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Watch the hit movie LSS for FREE in iflix on Friday November 29!! We have some exciting news for everyone! On November 29, the hit movie (and an entry to the recent Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino) LSS will premiere on iflix - so you can watch it anytime and on any device - for FREE. The charming love story stars Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia, set against the musical backdrop of songs by Ben&Ben.

#SundaySeries: Faith in the Lord

A lot of people question the existence of God.  I remember in philosophy class, the professor asked us why we don't question the existence of a god when we don't see that entity.  I think we all answered because we have faith.  It opened a can of worms and the discussion was lengthy - I think we ended it with the phrase 'to see is to know' I don't see God, but I feel his existence all around me.  I know there is a God but I won't force my beliefs on you.  I respect people's beliefs and I will never put their beliefs down for the sake of uplifting mine. More often than not, there are people who will mock my faith.  Yes, I feel bothered but I will not defend it because I know that person will never be convinced.  I always just lift it up to God and say 'Kayo na po ang bahala sa kanya' My faith is young, and I want it to grow.  Slowly but surely.  The journey is enlightening.  I have put my trust and faith in Him. Lord, thank YOU for all the ble


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Happy 20th Super Catch Inc! Thank you for Seaking products!!

I attended the 20th Anniversary of Superb Catch Inc, the company behind the Seaking brand.  I must say that when I entered the venue - the feel and vibe of the place was so positive and happy.  Of course, it was a joyous occasion but I felt the sincerity of the celebration.  Celebrating 20 years is a huge achievement. It was there that we were introduced to the Big 4 - the Uy siblings.  These for siblings had a dream and that dream came into a reality because of hardwork and determination. Uy siblings from left to right: Jennifer Uy Ampon (President), Shirley Ng Cha (Corporate Secretary), Nancy Uy Alipio (Corporate Treasurer), and Jeffrey Uy (Chief Operating Officer) It was an emotional celebration - the eldest amongst them Jennifer shed a few tears while introducing their company to us.  To be honest, I don't know her personally - but I felt the sincerity in her words, I too got teary eyed too because I felt the pride and at the same time humility with her words.  S

#SundaySeries: Focus on God

I was quite lucky to have heard Mass where Bishop Ongtioco was officiating.  I was very much surprised and felt really lucky to have been there.  I have started this #SundaySeries because I wanted to share my thoughts on that I learned about my faith every time I hear Sunday Mass. Bishop Ongtioco emphasized on being God centered.  That in life, we should just focus on God.  God will not care if we donated millions or donated a few pesos.  As long as we give it from the heart.  It's not extravagance or bring boastful of what we have done for the Lord or for his Church - but silently in our hearts - we offer everything to God and He sees it more. Let's not waver in our faith and focus on the Lord. Lord, please strengthen my faith.

Atopic Dermatitis - It's more common than you think!!

Well, when I posted on my Instragram account, Connor's severe #AtopicDermatitis - the response was overwhelming.  I think that particular IG post garnered the MOST private messages I received EVER.  I had friend and strangers offer advice, refer doctors, moral support and etc.  It was so overwhelming that I felt I needed to make a blogpost on it. Atopic Dermatitis is more common than you think.  There are so many people who have this and understood what my son is/was going through at that time.  They sympathized with him with the scratching, the rashes, the bloodied wounds and the trying to get better. One thing I learned in all of this is - THERE ARE WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND STRANGERS who are willing to support you and help you.  I AM THANKFUL TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHO SENT ME A MESSAGE.  Thank you for making me feel 'human' in all of this.  I mostly get blamed when elders see the rashes on Connor's skin and it's quite hard to explain because they have a

PayMaya's 11.11 PROMO!!

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#SundaySeries: May oras din tayo..

Sunday Mass was presided by Fr. Bel San Luis. I honestly did not know who he was until he uttered his name.  I remember reading his column on Manila Bulletin. Anyway, the Gospel reminds us that when we die - we're all on equal footing.  No one is better and no one is less.  We are our own person when we die and that is what is intended. My take away was that we should love each other more, hug each other more, appreciate one another more because we don't know when our time will come.  As they say, nothing is certain like death and taxes.

Happy 3rd Year Anniversay Paradise Dynasty!!

Was it just three years ago?  Yes, but it seems longer to me!  It was truly love at first taste.  I can't believe that its been three years since my love affair with Paradise Dynasty started!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I can still remember it as if it were yesterday, I first tried Paradise Dynasty with (mom) blogger friends and we had a wonderful time chatting.  It was like a catch up of sorts with a wonderful spread of dishes from Paradise Dynasty.  It was such a memorable dining experience.  I was the best first impression of a restaurant really.  The quality of food and the service, impeccable! One thing I really liked about this S Maison branch (incidentally, their first branch in the PH!) is the stunning view of Manila Bay: And of course, the world famous XIAO LONG BAO!! PARADISE DYNASTY “Feast on International Flavored Xiao Long Bao and Chef’s Chinese Specialties”  With its long and deep history, Chinese cuisine is truly an integral part of the Chinese cultu

IFLIX: Now available - Tagalized K-Drama!!

Whenever I watch K-Dramas, I need to be in the zone.  I need to be ready to watch AND to read the subtitles.  There has been so many instances that I wanted to watch, BUT my eyes are too tired to read - I just want to watch the drama unfold without really reading and just watching.   There was a time that in order for me to sleep, I need to turn on the TV and hear dialogues (from a movie or a TV series)  I used to do that when I was still single.  But since I got married, my Panget banned that because 'sayang kuryente' because the TV is left open until I wake and close it (what if di ako magising, diba?)  So now, what I do is - I play the videos on my phone and wear one earphone to bed, so I can still listen to the what I am watching while I close my eyes. Right now, I am watching Sky Castle.  But I am unable to just listen because the show is in Korean.  There have been so many instances that I wanted to just listen - but how?  I don't understand Korean.  I'm so