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Happy Breakfast Jar!

I received a LOT of feedback when I posted my #QuakerOvernightBreakfastClub.  I was asked by so many friends where I got the jar.  Since sharing is caring, well - a good friend and I have decided to sell the jars!  YEP, you read that right, we have decided to sell the jars with the pre-set lines! Introducing - Happy Breakfast Jars! Ever since trying out the overnight oats - I have become obsessed and doing it everyday.  Yes, everyday!!  I love making them the night before and having them fro breakfast the next day.  It's something I really look forward to doing before I turn in and right after I get home from bringing Kailee to school.  Oatmeal has never been the same for me ever again. And I want to share that joy to you guys as well.  I would like to encourage having oatmeal for breakfast as it has a LOT of benefits to us.  One of them is having that extra fiber in our system.  It's also proven to lower cholesterol in our bodies.   There

PayMaya & Facebook Messenger

One of the most convenient payment facilities I learned this year is PayMaya.  I am happy to share that PayMaya and Facebook have launched a partnership beneficial to us all!! Click the link to watch the video: PayMaya and Facebook Launch Payment Tools in Messenger MANILA — September 22, 2017 — PayMaya, a pioneer and leader in mobile money and digital financial services in the country, in partnership with Facebook, is excited to announce a safe and effective new way for people in the Philippines to send money to friends, pay bills, and buy mobile load and data using Messenger. PayMaya is a leader in transforming the mobile phone into a virtual wallet and is continually looking for ways to expand its services. PayMaya recognizes that Facebook Messenger's community offers a unique opportunity to make PayMaya services available and accessible to even more users. “This integration with Messenger represents

Nestle Boost

I never thought my mom would actually take Nestle Boost, but then about a month ago, she suffered severe pains from her sciatica injury thus limiting her movements.  I was so glad that despite having lost her appetite, Nestle Boost came to the rescue!  It wasn't very hard for us to keep her *healthy* despite her injury. We let her drink Nestle Boost to supplement to suffice for whatever is lacking in her diet.  She liked the taste, it wasn't too sweet.  She loved how easy it was to make.  For those times that pain was unbearable and eating was becoming a chore, I think somehow Nestle Boost helped maintain her health. Crossing our fingers for her total recovery! Thank you Nestle Boost! Live Your Best Possible Life With Boost! Many associate those in their 50s and above to be slowing down in life. This mindset hinders them from doing the many things they still can achieve--exploring a new country? Learning a new hobby or sport? When it comes to experiencing

Quaker Overnight Oats

I never liked oatmeal - ever.  It was only after giving birth that I tried it and realized, it was not so bad.  I think it was because a yummy tablea was put together with the oatmeal. I then, would always always put chocolate something on my oatmeal.  What can I say, I'm a creature of habit! I have been very curious on the overnight oats.  I have been seeing on my feed that friends have been doing it left and right.  Fact is - I always cook my oats, I always buy those *Quick Cook* ones instead of the instant.  It was my sister in law Sasa who told me to get the quick cook ones, instead of the instant - and she's very particular with food and so I believed her.  Hehehe.   When I received a Quaker Whole Grain Rolled Oats kit, I was so happy to see that it was a *quick cook* varian.  Yey!  Seeing the plastic canisters - well, I had no reason not to try the overnight oats anymore.  Delaying is O-V-E-R! I was so happy to receive the kit as it had instructions on the glass