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Win a trip to Japan from Beyond the Box!!

PRESS RELEASE Win a trip to Japan from Beyond the Box For a country full of history and tradition, Japan has a lot of modern and unprecedented things to offer- from mouth-watering food, zen gardens, to theme parks and so much more. There really isn’t much doubt why more and more people fly to the land of the rising sun each year. The politeness and respect that is practiced by the Japanese is also a reason to visit and immerse yourself in a really interesting culture. Get a chance to win a trip to Tokyo and experience it all when you buy any GRAMAS iPhone case from Beyond the Box. Established in 2009 by Yuichi Sakamoto, GRAMAS ( G enerous Ra w M aterial S tuffs) iPhone mobile phone cases are made from genuine and refined raw materials making them stylish and sturdy sleeves for your device. You may choose from the Rib Cage, which is made from a double structure of polycabronate and silicone that is scratch and shock proof, the jewel-like Gem cases

Oh, Baby Foot? Ooooooh, Baby Foot!

I have seen Baby Foot on my friend's IG feeds.  They look really really really interesting.  Well, especially for me - I have my usual foot spa and pedi every two weeks.  The reason why I have it is because one, I'm lazy to cut my own toe nails (sorry, TMI!) and two, my heels are always so dry that it needs to get filed and scrubbed. Late last year, when a friend organized a private sale, I finally jumped and bought myself a Baby Foot pack.  I kept it on my table and looked at it every singe day since buying it.  Kailee was already wondering why I haven't opened the pack.  The real reason was - FEAR .  Yes, looking at the images on the pretty box, well - it looked painful, the peeling I mean.  I guess I've experienced over scrubbing/filing of my heels in the past that my heels felt raw whenever I walked.  I asked friends repeatedly, already bordering to being overly kulit if the process was painful, they answered me with a resounding - NO PAIN! So before 20

Happy New Year + Giveaways!

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2016 and HELLO 2017!! To start the year right, well - I've decided to have a giveaway!  Yey!  Yup, so what am I giving away?  Well, three things: a)  a green Starbucks 2017 Planner (yes, I decided to share again!) b)  a Project Mom book c)  2 pieces of the BagsGoReusable bag that I so soooo love! d)  2 tubes of the Belo Baby Lotion! So, there. What about the mechanics?  Easy.  Please make sure to READ through them before doing anything.  I've noticed that most poeple are not fond of reading through the mechanics - a number of times, your entry gets disqualified because you forgot to do something.  So please, READ through them, it's fairly easy!! Leave the following details on this post's comment section: a)  Your Full name , b)  a VALID email address , one that you check on EVERY SINGLE DAY! c)  Which prize you want  (Planner or Book or Bag or Lotion) c)  URL of your Twitter or Facebook Share (Twitter share is 1 entry and