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Lugang Cafe - FINALLY!

Been hearing about this new Chinese restaurant along Connecticut Street in Greenhills.  Many say that their Xiao Long Bao is the best in Manila.  We've been wanting to try it out for a while, but it was just last Sunday that we got the chance!  Thank goodness, my mom and aunt arrived early for the walk-in!! The place was PACKED, I mean literally PACKED!  There were so many people waiting for tables to open up!  There's this word in Mandarin that I always associate with Chinese restaurants - RE NAO (hot and noisy) and it was really like that!   Here are the dishes that we got: The food is good, I mean for a Chinese restaurant - the dishes were served hot and fresh.  The Xiao Long Baos were just so-so for me.  I mean come on, if your benchmark are those of Din Tai Fung, well - they're incomparable.  BUT in fairness, Lugang has the BEST xiao long bao, IN Manila.  Since there's no DTF here, Lugang's can be considered the BEST in town.  We downed two o

The OTHER SIDE of Mercato Centrale @ BGC

For the past four Sundays, I have been in Mercato Centrale @ BGC, but what made the last Sunday extra special was that I was one of their concessionaires.  I belonged to the other side of Mercato Centrale. I remember asking one of the concessionaires during my first visit, what time the ingress was - since it was an early weekend market.  I was told that it started at 4:00 in the morning.  I was shocked and impressed, but then it dawned on me that that was the normal call time for mall ingress, right?  So it was just but normal. On my fourth Sunday - I found myself manning a booth with my sister in law selling gingerbread trees!  We got to Mercato at about 5:00am - I think we were the first ones who were setting up at Tent 1, we looked very eager since we were really early!  Hahaha..  But since it was our first time, I thought - why not go early to see what we can do.  We honestly did not have any idea on what the tables looked like or where we could place the rack that we brought

Gingerbread Treats @ Mercato Centrale!

We're selling Gingerbread Houses and Trees!! :) Come and see us at Mercato Centrale @ BGC this Sunday, December 19, 2010 from 6am to 2pm!! :) For inquiries, bulk orders and etc., you may reach us at

Raising Hope

Mindy told me about this show - I've been wanting to watch it but as you know, I do not know how to download!  Hahaha!  I rely on my Panget or my twin to do it for me.  And so yesterday, my twin told me that he has 10 episodes of Raising Hope. Last night - I saw 4 episodes and I found the show really quirky and funny.  Princess Beyonce/Hope is really really cute and I like the 'innocence/naive-ness/dumbness' of the characters!  Its just so funny to watch.. My favorite part was when Virginia and Burt were singing to Hope (Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins)  This scene made me teary eyed (prengnancy hormones!) Looking forward to more episodes of laughter!!


Yes, I am stressed - with my ballpen addiction! You see, there's this pen that I have - its called the Jetstream 2&1.  It has two pens, one black and one red - it also has a mechanical pencil built in.  My friend Kym bought it for me years ago upon my request, she bought it with instructions to buy refills.  And just last week, my refills officially ran out.  My black pen is no longer usable, as the ink has already been used up! Image grabbed from THIS site Since last week, I've been a little bothered.  I know it sounds silly BUT I'm that type of person.  I am very OC when it comes to my ballpens, so there - since my black in has ran out, I kept on thinking where and how I can get a hold of a new refill! I asked my friend Kath who went to Hong Kong last week, but her schedule was full already.  Yesterday afternoon, I asked my BFF Kim - but I never got a reply, I think she turns off her phone when abroad.  I have another friend who's based in Singapore (he

DIDI'scoveries: Christmas Goodies

Christmas is the time for giving and I must confess, I am almost always late in giving away Christmas treats and gifts.  This year, I am trying my best to give them out early.  I've already ordered some gifts and will be getting them this weekend. Just last weekend, I received quite a number already.  And I am posting the yummy goodies I got! Baker's Barn:  Macaroons  Thank you Kath!! Gigi's Custaroons:  Thank you Stan & Maia! Ted's Temptations:  Toffees  Thank you Alch & Fred!!

DIDI'scoveries: Mercato Central @ BGC

Two Sundays ago was my first time at Mercato Centrale @ BGC.  We bumped into a HS kabarkada K, she told us to invite the rest of the gang to have lunch the following Sunday.  And yesterday, we did meet - but since there was no place to sit, we headed to walking distance Serendra for a late lunch. While waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, we walked the tents - discovered that the lay-out was different from the previous week!  I am not sure if it was just me, but I think there were new concessionaires around.  Here are the things that we bought: Grandma's Cornflake Cookies   I like my cookies chewy.  Most of the cookies being sold during this time of the year are all crispy and crunchy.  Unfortunately, I am not fond of them - and so when I heard the words 'Try our chewy cookies!'  Boom, I was intrigued!  I got a sample and my, was it perfectly chewy!  I asked my Panget to try it and he said it was good.  Being an impulsive food buyer at bazaars, I thought to b

Contest Alert: Tickets to the Big Outlet Sale!!

I'm giving away tickets to the Big Outlet Sale BPI Express Credit Edge, SUN Cellular, Stylebible! I'm giving away 50 tickets!   Want to win one?  Here's how: a)  Answer this ' What was your one good deed this 2010 ?' b)  Leave your name ( Complete Name on your valid ID because you will be claiming these yourselves at SMX! ) c)  A valid email address (So I can contact you) *Please make SURE to follow what I am asking, as INCOMPLETE ENTRIES are DISQUALIFIED! Its a one comment = one ticket thing.  You can leave a maximum of TWO (2) comments to earn yourself TWO (2) tickets - maximum.  A person can only win TWO tickets, any more than that - well, let's not be selfish!  Hahaha..  So, if you leave more than two comments, I will only count the first two and drop the rest. I'm running this contest now - until I reach the 50th ticket winner! Please make sure to follow instructions! :)