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Matilda + Promil: Get a chance to watch for FREE!!

Get a change to win FREE tickets to watch Matilda at the Meralco Theater when you buy Promil!  It's so easy to join!  Just log into and fill in the necessary information. I finally took Kailee to her first play - Matilda.  I was nervous because I was not sure if she'll stay put while watching.  Good thing, I was able to bring my two nieces - who are veterans in watching plays.  We were just in time.  I honestly forgot that I enjoyed watching plays.  So when Matilda started, I had this nostalgic feeling like I was a child again watching my first play.   The set was beautifully made.  I forgot how good the set designers are with making the props.  The lighting too was wonderful and the oh sooooo perfect sound system of a theater.  It really brought me back to when I was a lot younger.   Every single actor on stage was amazing.  The kids most especially since they memorized all the lines and the songs and performed

UBER: Unlocking Cities Together

I have been an Uber user since 2014.  Has it just been 3 years?  Well, I felt it was longer to be honest - why?  Because I don't usually commute here in the country.  I drive a car and I like driving - even if its traffic. I took my first ride last 2014.  I even documented it on this post - My first Uber ride .  I racked up credits from that first Uber ride and when it ran out, I still preferred and used Uber ALL THE TIME.  I need to emphasize that I am an Uber user.  I love Uber.  I love how convenient it is.  I don't need to drive, I don't need to worry about having an empty gas tank while stuck in traffic.  I don't need to stress myself thinking of where to park and a whole lot more.  It's so convenient really. At first, I thought - what was Uber's end game?  I really didn't understand the concept to be honest - it was for me just an app I could use to transport me to places.  At first, it didn't dawn on me the conveniences that I had been experie

Jeunesse Anion Feminine Pads

I have to be very honest.  I have not heard of the brand Jeunesse Anion (a line of feminine pads).  I see it a few times on my FB feed and assumed it was imported.  My friend Kaye swears by this brand.  She even bought a box huge box of it.  He daughter Kyla is also a huge fan of the brand.  I honestly wanted to try it out, unfortunately it isn't available in my favorite grocery store. A few months ago, I was sent a few packs to try.  I was really curious.  I felt though, that one time use might not be enough to be able to feel the difference.  I was honestly pessimistic, I assumed I needed a few months at the very least.  The timing was perfect since it was that time of the month. So I tried it, and I really really liked it. Being pessimistic on the *trial* period was beneficial pala, I did not have any expectations on the brand and so I started on a clean slate.  I was very much impressed with the Jeunesse feminine pad to be honest.  I felt the difference almost immedia

My #MakeItFit journey with Fitness Gourmet PH

Diet. Something I've done before and something I felt was easy to do.  But you know what - it's just in my mind.  It was stuck for the past 6 years.  I've tried, but failed.  I was always hungry.  There was always a reason - I was breastfeeding, I was traveling, I don't have energy - endless reasons really. About two years ago, I tried walking 10,000 steps a day.  Did it work?  Well, kinda - but very little.  I guess, I looked better but then after my brother's wedding - I kinda let myself go.  Hahaha!  I ate and ate and forgot about the 10,000 steps.  The following year, Kailee started going to ICA and since I was on the bring her to school duty - I had to sleep early.  So bye bye the race to having 10,000 steps at night time. Early this year, I thought about it - I decided that I wanted to try dieting again.  But nothing, I still did nothing.  I needed a push.  I've been doing the Military Diet on and off - but I kind of forget to control every so of

U-Go App: U-Go places!

Another app you say. Well, it's 100% Pinoy.  One of the things that is attractive to it is that it's made by Filipinos for the Filipino.  You may say, it's just another app.  Well, it is another app.  Another choice for us Pinoys who ride share. You ask, what's so great about the app?  Well for me, the best thing is that it has an SOS function for both the rider and the partner.  With one touch of a button - your latest ping location will be sent to the nearest PNP station and they will and can be of help to you. Another plus is that it only gets 10% commission from the partners as opposed to the 25% commission that Uber and Grab get from their partners. Another, another plus?  You don't need to have data service to get a U-Go transport.  You can just send a text message to book a ride.  Convenient right? Yes, it's ride sharing for EVERY JUAN! Can't wait to see it launch fully in the next few months!

Doughnut Montana Mini, my new travel bag!

I haven't worn a backpack since 2003.  Yep!  The last time I wore one and had one (that I used frequently) was while I was studying in Beijing.  I remember it like it was yesterday - it was merlot color.  I had to ask my friend Kath, what merlot was - wine pala.  I carried it everyday to school.  While I walked, biked and etc.  I think I even brought it to trips outside of Beijing.  It was so convenient. Fast forward to 14 years later - I saw my friend Tin's post on her Doughtnut Montana Mini backpack and I got curious.  I thought to myself - how convenient!  Then I saw the videos on Doughnut Philippines ' Facebook page - they were really REALLY interesting.  This made me decide to get one.  But it took a long while before I purchased one.  I asked Tin first on the size, she said the Mini was perfect, but I was afraid it might be too small for me.  So, I still had to check it out myself.  I was only able to do so a few months ago when I was in Glorietta for an event