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My Havaianas Broke!! Again..

Again, my havaianas broke! The strap broke off again! My first ever Havaianas' strap broke just last year (May 2005 to be exact). So this is the second time it happend to me. I'm beginning to think that these flip flops don't last long . I bought this paticular pair July of this year. And it's not as if I always use it - I alternate it with my other pairs. So why did it break off? I have no freaking idea! I wish I harrased it and used it every single day - just to justify the strap breaking off. After this entry, I will again, write to Havaianas Philippines to complain. Damn Havaianas!

Don't they just look lovely?

Don't they look lovely?? Got this pic from

Jonathan Matti

Who are you? (Since you hassled me and were kinda rude and 'finicky' your name deserves to be on my blog..) Have you heard of him? Well, I haven't and last week was the first time I heard his name . He needed a mega white carpet (his staff Aida even doubting the color named Bleached White, I sent him the picture thru email yet, there was doubt - we're not color blinds you know..) installed at his model unit at the Two Serendra - and yesterday, we did install it - despite a lot of setbacks like the room still being painted and with a lot of stuffs), and now that I am following up the payment - naku! Kinda lang ah, pahirapan... When I called, a guy named Paolo answered my call - and I could hear a guy shouting in the background - the suddenly the phone went dead! Nabagsakan pa ako ng telepono . Then when I called again, high and mighty Mr. Matti answered the phone, at first he was pleasant and then he barged me with 'I heard you were rude to my staff!

Krispy Kreme on my mind..(and tummy!)

Last night, my Panget hand delivered a box of 1 dozen Krispy Kreme. Apparently, he had time to go and buy some for me. Thanks Panget! When I got the box, I immediately sampled one - my god - it tasted delicious! All I could utter was 'S*&^ ang saraaaaaaap!' even my mom became curious and tried one. She said that it was good, soft but very very sweet. I love sweets! Except of course, chocolates (yikes.., I don't like them at all!) Here's an image of the lone Krispy Kreme left from the loot my Panget gave me I ate 2 1/2 pieces last night. Had 2 pieces for dinner. Had 1 piece right before lunch and now, I just finished my merienda piece. Total count - 6 pieces (gosh, that's half of the loot already!) I don't even want to count the calories anymore! Good thing, I'll be attending Bikram Yoga later.. Hehehehe... :)


This is one of the new shoes that I am kind of into right now. At first I was hesitant to watch the first few episodes for fear the I would get hooked. Since my Panget went on a road trip last week, and there were 3 days with no work - I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, we only had 3 episodes of the show. So I had to make a schedule on what show to watch at what time, so that I wouldn't get bitin . I made it a point to just watch 1 episode a day. Yes, unbelievably - I was able to control my urges! Now, it's already Monday - and just a few minutes ago - I saw the 6th episode. The first 5 episodes were okay - I was on my toes watching them, but on the 6th episode, I got kinda bored - I don't know why?! But I found some parts boring. Maybe I was looking for more 'action' and answers too. For those who've been keeping an eye on this series, can you clarify some things for me? Kindly highlight to see the questions, WARNING - SPOILERS (for those wh