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An uber fun Saturday

Last Saturday, I had a blast. Yes, a BLAST! A literal blast? You may ask why and how? Well, for one I attended a baking demo in Nestle at Rockwell, hosted by the ever dee-lightful and cheery Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First . I met some great people, tasted lovely treats and most importantly - I was there with my good friend Jen! Here are some pictures of the event - click THIS to see the images. I am borrowing the link from Lori's DCF . After the demo, Jenn and I walked our way to Power Plant mall, carrying with us the goodies that we've stashed - as Jen would say 'Sayang naman yung food!'. Good thing there was a package counter at the Rustan's Fresh Supermarket! After depositing the goodies - he headed out and walked the mall - waiting of course for our 'sundo' to come around. When they finally did - we headed to Crustasia for dinner. For a few minutes my Panget and Holden were contemplating and discussing on where to eat good steak, then

I'll miss you TRAPS!

Last night - Traps - one of the puppies of Jenna & Jacob - was not feeling well, he wasn't his usual self which was makulit. He was still walking around though, but kind of not his makulit self. When I noticed that - I brought him to my room to sleep - so at least I could watch him. After a while - he was throwing up - nothing actually since it was just goo and saliva. I prepared water and sugar with salt - and he drank it parin. This morning he was nalalanta na - still he drank hydrite! Ang bait diba? He didn't even try to spit it out. He was just swallowing the water. My mom and I decided to bring him to the office so we can take care of him and watch him closely. then things got busy - although once in a while - we'd look into how he was. He was just fine - trying to sleep and get out of the box we put him in. Then during the noon break - I was wondering where he was and how he was. There he was - lifeless - I touched him to check if he was breathing -


I am borrowing this image from All Cupcakes, All The Time I was browsing through blogs and accidently (and fortunately) landed on the blog above. My mouth was watering - seeing all the delicious cupcakes! The fact that I'm on a diet - did not help at all! Dammit! Anyhoo, it was a good thing that I found this blog, why? Well, honestly - I think that it's a rebirth for me and my baking. As I relayed on my previous posts - I used to love baking - it was just unfortunate that I stopped. But this time, I think that it might be here to stay - longer that is! I was told by my Panget's brother that he was able to buy me a brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer - Yehaa!! I need not suffer my right arms in using the ol' reliable hand mixer from Oster. Cupcakes - Here I come!! :)

the LOOOOOOOONG weekend

For the first time, the LOOOOOOOONG weekend felt like a long weekend. It started out slow for me and eventually ended slow too!:) Friday night, I was supposed to go to the gym with my Panget, to sweat it out using the transport, but unfortunately - I got tamad and so did he, thus - we just watched TV and a movie - I already forgot which movie on TV!! Zowee (the only girl pup) was with me while watching TV - she had a slight fever. Then came Saturday . The day my high school friends and I decided to make it go at travelling to Meycauayan, Bulacan to see and possibly purchase early Christmas Gifts because there was a garments sale of various brands. The sister of my Panget was able to purchase 3 outstanding shirt that were just Php300.00 a piece. Great buy huh?! Well, we went and tried our luck. We were supposed to leave at 8:30 in the morning but then we were late (as my Panget was expecting) but then again, there was no traffic - everything was smooth sailing. That is until


I've always been intrigued by this game. I've tried to understand on my own how the game is played. Unfortunately - NOTHING GOOD CAME OUT OF IT. I was more confused than when I started! Then one Poker night - Andy the giant handed me a Sudoku book - he tried explaining it to me. I owe it to Andy the giant - I did understand what he was explaining - the thing was - I couldn't solve the puzzle on hand even if it was easy. - too many distractions!! The next day however - I bought myself a kid's Sudoku puzzle book. This was suggested to my by Annie, Andy the giant's wife. Good idea right? GREAT IDEA!! Start slowy and progress to the higher levels. And so I bought the puzzle book being distributed by Emerald Headway - by the way - ang mahal ah!! Hindi sha cheap!! That night - I tried solving one puzzle. In 30 minutes - I WAS DONE!! I couldn't believe it. But what I couldn't believe more was - I SOLVED THE PUZZLE correctly!! Damn!! That's the

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat..

