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LTO-LTFRB: Private Trucks NEED Yellow Plates

UPDATE:  August 9, 2014 - As of 10:53PM LTFRB Chairman Ginez made a Tweet that said that they are RECALLING THE PETITION OF EXEMPTIONS FOR PRIVATE OWNED TRUCKS.  This means THAT IT IS NO LONGER NEEDED !! UPDATE:  August 16, 2014 Here's the ACTUAL Memo recalling the previous Memo ------------- Please click the link below to see the actual TWEET!! Finally!  LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!! ------------------ When I was told this - I was like, WHAT?!  Are you serious? We have green and white plates simply because it is PRIVATE!  Yellow plates for private?  Are you kidding?  I remember when I was small that the distinguishing mark for a private vs a public vehicle is the color of their plate! My dad told me a story that a truck of his friend got caught because it was not sporting a yellow plate.   Also they we

Didi Reviews: Konjac Sponge & Eczema

For a mom with two kids who both have eczema - I am most of the time desperate in finding a solution to ease my kids' skin conditions.  I would try ANYTHING just to ease their skin asthma, anything.  I've tried so many soaps, lotions, steroid creams and found not one thing that can be the ultimate solution. Just recently, I've found lotions that helped manage my Kailee and Connor's skin asthma.  Around the same time months ago, I received a message from a friend, she said that she would send me some Konjac sponge to try on the kids.  I remember being told by the Pedia-Dermas not to use anything on the kids's skin while bathing.  No towel, no washcloth to rub on their skin - just use our hands and soap.  Wash cloths they say will make the skin dry and the friction of rubbing may cause rashes in the skin - so I never used anything on them.  But with this product, my friend Czen (and also Atchi Pao) told me that these sponges are safe for babies and kids - I was v

Reality Check: My blood test result

Ahhhhhhh....  The quest of losing weight.  I have been dealing with this issue most of my life.  You see, I wasn't the 'thin' kid - I was the chubby cute one!  But cuteness has its expiration, and it expired when I was told by the famous Dr. Marcelino So that I was too fat.  Thus, my mom put me on a diet.  I remember just having to eat fish and vegetables.  My lunch box would only contain these two viands for a long while.  There was even a time when I refused to eat lunch because of the food I got!  But eventually, I guess I lost weight because I stopped getting fish and veggies for lunch at school. I was labelled by my MIL as the rubber band type, according to her, I would be thin and then gain weight.  It was a cycle.  But I didn't mind the cycle.  It was more, the other people minded the cycle.  I think it was only in 2003 that I realized that eating was super enjoyable!  Hahaha.. Two years after, I documented food trips on my blog - this, this blog was born! Th

DIDI'scoveries: Netipot by Sinucleanse

Ever since I got pregnant with Kailee, I've had sever allergies.  And it never went away.  Everyday, I would sneeze and blow my nose.  My helpers think I have all year round colds - and I honestly thought it was too!  Until, I was diagnosed with allergies.  I would drink allergy medicines, but they will just be effective for a while.  I've accepted the fact that I would have this my whole life. One of the things that has helped me get through my allergies is the constant cleaning and vacuuming of the common rooms in the house.  I would require my helper to vacuum the common areas twice a week at least. And then I researched online, and found Netipot.  It seemed really strange to be honest, but then a lot of people swear by it.  I have friends who have told me that it has worked for them and their allergies were managed and some even say it cured their allergies.  I was very willing to try it out - but the problem was, it wasn't available here in Manila.  I posted a s


Kettle has been in my radar for a long time now.  Ever since seeing it on my IG feeds and posts of my fellow bloggers.  I became curious.  Unfortunately - I've never had the chance to try the restaurant.  It was always full whenever we go.  We were always more the 12th in line.  And since we're always with the kids - their tummies cannot wait. Yesterday morning, my Panget decided to head to Shangri-La Mall.  While in the car, we were already discussing where to have lunch.  It was Panget who decided on Maple.  But I wanted to try my luck in a different restaurant.  So when we got to the mall at 11:15, the first thing I did was go to Maple - but they weren't accepting reservations - we weren't that hungry yet, so we thought of walking around the mall.  While window shopping - I told my Panget that I will try my luck at Kettle.  So I went up to Kettle and left my name and number - my name was 6th in line.  I met up with my Panget and told him that - he said that it was

