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Yaya Diaries: Yaya Babylyn & how I got suckered

I got suckered. Yes, I have to admit it - I got suckered big time. You see, I have been looking for a househelp.  My SIL sent me a message and it was in perfect timing.  She said that her previous maid is looking for work, she asked if I needed a helper and at that time.  I did.  So I called Yaya Babylyn - I spoke to her and we exchanged text messages.  She asked if I can send her money for her transportation.  I was reluctant at first, but then since she came highly recommended by my SIL (my SIL said she knew how to cook and take care of a child and was nice) so I agreed.  But on the day I was supposed to send it, she sent me a text saying not to send anymore because she still had to attend to some things at her child's school.  I thought, at least she was honest enough to tell me not to send it, right?  After a few days, she told me to look for other prospects - she said that she doesn't want me to wait for nothing.  And so I looked, and found one.  But it didn't pan

Hooked on The Strain

OH. MY. GOSH I just discovered a new TV series and I am so very much loooooooving it! It's called The Strain. How did I get to watch it?  Well, it was in our HD.  I was bored and I wanted to watch a new show.  I was browsing the folders and the I decided to just re-watch White Collar (because I so love Neal Caffrey) when I saw a new title - The Strain.  I got very curious and decided to watch an episode.  And the rest they say is history.  I saw all five (5) episodes in one night. That is how much I enjoyed the show.  I was so impressed and hooked on the pilot.  I don't think there's a show (this year) that got me hooked on the pilot alone.  I couldn't explain it - but I was HOOKED.  I was looking forward to every scene, I was giddy and concentrated at the same time.  I was so excited - really really excited and I wanted to know what happened next. When my Panget got home - I gushed about the show.  I told him that he would love it, and that it was super d

Tim Ho Wan at the Mega Fashion Hall

I first encountered Tim Ho Wan during last year's Hong Kong trip.  I enjoyed the food very much, especially the BBQ Pork Buns.  It was good and filling, too bad that we had to go all the way to North Point to enjoy it.  Last year too, I think the first international branch opened in Singapore.  I also was able to try it with some friends during our New Year Singapore trip.  And a few months back - Tim Ho Wan finally opened its doors in Mega Fashion Hall in Megamall. When it first opened, there was a long long queue to get it.  I like queueing - because its so civilized and polite.  There is no 'palakasan' when it comes to queueing - you really need to wait.  But one time, we went to Megamall early - and when we walked passed Tim Ho Wan and we were shocked since the line was so very very long and there was a sign that said that they will be opening at 12noon!  So imagine the wait - you queue immediately at 10am and wait until it opens at 12noon and wait for your turn.  M

Panels at Nerd HQ 2014 at the San Diego Comic Con

I was exposed to comic books at an early age.  My uncles (my mom's younger brothers) drew very well thus I was used to seeing Superman, Spiderman, Batman, the X-Men and more.  As I was growing up, my twin brother was into comics, he too is very good in drawing.  When he was doing nothing, he would just doodle and the super heroes would come out!  Well, he got the family talent, and I didn't. When I met my Panget, I learned that he too was into comics and other geeky stuffs.  So, we sort of had something to talk about.  I remember asking him a question on Star Wars, anyways - we started going out and eventually we got married.  His interest with Sci-Fi has rubbed off on me, thus for the last 3-4 years, I have been so fascinated on the Comic Con, more specifically - the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). It was just two years ago, that I started watching the panel videos on YouTube, and man are they super entertaining!  I feel so excited whenever July comes because I look forwar

A B & Me features, Me!!!

Sheila is an online friend.  I met her years ago in an online forum, where I met most of my online friends.  But you know what?  We've never met each other in person - no joke!  But in this age and technology - we don't need to be physically in proximity just to be friends.  I have to be honest, I sincerely love love my online friends - why?  Because they are always there for me, one tweet, one FB message, one email and I have my supportive friends who do not pass judgement.  I feel their sincerity and their concern.  They're my support group.  I am so glad that I met them online.  Grateful.  That's why I am also there for them too, forever!! Thank you Sheila for giving me this opportunity!! Love, Didi Please visit her blog at A B & Me

Zelda Baked: S'mores Fudge

Dada and I have been friends since... I have no clue!  But how did I meet Dada?  I met her through her husband Jayson, whom I met through Twitter who is actually good friend with a friend Oliver.  That was long right?  As it turns out, Dada is the younger sister of my BIL's good good friend Abot.  Small world right?  Tiny!  So we developed this friendship - through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Yes, it all started there and we became text mates.  We had so many many common friends! From her IG posts, you'll see that she's a dedicated homemaker.  I spy (through her IG posts and pictures on social media) that she cooks, bakes, and is a wonderful wonderful homemaker.  We've graduated from likes here and there to textmates.  We've helped each other out in travel itineraries and travel tips here and there.  Now, we have moved to teaching the kids how to read! Two weeks ago, while I was pestering her to help me teach Kailee how to read, she very willingly (SUP