Seeing and learning who the Pussycat Dolls were - I had a stereotype of them. Bad as it may be - IT'S ONLY MY OPINION. Yes - they're an all female dance group - so what right? Well, it seems that even if they're earning more than they were before - they still don't have enough money to put 'enough' clothes on. Yes - I am merely kidding - pulling your leg - or whatever. My opinion? Well, does it matter?? Anyhoooooo, I came across the blog of Carlos Celdran - he's the animated tour guide of Manila. I hear that he gives THE best walking tour of Manila. You name it - he knows it, that's how good of a tour guide he is. He knows Manila like the back of his hand!! I've been reading his blog since I started blogging. And just a while ago - while sipping my Splenda iced tea - na-samid ako when I read his blog entry. Samid with matching smile ah.. Curious on what its about?? Read on!! :) click THIS to find out what's it all about. I assur

South Beach Diet

Since last December - I've gained a LOT of weight. Yes - I've tried to cut my rice - but the weight loss seems close to impossible. Now, I'm turning to the South Beach Diet - which my mom, my brother, and aunt were successful in their weight loss campaign last year. Today is officially my first day. I've eaten the breakfast and will now proceed to the Lunch. I hope that I get to lose some weight. As later on, I will be TRANSPORT-ing for 30 minutes. Here we go SBD!! (I hope it works!!)

Dessert Comes First - Baking Demo

Since I was young - I've been fascinated with baking. I learned to love baking from my aunt - who makes THE best apple pie ever! She's one of my biggest influence when it comes to baking. At a young age - I remember enrolling at Sylvia Reynoso-Gala's Kids Baking class one summer. Than again the summer after. When I got to the later part of my elementary years in ICA - I became hooked on baking. Come high school - I was baking for special someone s (Yes, that's correct - the way to the man's heart? - LITERALLY the stomach!) I've been baking since I don't remember when. The only time I stopped? Well, you can ask my Panget about it. Ask him the reason why I don't bake anymore! And he will smile and just smile. Hahaha... Now, where was I? Anyways, I just started to bake again when I met Jenn Tan. Well you see, Jenn and I just met about a month or two ago. She's a friend of my Panget and surprisingly - a friend of my friend Oliver. The f


Believe it or not - I'm excersizing. It started Monday last week, I was with my Panget and his brother - I did cardio on the TRANSPORT for 20 minutes! The next day - I did it again, and again just last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I can't wait to hit the gym again today or tomorrow! Can you believe it? I can't!! Imagine - that's 30minutes of just doing the transport. The secret to staying on that long for an uber lazy-to-move person like me? I pray the rosary while doing cardio. Yes, I'm hitting two birds with one stone! Getting fit physically while getting fit spiritually! My Panget has noticed that I'm the one whi takes the initiative and tells him to hit the gym! Well, I guess since I'm just starting out the 'tamad' phase hasn't kicked off yet. YET!! Maybe in a few weeks - let's see!! If I could just go at it everyday - I WOULD!!!! This rosary praying while on the Trasport started when kids of my Panget's neighbors wer

To FIGHT boredom..

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I just saw this movie with my Panget and his friends last night. And indeed, I was impressed. Why? For starters - there was the 'gulat' factor, the story was ok and the acting? Well, let's just say - I wasn't bored and discouraged to watch the movie with the fact that Kris Aquino was in it. I just have one question. IS THIS REALLY TRUE? Is there really such as thing as this superstition? Well, overall - I liked the movie. It's not the best I've seen, but I got my money's worth. Warning: Spoilers!! One thing I couldn't understand though - why was Ronaldo Valdez visited by the ghost of his wife and his 'kabit'? What happened to him? And... WHAT'S THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE HOUSE THEY WERE LIVING IN AND THE HOUSE IN NEW MANILA??????

CPK - On short notice

Last night, for the first time in a looooooooong while. EVERYONE WAS PRESENT at CPK. Amazing? Well, for us yes because it was ON SHORT NOTICE! We always complain that it so hard to round up everyone to have dinner - but well, last night proved it otherwise! Kim sent an SMS inviting everyone for dinner. She was meeting Chris because she was getting from him a TREO phone. And so she thought that since they were meeting up, might as well invite everyone! Good idea? GREAT IDEA!! No one backed out last minute and everyone was there - ON TIME!!!:) Kim, Kym, Sel, and Chris - WE SHOULD DO THIS MORE OFTEN!!!!!! I super enjoyed chatting with you guys - makes me miss you even more and crave for sudden dinners!! :) Congratulations to us!! :) Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :) *Sayang, walang picture!! hahaha... :)