Didi's Baby Checklist

When I got pregnant I was so asking every mommy friend of mine to give me a baby checklist.  Most friends were clueless - but some were very organized and sent me a list.  I've read all of them and I loved them so much.  They helped me!  So when I had a friend who asked me to give her a list, well - OC/Organized mode set it and I was typing like crazy.  I know if you read through the list, you'd say I'm very OA (Over Acting) with some of the things, but well - its MY list, so.... Let me be OA.  Indulge me please! My friend Shen - you inspired me to share this list of mine.  Thank you!  See you soon with baby CC!! Please keep in mind that this is only meant as a guide.  Your needs may be different than mine, so you can just take what you need and cross out what you don't. In case you'd like a copy, shoot me an email with title BABY CHECKLIST PLEASE so I can send you the file. Hope this was helpful!!

Giveaway: OWL Coffee

I'm sharing with you the loot that I won from Animetric's OWL Coffee giveaway! Yes, I am very generous that way.  I like sharing what I get!  Don't you agree? I want to share because I believe in the product.  Their products are really good!  Since receiving the prizes yesterday, I have tried each variant and I am so loving them!  I am not much of a coffee drinker, but these are really good considering they're instant. One of the nicer things that I noticed and instantly liked - is that the packaging has a label that tells you what kind of coffee you are getting!  I don't mean the flavor (hazelnut, plain or original) but the INTENSITY of the coffee that you are getting!  There are STRENGTH , SWEETNESS & MILKINESS indicator on the pack so you'll know which variant will suit your taste!  I think that's a wonderful thing - because this sets them apart from the rest!  Consumers nowadays are very patient in reading labels and this will really be

The search is on - For a Pre-School

Time flies. It seems like it was yesterday that I gave birth to Kailee.  I still remember every detail.  Sigh.  Fast forward to now - Kailee is now three - 3!  Can you believe it?  I can't!  But I need to - because obviously, she's really three years old! For a while now, actually since last year - I have been asked the perennial question 'Does she attend Pre-School?'.  I want to know - is it recommended for a child at age 2 to attend pre-school?  Can you tell me why?  I want to know.  Because you see, I was 4years old when I attended pre-school, and it wasn't because it was I wanted to, but because my alma matter pegged the acceptance age for Kinder at 5years old, and so according to my mom - I needed to attend pre-school.  My twin brother on the otherhand went straight to Nursery (this is what they call Kinder in Xavier School) without going through pre-school.  So normally, with that set up, I would normally expect kids to attend pre-school at 4years old!

My FRIENDS Tribute

I have loved this show ever since I first saw it on cable.  In a foreign channel to be exact, I think it was a Taiwan channel.  I remember that I was in 2nd year in HS when I first caught a glimpse of it, and by chance - I mentioned it to a classmate and it turns out, she knows about the show too!  Jill Krystle Chua - wherever you are in the world, know that I will forever be grateful for that conversation we had in the classroom about Friends! To those who have been following me since I started, I'm sure you've read my posts pertaining to FRIENDS.  I think I have a handful of them.  It was through this show, that I met friends who had the same thoughts on Friends - that it was real.  We reference the show in real life.  I used to think that it was only my brother and I who did that, but as it turns out - many of us fans do that too!  Its really funny and cute when you think about it.  Hahaha!!  I know it's been years since they last aired BUT I still watch it when I ha

