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Adam Lambert is IT!!

I have my favorites, and Adam Lambert is NOT one of them. I have a feeling that he'll go far on his own. He's a performer, trained and experience.. Almost an hour ago, I was floored - literally!! Adam Lambert is BRILLIANT!! He knows that buttons to push - he can somehow 'read' through viewers expecations! He surprises the audience with his range! He has got to be the best contestant ever!! He knows exactly how to play the game, and that's beyond brilliant! He entices, he amazes - he bowls us all over!!! Grabbed from THIS site I think AI has found IT!! Not to sweep aside my favorites though! Anoop and Alison were good as well! I was impressed with Matt's performance though - he's good pala! Hahaha.. Finally, finally, FINALLY!! Li'l Rounds falters! I thought she was invincible to the judges - finally!!! She's human after all! The shouting and over-effort made the difference!! So so sad that Megan's performance was bad... I l

Capricciosa Greenhills

Grabbed from THIS site I first learned of this restaurant on Facebook - when I got invited to be a 'fan' of the place. I initially thought that it might have been a mis-invite, I mean - I've never heard of this restaurant before. While in Guam last year, I saw the familiar signage - it was then that I was told (by my twin brother) that one of his friends own the Philippine franchise. Last night was the first time for me and my friends to try out the place. We were celebrating because KY just got engaged!! We got to Capricciosa (Greenhills branch) at about 8 - I found it odd that the restuarant was empty on a Thursday night! I think we were the only customers that night! Midway through dinner - another group of 2, dined. Looking through the menu - it was your typical Italian restuarant - there were soups, pastas, pizzas and the like. I noticed that the prices were a bit high, but what the heck - we were there to celebrate right? So celebrate we did!! We got the Squid I

A Very Special Love & You Changed my Life

A month ago (I think) - I was surprise to receive a YM message from an old friend, Dondon. He was asking how I was and we got to chat. He was part of the group I was with when we did a Metro Manila Filmfest marathon one Christmas - can you imagine was saw 5 different Tagalog movies in a span of 12 hours! I associate Tagalog movie discussions with Dondon, why? Well, because he's the only guy I know who is as observant as I am when watching tagalog movies! You see we were having a discussion on something (it escapes me now) then we were trying our best to identify this certain movie, we threw in lines, scenes, actors in the movie but our efforts were futile. So how did we finally settle the discussion - it was when we identified a certain dance number on top of a building that we were able to piece it together. It was a dance number of Benedict Aquino and Gretchen Barretto on the top floor of a building located somewhere in Manila! The dancing scene was so badly choreographed

Green Maris hot pot

The aftermath.