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American Idol 7 - Boy's Night 2

Picture taken from the American Idol site Quite honestly - I was really bored. There was no WOW factor!! Argh.. Felt like it was such a waste of time. I won't bother anymore with an individual critique, but here's what I think.. David Hernandez - now that's one of the great performances of the night. I never thought he was that good! I agree with Mindy when she said that David's voice reminded her or Elliot Yamin! Good call Minds!! David Archuleta - I am very much biased with his kid. I feel that he's the best one out there. One thing though, I am so afraid for him - I think he's peaking too soon. I'm so scared that he'll crash towards the end of the show. I hope he won't - but man this kid is really good. I love they shy-ness and innocence!! The others were quite forgettable - honest! Why is that I feel like the boys do not know how to take criticisms? You can see it in their faces that they're very much irritated. Guys

American Idol 7 - Girl's Night

Borrowed from the American Idol Website It's the ladies' turn to wow us... Did they? Here's what I think Kristy Lee Cook Since she was the first one - it was obvious that she was nervous. I couldn't feel the song - seems like she couldn't give out the proper expression. I know she has a good voice but it didn't show much with the song. Joanne Borgella I love this song - but I didn't think it suited her. There were a lot of pitch problems (IMO) but hey - what do I know right? Alaina Whitaker This is what I'm talking about!! I can't believe she's just 16!! Her voice reminds me of Carrie Underwood's! (who's dating Chace Crawford aka Nate of Gossip Girl) I love love love this song! Soooooo cute! Nice job! I think of the first 3 - this is the best so far!! Amanda Overmyer Firstly - I like her - but her performance - I couldn't understand what she was saying!! It seemed like she was mumbling - maybe because I wasn'

American Idol 7 - Boy's Night

Something to look forward to every week! Finally! American Idol is back!! Woohoo!! Here are my take on their performances: David Hernandez Liked his voice - but since he was first - there were jitters. Chikezie Eze My Gosh - his performance was really boring. This is one of the forgettable ones for me. Sorry guys! And justifying his suit to Simon! He could have just flashed a smile and instead argued on it! First time for me to see this kind of answering back to Simon Cowell. David Cook This guy, I loved his performance!! I admit that I'm partial t rockers - and that's one of the main things why I thought his performance worked. Jason Yaeger I found it boring - it was like he was singing in a lounge. Simon's comment hit it right on. Robbie Carrico His perfomance was okay also. Nothing spectacular but just okay. Song choice was okay. Too many okay-s, okay? David Archuleta Loved his groove, loved his voice, loved his shy-ness! Loved everything abo

First trip for 2008!!

borrowed from this site This is where I'll be this weekend. Can you guess where this is? Thanks to the recent announcement of a Special Non-Working Holiday.. I promise to write about my trip when I get back.. I promise!!