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Irene's Ube Cheesecake

If you ask me about cheesecakes, there is only one direction that I will point you to.  And that is Indulgence by Irene .  Last 2011, my Panget and I were introduced to this wonderfully made Queso de Bola Cheesecake that left me haunted with wanting more.  Ask Irene and Richard, how many I ordered to give away and to consume, personally!  It was that good. Last week, Irene mentioned that she was making an Ube (purple yam) version of her cheesecake, it was apparently a collaboration with Chona's Homemade Treasures - my ulitmate FAVORITE ensaimada (Chona makes a rockstar of an ube jam, by the way) Of course, I was excited!  I mean - something from Irene and Chona - gosh, that would be delicious. So, there - the pristine purple cheesecake was staring at me.  I honestly didn't want to touch it as it looked, so perfect!  But I had to take a bite, so I sliced a piece and had one bite. And it was pure bliss.. What I tasted brought on so many memories of m

Winner.. Winners! Kalikhasan Ho-Ho-Holiday Package

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I just concluded Kalihasan's Ho-Ho-Holiday Package giveaway! And here are the winners picked by Rafflecopter: Please check your email and reply ASAP! :) Merry Christmas and THANKS for joining the Kalikhasan giveaway!! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!

NBC: The Sing Off

Okay, I can't hide my excitement on this show I just discovered last week! Its - The Sing Off Apparently, I'm a late bloomer as it has been around for a long time now. NBC just picked it up again! I am sooooo glad though, that I started watching - Thanks to Mindy!! :) Here is why I am loving this show so much! Watch their performance. Note that - those are ALL vocals. There are NO musical instrument backing them up. All VOICES!! :) Hope you enjoy this!!

Winner! Winners! Starbucks Goodies

Rafflecopter has picked out the winners! 1 for the Stabucks 2014 Planner 1 for the Limited Edition Starbucks Card Leather Holder CONGRATULATIONS and Merry Christmas! THANK YOU so very much for supporting my blog all these years! a Rafflecopter giveaway Jessica T, just sent me an email that she won't be able to pick up her prize, thus she suggested (God Bless her!) that I give it to someone else!  Thus, I went to rafflecopter and it picked a new winner! Jessica - God Bless you and your generosity.  You are truly a blessing.  It warms my heart so much that you are so generous!  THANK YOU!!

The FilHarmonic of The Sing Off

I'm a sucker for singing shows, movies - name it.  Anything that involves singing - I like!  I used to love American Idol (but when they lost Simon Cowell, well - it wasn't the same for me), I also used to like Glee - but kinda lost the urge to watch it.  I'm a huge huge fan of the High School Musical series and oh, my FAVORITE - The Sound of Music! So on my feed the other day, I saw that my TV guru Mindy was talking about this show called The Sing Off.  How she was glad that it was back on after being cancelled a few years ago.  But what caught my attention was the mention that there was a Pinoy group in the competition.  We all know that Pinoys are one of the BEST singers in the world and so I was curious.  Thank goodness for Dropbox - because it automatically downloaded on my mac and so last night - I finally knew what the fuss was all about. I watched the show without any background on it - I just wanted to see what it was all about.  The show started with all the

Orphan Black

My Panget and I are obsessed with foreign TV shows.  I say foreign because its not only American shows that we watch, we also watch Canadian and British shows.  I like certain genres and he has his own preferences - but somehow - being married to him, well - his preferences have rubbed off on me.  One of the influences that I got from his is the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre.  I'm now a fan of Firefly, the whole Stargate series, Continuum, Strike Back and some other else. So every year - he has these certain shows that he downloads.  He tells me to check them out, and when I do - I get hooked! Our most recent discovery is Orphan Black. Photo credited to I have to admit, I saw the pilot and right there and then I knew that he would like it.  And two weeks ago, we finally started watching it and YES, it was great.  My Panget has been declaring that the lead actress should win an Emmy for her performance because she's playing multiple roles!  Well, maybe next yea

Hanamaruken Ramen in Trinoma

Ramen restaurants have been sprouting here and there in the recent years.  Unfortunately, not enough mushrooming in the Quezon City area.  Those that are currently open in the are are all locally made versions of the ramen, meaning they are Pinoy versions made to suit the Pinoy palate.  The first ever ramen place that I know of is Shinjuku.  But the most popular ramen joint that I know of is Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road.  I know it's been open for a long time now, even before the 'ramen craze' - but up to this day, I still haven't tried that place yet.  It's still on my wishlist and friends still say - its still the best one in the Metro. So, when I saw on my Twitter and IG feed that a Japanese franchise was opening in Trinoma, I was excited - I mean, finally!  Hahaha!  Yesterday, while at the mall with the kids and my Panget, we were looking for a place to have lunch.  When I asked the mall's guard if there was a new ramen place - he led us to Hanam

Merry Christmas from Kalikhasan!

When I was still a grade schooler - I would remember our science subject discussing the topic of the greenhouse effect and Global Warming.  My alma matter I think was trying to make us more conscious of our environment.  I know for sure that we were being informed on the effects, so that when we get older, we would become more aware of taking care of our environment. I'm glad to see that in the recent years, there have been so many 'natural' alternatives to certain chemicals that we use in our homes and on our selves.  People have been joining the eco-friendly movement and trying their best to take care of nature by using and supporting earth friendly products.   Kalikhasan has made an effort to showcase that there is an eco-friendly alternative to chemical based cleaning solutions.  Whats great about Kalikhasan is that it is environmentally friendly, organic and most importantly 100% Filipino! This Christmas, Kalikhasan is offering their Ho-Ho-Holiday Packages !

Nuts about BRONUTS!

I first saw Bronuts on my friend Mindy 's and Patty 's IG feed.  Apparently my online achie - Achie Paowie's brother makes them.  Achie Pao graciously gave me a piece to try, and it was good!  So when Bronuts started their Baker's Dozen run at the Power Plant Mall, I asked Achie Pao to buy a box for me. And it was love at first taste. The first taste and first love is the Belgian Chocolate.  Yes, for a person who used to not like chocolates, likes them now.  This is my favorite Bronut flavor.  I pop it in the toaster oven and let the chocolates melt and voilaz - such a perfect breakfast, merienda and/or dessert! BRONUTS (Top to Bottom - PMS, Bacon & Cream Cheese, Pylones) Last week, Bronuts introduced a new flavor - their tie up with Pylones.  I was given a sample and it was too love at first taste.  Hahaha!  So yesterday, I made it a point to purchase the Pylones and the Belgian Chocolate - and in turn I was given a PMS Bronut.   This