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Patty, this is for you!

A few years ago, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  When I heard of this, I immediately called her - and while I was bawling like a baby, she at the other end of the line was very calm.  She was narrating to me what her doctors told her - she even commented that her doctor didn't have bedside manners at all, I remember her saying that her doctor told her bluntly 'It not a good sign, at all!' She went through six cycles of chemotherapy, she told me when I visited her in Hong Kong, that those were the worst times of her life - that it seemed like she was dying every time she would undergo chemo.  I told her to hang-on and she told me that its so hard to hang-on when she was feeling her worst every single time.  She would tell me at times (when she wasn't in a good mood) that I didn't know what it feels like because I've never gone through chemo, true - yes.  It hard actually because I want to comfort her and give her moral s

Hello Connor!

Last Monday - October 22, I gave birth ahead of schedule to a baby boy named Connor Bryce - and here is my birth story. My actual due date is November 7, but since I underwent CS with Kailee, I had to go through another CS (not that I'm complaining!)  My Panget and I scheduled the procedure on October 28.  Now, why October 28 of all dates?  Well, first because our Kailee was to walk down the aisle for the first time as a flower girl at my good friend Cherry's wedding on the 27th.  Secondly because it was a Sunday - a less chaotic day for everyone - traffic wise and hospital wise. I went to see my OB the Thursday before and was told to lessen my activities and refrain from walking, there was one problem, I liked to walk.  I loved going to Landmark to walk around.  Although I haven't dilated - my OB said to stop activities - I stopped going to work and spent most of the time at home with Kailee.   But you see - on October 21, Sunday - my tummy started aching.  Th