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Toy Review: Scruff-a-Luvs - Surprise/Reveal Toy!

SURPRISE! It's a reveal toy!  What exactly is a reveal toy?  Well, I for one had no idea what it was, it was only when I asked Kailee what a reveal toy meant, that I understood what kind of a toy it was.  It's literally a surprise toy, because you'll know the exact kind (or variant of the toy) you get, the moment you open the toy.  There's an excitement and rush that the child feels when they open the toy. This is the Scruff-a-luvs.  It's a reveal toy - I'm excited to show you! Scruff a luvs, I feel is more interesting as it's a reveal toy that you do more than just open!  See, that you'll need to open it to reveal what you got.  Well, you'll need more than just to open it, you'll need to wash your Scruff a luvs to know which kind you got!  You can get a cat, a dog or a bunny!

Coffeeglider Baked Goodies!!

I like to eat.  I'm sure it's quite obvious when you see my size.  Hahaha!  But in all seriousness, I like to eat.  But I'm quite a the picky eater plus I'm a creature of habit.  I like to try familiar food items, and one of them is bread and pastries. Thank you to #CoffeeGliderPH for sending these goodies over for the family to try over the holidays.  I'm really excited to have them for breakfast and merienda!

honesbee + Shopwise: Gift, Party Essentials and Food items - CHECK!

Time is something that we have no control of, especially now that it's the holiday season!  Traffic, the Christmas shopping, meeting deadlines before the year ends.  Most everything is in a rush!  One of the best gifts I have received this year is the gift of time - time spent with my family, doing what is more important.  The food shopping, I have left it all in the hands of honestbee!  Thank heavens for honestbee - shopping for gift, party essentials and food items is such a breeze! Lookie lookie here: So in love with the alphabet pasta!  My kids enjoy eating them because they can see and spell words!  I know it's a babaw thing, but if I can get my kids to enjoy eating more - then I welcome it!  The pistachios are a wonderful treat too, as they come is a packaging that is just perfect for me.  The wine selection, the milk and other beverages - ready to be put in the cart and checked out. I'm liking this collaboration very very much!

The Marketplace + honestbee = Noche Buena Shopping!

One of the things I really enjoy is going to a grocery or supermarket.  I would walk the aisle one by one if I had time.  I don't consider it a chore but instead consider it as a 'treat'.  But right now, having three kids - (one of them is a new baby) well - I need to manage my time really well.  There are times that we run out of certain random things around the house.  Before I can easily go to the supermarket and buy it - now, I need to consider will my baby wake up?  Will she want to feed?  Do I pump?  Or there are times that even if I plan it out, doesn't go smoothly because my baby is suddenly clingy that day. My routine has suddenly changed, I honestly am not liking it - but what can I do right?  Thank goodness though for honestbee!  With honestbee, I am given back my time - time spent in picking up my son from school and bonding him on the way home and quality time spent with the new addition to the family.  I have to say, having bigger kids and a newborn

Soaps for a Cause: For the benefit of Two More Kids

Looking for a meaningful Christmas Gift this season?  Well, my friend Shar is selling something really nice for a very very good cause.  You can get in touch with her at 0917-8341618 if you're interested.  Please be interested.  I hope you can consider this. Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re still shopping for gifts, we are selling these soap sets for the benefit of Two More Kids.   Proceeds of the sale will help underprivileged kids who have congenital malformations of the brain, spinal cord and face. Each set comes with 3 bars of soap and costs only 150 pesos. For orders, kindly get in touch with  SHAR 0917-8341618