2014 FERN-C Ambassadors

Last week, I was invited by FERN-C to attend the awarding ceremonies of their 2014 FERN-C Ambassadors.  I was excited to see what was in store.  Since my Panget is a huge huge fan of FERN-C, I was more than happy to see what was in store. FERN-C is the first non-acidic vitamin C in the market.  And my Panget has been a loyal user of this brand since it started.  I'm so happy now that FERN-C is already available in Watsons, South Star Drugstores, Rose Pharmacy, Manson Drug, Generika and the most convenient of all - 7-11!!  Thank you FERN-C for making this product available for everyone!! In this event, I learned that FERN-C partnered with the leading BPOs in the Metro to support their industry.  As we all know, working in a BPO is stressful, thus FERN-C is showing their support and at the same time helping those in the industry fight stress and boosting their immune system at the same time!  In line with their partnership, FERN-C launched its campaign with the search for the

Manam, formerly Namnam is Manamnam!

Tongue twister galore! We were in the Makati area yesterday since we had to pick up Kailee and Connor's prints at The Picture Company in Glorietta.  So after a leisurely breezy walk from Greenbelt to Glorietta 4 (and back) we were hungry.  But Kailee insisted to go to Gymboree first, and since I promised her that - we dropped them off for a 30 minute gym play. I was honestly dreading picking the restaurant because I only knew of the staples.  Thank goodness that I called my friend Kath and she told me that her sisters loved Namnam, and that it was below Burger Bar. So, off we went, my Panget and I - we looked at the menu and the prices were fair.  It wasn't as crowded but the place was full - I had to have my name listed so that they can call me when it was our turn.  We were 4th in line.  As we picked the kids up, they called me to say that the table was ready - we hurriedly walked back to the restaurant. It was only then that I noticed that the name of the restaurant

LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2014-14 RECALL of Memorandum Circular 2014-11 RE: Acceptance for the filing of Appiication/Petition for Exemption in the operation of TH Freight Services

Here you have it folks, the Memo RECALLING Memorandum Circular 2014-14 Private companies with PRIVATELY OWNED Trucks - be informed!  This is what we all have been waiting for!!! FINALLY OUT!! For the link to the original pic, please click the link below: Finally!!!! I just hope that ALL enforcers know about this because I am sure that they will still try and sneak their way into asking for 'kotong' from us!! I hope you can spread this around!! :)

Depression is REAL

I remember when I was younger, I assumed that when one was depressed - it simply meant that, that person was sad.  As I grew older, I realized that it was something more than being sad. I learned that being depressed meant something more.  It didn't just mean that one was really sad, crying all the time, enveloped in problems - these are merely the outer layer that people see.  What they don't see and realize is that it goes deep within a person.  I'm sure you're asking - why?  Why am I writing about this?  Well, because it hit a nerve.  I cannot explain it but I understand to some level why a person would think of suicide.  I've had thoughts about it a couple of times in my lifetime.  For sure you will label me as weak but I tell you - inner turmoil is different.  Thoughts are ripping you apart!  It may seem superficial to you, but I swear - its real and it is happening. I ask you NOT TO JUDGE people who are depressed.  Don't dismiss their being depressed a

Livestock: A Piggy Experience

I first learned about Livestock through blogger friends.  It was perfect for us, because the location is really nearby.  At last, I have a new restaurant in my list! Fast forwards weeks later.  My MIL (Mother In Law) was telling me of this new restaurant of that my FIL (Father In Law's) friend, Uncle Gab that recently opened.  She mentioned that it was near ABS-CBN, I immediately volunteered - Livestock?  And she said yes.  She then began to tell me that this restaurant was put up by Uncle Gab's son and that it was called Livestock because they owned a piggery, the biggest one in Bulacan. Brilliant right?  Since they owned a piggery, what better way to showcase your product by putting up a restaurant!  I then learned just last Saturday from my MIL that Uncle Gab's son studied culinary arts (where he met his wife) and I thought it was such a perfect combination (that he and his wife put up a restaurant!) the owners can have free hand on the menu!  Also, as it turns o


UPDATE:  August 16, 2014 Here's the ACTUAL Memo recalling the previous Memo ---------------- This means that THERE IS NO NEED TO FILE A PETITION FOR EXEMPTION ! There is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel for all privately owned trucks that are NOT FOR HIRE!! Here's the LATEST tweet from the LTFRB Chairman Ginez: Here is the official link: So glad that I was browsing Twitter at this exact time.. So there you have it readers!! :) NO NEED TO FILE A PETITION FOR EXEMPTION for Privately owned NOT FOR HIRE trucks!! To the law firm that has posted numerous advertisements to my comment section - are you going to refund those who sought you assistance? Yehey!! Update:  August 11, 2014 9:12AM  (please refer to the Twitter Account of @LTFRB_Chairman)

My love for writing..