Yaya Diaries: Guidelines for Yaya Interviews

You can read more about my Yaya Diaries at THIS link. I'm sharing with you guys the guidelines that I have made in interviewing yayas.  This is not a foolproof way, but just a guide.  When I was looking for a yaya, I didn't have this, I made this up to help out friends.  I thought that this is one way to pay it forward and help new moms.  I apologize for the Tag-Lish language.. Hihi.. I hope you get to use this or at least help you guys narrow out what you need to ask.  Remember that there are some yayas who interview very well, but can't perform.  It's really a trial and error if you ask me, so Good Luck! If you have suggestions or added insights, please feel free to add them at the comment section!   1.  Ilan taon ka na?  May asawa?  Ilan ang anak?  Nasan ang pamilya? -  You must decide how old you want your yaya to be.  A young yaya may not know many things, but an old yaya might have a hard time with the sleepless nights.  Kami we had an age limit we

Vanilla Mint Spa

I'm a very loyal nail spa client.  Proof?  I was a very regular client of CANS (California Nail and Spa) in Greenhills.  I was their loyal client for I think 7 years?  It has been that long, I was so sad that they closed down.  When they did - I followed my 'favorite' manicurista, a new smaller nail place opened right beside CANS and it was called Nuvo Nails.  I live in Quezon City YET I frequented Nuvo Nails, until my manicurista resigned.  After that - I got her to do home service for me.  I really really loved her because she was very gentle, magaan ang kamay, clean and very meticulous.  Unfortunately, her time management was not.  For I think a year or two, she would always cancel last minute or even just don't show up.  I forgave her all the time, but then I gave her a piece of my mind, I told her that if I made an appointment, I wanted it followed - if she couldn't make it, it would be nice if she told me earlier not on the exact hour.  I usually tell her to c

Yaya Diaries: Yaya Ritchie

A month before my SIL gave birth, she found a yaya.  Since she didn't need her yet - she lent her to me to be 'trained'.  And so I interviewed Yaya Ritchie when she got to my house.  I always interview to scare, haha!  Bad, right?  But I do that so that my helpers know that I am firm.  I've always believed too that interviews are only for show.  I wanted to see her in action and at the back of my mind, I was expecting the worse. That night, I told her to watch over Connor.  Connor was 5 months old then and he was gaining very little weight.  I was very worried because if you compare him with Kailee - Connor was so far behind.  During her first day - I was already impressed.  She knew what she needed to do, plus she knew how to handle a breastfed baby!  She was such a breath of fresh air, she was very helpful in every way, I mean in EVERY way. She was quiet, and not chatty.  She seldom uses her cellphone.  She's simple and down to earth.  Very respectful of the

Cooking Quest: Arroz Caldo ala Didi's mom

I have been wanting to cook Arroz Caldo for years, but was too scared to do so.  I honestly had no idea how to cook lugaw/congee.  I just know that a shortcut would be to put uncooked rice in a small container, put water and freeze it.  The frozen uncooked rice makes it easier for the rice to get mashed/durog when it cooks. So I asked my mom how she makes her yummy Arroz Caldo.  She told me that it was very very easy.  I honestly didn't believe her - because I knew that cooking lugaw/congee took a lot of time.  She told me - 'Cook the lugaw/congee first, and then saute your onions, put your chicken and when its cooked, pour the chicken and onions in the lugaw/congee and that's it'  It's really easy, she said and I was honestly doubting her. I was also looking for a certain ingredient to put into the Arroz Caldo.  I asked on Twitter and my friend Sheila said its called Kasubha - it may be called Saffron here in Manila, but it isn't the real one.  So I tried l

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

In all honesty - two of my favorite food in the world!  Pizza and doughnuts, and yes they're housed in the same spot along Katipunan in Quezon City. I knew of Cello's doughnuts from way back in 2006 - I was gifted by my friend Kim a box of their assorted mini doughnuts for Christmas.  I especially loved the cheese doughnut - I think it was called ensaymada doughnut before.  As for Gino's Brick Oven Pizza, I've been hearing about it from my friend Kath and Fran, but I never got the chance to try it. Early this year, I learned that my good friends Brian and his wife invested into the company.  I was very excited because I love pizzas and doughnuts!  Here's a preview of what we ordered: Burata When I posted this on my IG, I got a LOT of reactions! Brian says that their Burata run out fast!  As in really really fast!  So come in early to be able to order this! I loved the texture and taste of this simple yet very flavorful appetizer, I think I can