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Cignal TV Hotline Customer Service: Grrrrrrr....

I will just put it here: I am so thankful to Christian of the Cignal TV hotline because he saved me the trouble!!  How I wish most CSR in the country is like Christian. Mabuhay ka Christian!

Full Circle Naturally Derived Cleaners + GIVEAWAY!

I am a skeptic when it comes to all natural cleaners.  I grew up with brands like Lysol, Pinesol, Bygon, Axion, Joy and etc.  Of course, I imitated what I grew up with right?  But when a friend sent over some naturally derived products, I had to try it to see it's effectivity.  And boy was I surprised (and impressed) on the results!  That brand is Full Circle - it's a local home grown brand - it seriously made me change my mind about natrual cleaners.  I am now more open minded when I hear 'natural cleaners'.  To share with you what exactly made me change my mind - here is my blog post on Full Circle's Naturally Derived All Purpose Cleaner .  I did a video there so make sure you read the post to watch it. I know that by simply sharing my experience is not enough to convince you.  That there is 'truth' when you really try the product yourselves to see it's effectivity.  So because of this,  the very nice ladies behind Full Circle want two (2) of my read

Keeping it together

In this age of social media - keeping it together seems so easy.  Especially when you browse through the social media pages of your friends and favorite influencers.  It makes you think that they're living a very good life.  I'm sure we feel a bit of envy that they're having it all.  But are they really?  Are we really? There's this thing that's called Social Media envy.  I'm sure we are all guilty of that.  We live vicariously through their posts on life, travels, food, shopping and most everything.  I remember reading that social media has caused depression with the younger generation.  I can understand where it's coming from.  During my time - we weren't aware of what other people have because we only see what we see.  It was a more discreet time then.  The generation is different now.  Sharing is indeed caring - but sometimes, we are guilty of over sharing.  I never knew over sharing could happen, but it's happening now. We live in a world no

Nimble Milk Buster - Easy Peasy Bottle Washing

One of the things I do not look forward to when it comes to chores is washing dishes.  When I was younger, I would volunteer washing dishes - mainly because I wanted to play with water.  But as I grew up, I found it really tedious - I'm OC so I make sure to use extra dishwashing liquid to really clean the dishes.  Using more dishwashing liquid meant - drier hands.  It's the chemicals really, right? Having a new baby entails a LOT of washing.  Washing bottles, teethers, toys, breast pump parts, utensils and etc.  It's a never ending cycle really.  But what made me a bit worried was - how do I wash all the bottles and breast pump parts while traveling?  I was stumped to be honest.  I recall brining along a hand carry trolley that had ice packs to store my milk and pump parts - but that was traveling without any children.  It's a different time now - we mostly travel as a family - with two older kids + now, Shobe.  How will I do it this time?  It was a thought that made

Racks' Butterfly Spring Chicken, Mocktails and Banana Split!

Hurry as these new offerings will only be available until June 30, 2019! When you hear Racks - I'm sure it immediately registers 'ribs' in our head.  They do have one of the best ribs in town - but mind you, they have more than ribs.  Currently, they're offering new dishes such as the Butterfly Spring Chicken - it has three different flavors, and I was able to try two of them! Of course, when I saw that one of them is the Chimichurri Chicken - I knew I had to order it.  I absolutely LOVE chimichurri - and it did not disappoint!  Look at the generous portion!  The surprise was in the fried French Beans - it was something that I didn't expect to enjoy.  To be honest, I have never seen it cooked and served that way.  But you know what - it was really good!  Good because I was able to trick the kids into having one!  But in the end, I was the one who finished the fried french beans. The other Spring Chicken dish that we had was the Lemon Garlic on a bed of cur