I love to write. Literally. As you know, I have a collection of pens.  And I use them, all the time.  I scribble, I doodle, I write.  But really - I write, on paper, on scratch paper, on notebooks, on stationary.  Looking back, I was thinking - who or what made me start writing?  To be honest, I remember being in HS, and I think it was my friend Kathlyn.  She was what you call very poetic.  She kept a journal filled with poems.  I think during sophomore year in ICA, we were all encouraged to write, we were made to make a journal out of notebook that our teachers would check on weekly.  I think as a teacher - I'm sure a LOT of students didn't participate while others, well - they found their knack for writing.  I found out that I had so many things to say, but I couldn't say it out loud.  So I kept journals.  Journals that I valued and treasured.  Mind you, I bought fancy notebooks to write on - and I kept them.  Until Typhoon Ondoy struck - now goodbye to the volumes of

Yaya Diaries: Calling their attention

Is there a clear cut way how reprimand helpers? (Note:  My Yayas are all okay, thank goodness!) I've tried it all, I think.  I took time to explain to them but nothing works.  It seems nowadays that when you call their attention on something - ikaw pa yung masama .  To be honest, I have kept one eye shut - because I know they're not perfect, so I give them chances.  But when I see that nothing is improving, I make it a point to tell them.  But it always backfires. Is it wrong to call their attention on something that they did wrong?  Because all the helpers that I've dealt with (with an exception of a few) would feel that it was the end of the world when I call them on it.  They feel like they're being accused of something they didn't do! Take for instance - yesterday, we had no water.  So I told the helper to get use the water for washing dishes from the balde where we kept water (for emergencies - this water is replenished every 2 days to keep it fresh).  

Eric Kayser's Kouign Amann

What exactly is a Kouign-Amann and how do you correctly pronounce it? I've searched Google and learned that Kouign-Amann  is pronounced as Queen A-Mahn.  And that it is a hybrid of a palmier and a croissant.  Since I like the texture of both - I wanted to give it a try.  The first Kouign-Amann that I tried was made by Krispy Kreme and it was terrible!  I was told that the real Kouign-Amann was lightyears different from that of Krispy Kreme but I never had the chance to try any. Until now, that is. Yesterday, we were in Greenhills.  We had lunch at Zao which was surprisingly good!  I'll make another post for it.  And as we were walking to Milky Way - I saw that Eric Kayser was open, I was curious because my good friend Kath said that Eric Kayser's Olive Ciabatta was really good!  So I got one of those, one pastry picked by my Panget and then I saw they had the Kouign-Amann!  I immediately asked the person behind the counter if their Kouign-Amann was any good - and as e

Green Pastures: Original Local Organic

I finally FINALLY got to try Green Pastures and I super loved it, looooooooved it! I know, I am gushing - but in all seriousness, I really really liked the meal and the service. It's been open for a long while now, but since we were always battling the Sunday lunch crowd - well, it was always that we were the 10th in line or so.  And a few weeks ago, we finally got to try it!  To be honest, that Sunday I wasn't too keen on being able to dine in Green Pastures - I left my name and number but since my Panget deemed it was still too early for lunch, we walked to Rustan's first.  It was when we got out of Rustan's that my Panget told me that he wanted to try our luck in Green Pastures - and since there was a Mass ongoing - I told him to hurry, because in less than a few minutes the lunch crowd would be surging!  I think I was brisk walking - I was so scared to be left behind since I really wanted to try the restaurant.  We got there just in the nick of time - PE

Vikings Luxury Buffet: South East Asian Street Food !!

On all weekends of August - Vikins Luxury Buffet is treating its patrons with more food!  The theme this month is South East Asian Street Food. Here is what they have in store for us!! Laksa fans, REJOICE!  Imagine having unlimited Laksa! I am a huge, HUGE fan of Indian food!  I was so happy that they offered this! Love the rotis, papadums, and dips!  Yummeh!!

Ukkokei Ramen Ron

I've heard about this restaurant for YEARS.  My friend, Kath is such a fan of this place and would always tell me to try it out!  I've been meaning to try it out, but the times that we've tried - the place was either closed or there were no available parking spaces. I think Ukkokei belongs to the earliest and first ever wave of the ramen places here in Manila - because even before (I mean ages before) the ramen craze, they were already open.  I was told that this was the place to go for your authentic Japanese ramen fix - and its too bad that it was in Makati because I live on the opposite side of the city!  It was always been a dream to eat there - and it still has remained one. But just this Monday night, since it was a holiday the next day - we decided to have dinner there to celebrate my mom's salubong (Chinese) birthday.  I was really really excited, Kath repeatedly told me to get the Tan Tan Mien.  So it was the first thing we ordered.  While waiting for ou