there's bloglines! Here's the link to the blog: Soozy Hopper I'm linking the blog up to my guilty pleasures section!!

New Pups!

Jenna gave birth last May 30, 2006 - she had 3 boys and 1 girl. The colors for the dog? Well, it was quite a shock to most people - but I guess I was able to anticipate it. Black and White - 2 boys All White - 1 boy Brown and White - 1 girl I was hoping that the white one was the girl, unfortunately - the white one is a he! Welcome Jenna and babies!!