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Yaya Diaries: The Yaya Bully

OMG another domestic help issue. Almost two months ago, Kailee's Yaya Ga went home.  A week after the new year, she told me that she wanted to go home, and that she won't be coming back.  She says that her back hurts and that she feels that her asthma is recurring.  First of all, I never knew she had asthma - had I known, I would have had her checked and given her medication.  So anyway, I told her that I can let her go it I found a replacement.  )I still had her go to our suking manghihilot of her back - I wanted to help her somehow)  And so we looked.  Luckily more than a month ago, I found a replacement. Obviously, there is an adjustment stage - where the new yaya will get to know other helpers around.  There's my mom's helpers that she had to interact with, the yayas of my nieces and nephews and also the yayas of my friend's children.  I had to warn this new yaya that she should be careful with the other helpers & yayas because some may become enviou

That Thing Called Tadhana

I have admitted time and time again that I like Pinoy movies. But I am choosy in picking which flick to watch. There are certain actors/actresses that I like and dislike on screen.  So that pretty much sums up what I choose to watch. For the past weeks and months, I have been seeing posters of the movie *That thing called Tadhana* I've been wanting to watch it BUT I don't have anyone to watch it with. Nope, my Panget refuses to watch with me - and I respect that. So along comes this Facebook thread - an online friend apparently has a copy and is able to *drop* it for me. I have it in less than an hour. WONDERFUL! And so I watched it. So, where do broken hearts go? I don't know. But I remember - the heartbreak that I felt years ago.  I was broken.  I was shocked.  I was hurt.  I was depressed.  I cut my hair.  I made a change.  They said it was the best revenge.  Was it?  Well, I don't know.  I guess, I was able to move on.  I enjoyed my *sing

We aim to please: the movie version+ Bluray Unrated release

Update:  03/25/2015 - and I was just talking about the uncut version.  The official DVD will be released in May 2015 - Digital copies on May 1 and BluRay ones on May 8!! Sneak peak?  Scroll to the end of the post!! ------- So last weekend, I finally got a copy of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.  Nope, not a blurry copy.  It was a clear copy - when you view it on the laptop.  Hooked it up on the TV and it was okay - not the HD copy that I'm used to.  There were was no blurring on the *sensitive* parts of the movie.  Well, it was an *uncut* copy, so.... Was it just me?  But, I found the movie rushed.  But I guess 2 hours wasn't really enough to cover the whole book.  I felt bad for the movie though, because it could have been much more!  I wish though that there was more of the *talking* than the sex.  But that's just me.  Hahaha!!  Am I KJ?  I guess so.  The book was filled with dialogue exchange that made me * kilig *.  Of course, you know how real men are - t

Starbucks Relief Mugs Philippine Edition

They're here!! Look at how nice they look!  And I love that they're 16oz.! These mugs will be available starting Monday - March 23, 2015!! I honestly wondered why they're called Relief mugs!  I assumed that they were made to raise awareness or for charitable purposes. Well, apparently - it's called Relief mug because: These babies cost P550.00 a pop. (If you purchase them in NAIA 1 - they're P625.00)

Love and Respect

I learned something new last night. Women/Wives need LOVE to give respect. Men/Husbands need RESPECT to give love. These are two simple sentences but the impact is huge.  I never thought of it that way.  But then listening to the video of a certain doctor pastor, well - it hit close to home.  And I agree, as a woman/wife - I need LOVE to give respect.  Whenever I don't feel loved or appreciated, I respond or react in a way that I disrespect.  It makes sense when you think about it.  Men, when they don't feel respected are unable to show the feeling of love to their spouses. I am thankful that I have a friend who made sure that I attended her D-group session.  To be honest, I wanted to go, but half of me was feeling otherwise.  Maybe because I don't have a partner with me to share the insights?  But then, I still chose to go.  I drove myself to my friend's house - and I think that simple act (of driving) made me realize that I really wanted to go.  Otherwise, I wo

Play with Oreo at the Fun Farm, Sta. Elena

I am not an out of town person. Well, I used to be - but since having kids, well - I have to admit, the novelty of going out of town was gone.  I disliked the packing and unpacking - and since kids need more stuff, and I'm a trooper of always being *prepared* - I get a bit cuckoo. But then I realized, time away from the city and the comforts of home, going some place outside of town is - wonderful and re-energizing.  The bonding is more natural, it makes me appreciate what I have.  I get to see my kids in a whole new light and enjoy their company without distractions.  I now finally understand the meaning of the saying *Stop and smell the roses*. Last week was our first time to visit the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena.  I was skeptical at first since I'm not what you call an outdoor-sy mom.  Thankfully - the weather was perfect, it was not as hot and the wind was cool - I was amazed at the size, it was huuuuuge!  I was half expecting it to be small, but it was big.  I was also ex