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Billy Crawford is Burger King's newest endorser!

Yesterday, I was treated to a beefy and cheesy filled afternoon.  Caught up with blogger friends and met some new ones.  We were all entertained as Sam YG hosted, he was charming and funny as always and kept the crowd on it's feet.  The highlight of the event was the launch of Burger King's newest endorser - the ever talented Billy Crawford!  I have known of Billy Crawford since he was small, as I used to watch him when he was little in That's entertainment.  I also followed his career as a pop singer that hit charts in the UK, hahaha!!  Yeah, I was so showbiz when I was younger.   BK Press Brief:

SeoulFun: Shake Shack Gangnam

It was by pure accident that we passed and saw Shake Shack in Gangnam.  I didn't even know that there was a Shake Shack in Seoul, South Korea.  I have been wanting to try it since learning about it a few years ago from friends who have gone to New York.  While we were in London last 2015 - I was aware that there was a Shake Shack that recently opened that time, we just didn't have time to visit, and then that same year, we went to Tokyo - we still didn't get to visit.  It wasn't a place that we needed to visit, but it was a place I *wish* to visit, alam mo naman my Panget! It was right after our Samgyupsal dinner, we came from Everland and got dropped off at Gangnam.  We were quite tired and dreading the commute back to our Airbnb apartment as it was 20 stops from Gangnam to our nearest stop.  The travel time was more than an hour, it was a really long commute considering it was just one line.  We were just walking and figuring out where the subway stop was.  Google M

Earn rewards with the Philam Vitality Active App!!

Just by walking, you will earn you rewards. Really?  Seriously. I am dead serious. With the Philam Vitality Active App, being on the go and active gets your rewarded!  It's the coolest thing, not only will your body and being be rewarded - you'll be rewarded when you reach certain goals!  To give you an idea on what these rewards are: Just download the Philam Vitality App on the App Store or Google Play.  Fill in the details and answer a quick questionnaire about yourself and health and voila - you're good to go.  Since I am on a Fitbit tracker, I have connected my Fitbit app with the Philam Vitality Active App, so they can sync my day to day activities. How I wish I had learned of this app last week.  I could have gotten so many rewards with my highest record of 29,244 steps in one day!  But you know what, I'll try and reach that goal again.  Haha!  I know it'll be a long process, but it's a good process for my health and

Hong Kong: The Excelsior Hotel

Above and beyond is what I can say about my recent stay at The Excelsior Hotel.  The hotel really made our stay very comfortable and special.  I don't think I remember any other hotel doing this to us in the recent years. The Excelsior Hotel has been our go-to hotel when I was still young.  My mom would always pick this hotel or The Park Lane when we were younger.  My brother and I have memorized the streets of Causeway Bay like it was Manila because of our frequent stay here.  It was only when the rates went up and cheaper hotels sprouted that we stopped staying at The Excelsior.  I honestly think it has been more than 15 years since I last stayed there.  It was only last October 2016 that I was able to stay there again.  The lobby, the elevators, the hallways and the room looked the same, it was exactly how I remembered it to be.  All the memories came rushing back - the old World Trade Center mall, how it was a smaller shop then and the small restaurants that filled the street

SeoulFun: Skin Care - Laniege Waterbank

South Korea is the land of skin care products.  My Panget noticed on this trip that the skin of the Koreans that he has seen were mostly flawless.  I told him, it's because of the their 10 step skin care regimen.  He looked at me and repeated - 10 steps?  I said yes!  I am one who is very very very lazy in putting on moisturizer.  I have been told to start doing so as early as my teens, but well - I'm lazy.  I am very masipag though, when it came to washing my face.  My mom introduced me to Shiseido when I was in my teens - I used the Pureness line, it was for younger skin.  I swear by it and up until in my late 20's I was still using it.  I guess when I was younger, I didn't have a problem with acne or dry skin.  It was only when I got pregnant that, well - I needed to use moisturizers. One thing I dislike with moisturizers is the feeling that my face is sweating after I put them on.  I only have one moisturizer that I like - it's a local brand, Celeteque and the

SeoulFun: Skin Care - Innisfree Sunscreen Cushion

I am sooooo lazy to put on sunscreen.  I only put them on when I got to Subic during Holy Week.  In all other places that I go to even if it's sunny, I don't put them on at all.  I hate the feeling plus my skin gets all bumpy afterwards. I have read soooo many articles saying how important sunscreen is even if you're inside the office.  Apparently, there are still UV rays found in indoor lightings.  I would always tell myself, I'm inside the office anyway.  Bahala na si Batman. I am very loyal when it comes to skin care brands, so for sunscreen on my face I only trust a few brands, namely Shiseido and Neutrogena.  Shiseido is expensive, while Neutrogena well, it's not as pricey but finding it in Manila a few years ago was impossible.  I remember ordering all of my sunscreen in Amazon just in time for it to arrive before the Holy Week.  I was so happy when I saw Neutrogena sunscreen/sunblock being launched years ago here in Manila.  At least I won't need to o

SeoulFun: Lotte World + Caricature

When you say Lotte, it's automatic that it's Korean.  I learned this in the 90's when my mom and I went on a mother daughter trip.  I remember seeing a huge skating rink - and during that time, it was the height of ice skating in Manila because of Megamall's ice skating rink in building A.  I remember my mom buying me a pair of white ice skates.  I loved them very much to the point that I never used them.  I just opened them, admired them, held them, wore them and pretended to skate in my carpeted room.  Hahaha.. I never did lessons.  I honestly, don't know where my skates are now, but wherever they are, I wish them well. So when my Panget planned a trip to Korea, well - he mentioned going to Lotte World.  All those memories of my *once* white ice skating shoes came rushing back.  Hahaha!!  I honestly don't have any recollection of what the place looked like.  When my Panget said it was far, I didn't believe him - I mean, I knew it was in Seoul, so for s

SeoulFun: Egg Pocket Wifi Rental

They call it Egg.  I don't know why, but - that's what they call it.  I have this insatiable need to be online all the time whenever I am out of the country.  I know it's odd, but that's how I feel.  I rely on it heavily when it comes to directions and communication.  And so every country that I go to, I try and look for a pocket wifi rental or how to buy a tourist/local simcard. While searching for one in Seoul, I kept on seeing the word *Egg*, I was honestly confused because, what the hell does an egg have to do with a pocket wifi?  After much reading, I realized they called it an egg because the device is mostly white in color and if I am not mistaken, it used to be an oval shape?  I am not sure, I know I've read that somewhere, but please don't take my word for it.  Haha!! So the search was on. I asked a couple of people on their recommendation and they gave different opinions.  Our Airbnb host discouraged it as *there's wifi everywhere in Kore