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Skin Asthma: Update!

Being a first time mom, I experienced high levels of stress when I found out that my baby girl has skin asthma otherwise known as eczema.  My pedia, Dr. Joy Ty-Sy advised me to bathe my baby every other day and gave me a skincare regimen to follow that consisted of moisturizing and moisturizing.  In all honesty, I was quite uncomfortable with the taking a bath every other day - even if reading articles online seconded her advise.  I wished that I would get to read an article that says otherwise - but there was none.  To tell you the truth, I didn't follow the 'taking a bath' advise - but the moisturizing part, I did - to the dot. Yaya and I followed the moisturizing part for about a week or two, what convinced me to seek a second opinion was when we noticed that K's scalp was red and scaly.  Yaya suggested we see a pedia-derma, so that once and for all - we'd know if the scaly scalp and body rashes were food related or just skin asthma.  I took her advise to heart