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Winners! Singaopre Lah! Contest: Winners!

I'm back!! :) I had a wonderful time in Singapore. Note: I don't hate it anymore - I'm actually liking it! :) I hate to admit it BUT I'm kinda warming up to Little India.. Can you believe it?! As for the winners, please send me an email at candishhh at yahoo dot com so I'll know where to send your prize!! IKEA Food Court - Cherubyn Jumbo Seafood Restaurant - Rose Tiu Dempsey Hill - Shoty Lau Pa Sat - Cassandra Boon Tong Kee - Peddler of Dreams Publish Post Will try to post my Singapore trip ASAP. P.S. I was dishearted with what happend to our country. I felt really guilty - I mean I was enjoying my trip, but back home - my family and friends were feeling the wrath of the typhoon.

Glee with GLEE!

I remember watching Sound of Music with my cousins. I remember LOVING everything about it. I remember pretending with my cousins, that we were the Von Trap kids singing away. Another movie musical favorite is Grease. I think I was secretly pretending to be Sandy - but what was missing was Danny Zuko! Hahaha.. I was delighted with High School Musical - I loved it so much, that I saw it over and over again! I don't think I'll ever tire of watching HSM1, ever! I'm a frustrated singer! And I think that's one of the reasons why I'm hooked at most movie musicals and American Idol. Enter - Glee. I saw the trailer, and got curious. Why haven't I heard of this show? How long has it been on? I researched and found out that it just started! Yahoo!! :) I saw the pilot just now and LOOOOOOOOOOVED it!! I can't wait for the second episode!! Also.. I loved that they use songs that I somehow know! Hahahaha!! :) Show is promising!! :) Here's the full

Contest: Singapore Lah!

Photo grabbed from this site I've just been to Singapore once - and that was 4 years ago. And I HATED it. I hated it because of the: a) Heat - my gosh!! I was sweating like crazy!! b) Expensive shopping - EVERYTHING was expensive! Even if the stores were on sale, they were STILL expensive!! c) On-Call Taxis - Taxis are no where to be found during rush hour because all taxis want the extra charge for on-call! I hated it!! My twin brother and I waiting 4 hours just to get one!! These are the reasons why I REFUSE to go to Singapore, but since dear MIL and FIL are sponsoring a trip next week - why the hell not right? But quite honestly, I'm not that excited to go, I mean - what is there to see in Singapore right? It's such a small city! I am excited to see my good friends Cubie and Mabs, and to go on food trips! I am super excited to hang out with them and visit Muji and Ikea! Hahaha.. :) So - I have a project/contest, from now till the 24th - I'd like to

White Hat Frozen Yogurt

Here's what I've had so far: Lulubelle - it was too sour for me, I mean - yeah, I get it - yogurt, but it could have tasted better right? And the combination with choc-nut, my gosh - it was a disaster! My Panget gave me an odd look and asked me why in the hell, was I still eating something that tasted, well - icky! I answered him simply with ' Sayang eh !' California Berry - I have to agree with my friend Kath that this indeed was the best I've tasted - at that time of course! I mean having come from Lulubelle the week previous, this tasted heavenly!! But it was my bff Kim who told me to try Red Mango - that for her it's the best froyo in town. I've been passing by the stall of Red Mango for months whenever I'm in Trinoma - I never got myself to try and line up. I was sort of laughing at the name at first, because it sounded funny! I mean Red Mango? hahaha!! But then one time - I told my Panget, we had to try it out - as per BFF's recomme

La Mer - LJC's Catering Services

This is so cool!! LJC restaurants can cater!!!! Fely J's was love at first bite!! And when I learned that they can cater - Can I order one full tray of Fely J's Dilis rice? This is so cool!! :) Now - since its the start of the BER months!! Let's get ready!! :) We are a professional food and beverage provider of the LJC Restaurants Group which has over 29 years experience in food and beverage service. With 18 restaurants operating 11 respected brand names, our choice of offering is the most varied in its field. We make our five-star service easily available to friends and the discriminating public and provide superior value for money. We are a high standard, multi-product food and beverage provider. We use complete professional grade equipment, high quality food and beverage ingredients, superior resource management for our stakeholders, great flexibility in our offering of service to please a wide range of clientele, and invest in our team through training and research.

Remember WHISTLESTOP? It's back!!

A photoblog, for now.... Look at what have they in store for us!!!! the Crispy Pata Boneless Buffalo Wings the Spaghetti) (remember what you had as a kid? This is IT! Its super simple but the flavor is wonderful!! the ORIGINAL Haianese chicken rice in Manila a closer look on the chicken Whistlestop 28 Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati Tel. 896.1989 They're OPEN - 24 hours!! and they also DELIVER 24/7!!! Ain't that cool??

Toblerone's Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest!!

I have this habit of saying 'Thank You' to most anyone. For me, it is the most gratifying simplest thing I can do to another person. A simple 'thank you' means a lot - I mean, we usually take for granted the little things people do for us, like serving drinks, taking our orders, cleaning up after us - there are so many things done for us that we sometimes forget to acknowledge those deeds. And - it goes a long way, if you know what I mean. I feel disappointed whenever people forget to say thank you. I mean - there's nothing to it really, you just need to say it - that's it! But people tend to forget and not say it at all. I have this personal mission to have my friends say 'thank you' whenever they can - it's going well, but I hope it can be better. I was able to launch a 'thank you' contest last Christmas season and gave away gifts!! I am glad to be part of Toblerone's Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest, because by

Gloriamaris's Dimsum Buffet!!

Enjoythe buffet madness while you can!!! :)

Cooking Quest #1: Lasagna

I've never cooked lasagna before. I've seen them made on tv and in real life, but I never got the chance to make one myself. Last Friday, I decided that I wanted to make one. And so, last Saturday afternoon - I made one. And this is what it looked like! Making lasagna isn't that hard pala.. I always had this thought that it was difficult and very time consuming - but it wasn't. I found it actually really simple!! This is the recipe that I used: Meat Sauce 500g - Lean ground beef 1 whole carrot - diced 3 whole white onions - diced 1 clove garlic - crushed 2 cans 200g Crushed tomatoes 5 tablespoons - Tomato Paste 2 cups Chicken Stock A pinch of nutmeg 1 tablespoon Sugar Chicken powder to taste Salt and Pepper to taste Saute the onions, carrots and garlic until soft. Add the ground beef and saute until brown. Add the crushed tomatoes and the 2 cups chicken stock. Add a pinch of Nutmeg. Season with Salt and Pepper (or chicken powder). Make sure to add for flavor S