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Quite back to sqare one..

Last night, I attended my regular Yoga class. What made it different was that it was my first Yoga class in 5 days. Yes, I was on a break - I got caught up on some stuffs thus, I decided to take a break. It was kinda hard, but not as hard as I expected it to be. I thought that I would be struggling all throughout the 90-minute session, but good thing - I only struggled on some parts. It felt really good, to go back to practicing Bikram Yoga. I think Bikram Yoga has grown on me - my body looks for it, I don't get tamad to attend a class. This is a good thing, I just hope I can continue on with this for the years to come. I say years because finally, I have found an exercise that I like. I like the heat (is this me?!) I like tha pace, I like the stretcing, I like the sweating (again, is this me talking?!) Try it for a change!! Bikram Yoga Manila - Makati Branch 15/F 88 Corporate Center 141 Valero Street corner SedeƱo Streets Salcedo Village, Makati City Tel. 889-1011 Bikr

James Bond & Daniel Craig: Casino Royale

Bond, James Bond. This line has been so familiar to us, it transcends generations and years - everyone knows James Bond. I've never been a fan of the James Bond franchise, it was my Panget who's a big fan. I remember fondly, while studying in Beijing - my friends and I had our weekly DVD shopping spree, and suddenly I found a complete set of the James Bond films - from Sean Connery, to Roger Moore, to Timothy Dalton, to Pierce Brosnan (did I miss anyone?) They had all the titles, what's worse was - they were being sold - irritatingly cheap! I was reluctant at first to purchase the whole thing, so I sent my Panget text message asking if he would like the whole set - as you may have guessed - he did. And so I proceeded and purchased the whole set. I don't remember the exact number of titles - but it was plenty! When I got back from Beijing - the first DVD that we watched together was a Sean Connery - James Bond flick. I kept on laughing because there were no soun

My cousin's wedding

Last Saturday, was my cousin's wedding. She was the first one in the family to get married! And so I think everyone was excited. We were never actually close, but we had a connection, maybe because we went to Beijing together, and because of that - there was a bond formed. I can't explain it but she's someone I really treasure. Her presence was the one that kept me sane during the one semester I spent in Beijing. If I felt homesick - I'll just send her a text message and when she'd reply - I felt better. I was surprised that she included me in her bridal entourage, but at the same time I was happy that I was going to be part of it! Since she was the first in the family to get married, it was the first time in years that I was part of a relative's bridal entourage. The story of me finding out that I was part of it was kind of funny. The designer, who is the groom's sister and I also became friends because of Beijing, we bumped into one another in Ma

Whatta Thursday!!

Yesterday was an event filled day, I witnessed a burning luxury van in Murphy Cubao, went to look at the Corelle sale at Eastwood, check out The Block in SM North Edsa, shopped in a hurry in Gateway Mall in Cubao, literally walked through Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, ate delicious steak at New Manila, had my pedicure in Posh Nails, and finally had foot massage at Footloose in Tomas Morato. All these I did from 2:00 in the afternoon till about 11:45 in the evening. Let's a have an actual run down, shall we? I left the office at around 2:00pm to accompany my mom to the Corelle and Pyrex sale at Eastwood in Libis. On the way there, near Camp Aguinaldo - we were met by heavy traffic. The driver told us that there was a fire somewhere because he could see black smoke. The weird thing was that it looked like it was coming from the street and not inside the camp! When we got closer - we saw that it was a luxury van, the ones like celebrities used! It was burning like crazy and dark

30-Day Challenge: Completed!

Last Saturday afternoon, I complete the 30-Day Challenge of Bikram Yoga Manila. FINALLY !! I've done it! Yehaaa!!! :) To celebrate my feat, I decided to take the Sunday off yoga, the bad thing was - my body was looking for it! I woke up in time for the 9:30am class but I told myself to go back to sleep, I tried but failed. So, what did the 30-Day Challenge do to me: 1) I get better sleep! Even if it's less that 8 hours, I still wake up each day with a smile! Every morning, it seems like I find myself more cheerful and each day seems so sun shiney to me! 2) I can eat more and not gain weight! Although I have not lost any weight - it's the inches I think, because my clothes definitely fit better. My Yoga buddies tell me that my body is more toned. Maybe if I give it more time - I just might lose the unwanted pounds, but what the heck, it's the inches that more important! :) 3) I have no lower back pain at all! Bikram Yoga worked magic to my lowerback pain.

Yoga in the morning..

I just got back from my Bikram Yoga session. I needed to catch up because I took the 30-Day Challenge . Since there were 2 holidays (November 1 &2) plus another day because I got sick - I need to take 3 double days to make-up for lost time. Today was my first time to take the 8:30am class, since it was first thing in the morning - I didn't know what to expect. I knew for a fact that my body will still be stiff - but what the heck - I needed to do it. I was also told by Tristan that the hottest class were the morning classes - good thing the weather was quite gloomy - Nakikisama ang panahon sa akin . I reached the studio at about 8:15am, as I signed up for class I noticed that there were already about 6 people who's already signed up ahead of me! Most were women, there was only 1 guy who was with us. As I entered the locker room to deposit my things - I saw familiar faces, most were mothers - they had already brought their kids to school and this was their only free

Cupcakes: Attempt #1

I have been craving for cupcakes since I last visited Cupcakes by Sonja after Market Man's eyeball . Christine suggested that I make my own concoction to suffice my craving - a good idea? - Brilliant! And so I searched the information super highway for recipes for a good cupcake. I searched and searched till it dawned on me that I was looking for the wrong kind of recipe. Since I was craving for Sonja's cupcakes - why not try and search for the Magnolia Bakery's original recipe! When I hit the search button - the results were alarming! There were numerous sites that were giving away the recipe, the famous bakery even had it's own cookbook for sale in Amazon! Thus - I copied 2 recipes. Both recipes asked for self-rising flour, what in the world is that and where will I find such? I sent an SMS to my good friend Jen and my Panget's sister-in-law. They both told me to make my own self-rising flour, since the recipe called for 1-1/2 cups self-rising flour I

Spaghetti with Clams

Last night - was for the first time in years that I cooked my own pasta dinner. I have been so out of the cooking loop for a long loooong time now. And yesterday, when our fish/seafood man called to ask what we want to be delivered - I immediately thought of Clams/Halaan! And when it was delivered - I was quite shocked to see that they were huge! I was so used to the small clams that were served in restaurants. Nevertheless - I had the whole to day to plan what I wanted to with the clams. Make it into soup or a pasta dish? I searched the web for recipes - and I found 2 recipes from food tv. One's from Tyler Florence and the other was from Giada De Laurentiis. I couldn't decide which one I would use. I was looking at both of them the whole afternoon - tossing from one to the other. It was just after my yoga practice that I decided to go with Giada's recipe. I figured - Tyler's was the better choice - but I've never tried anything from Giada - and so I gav

Bikram Yoga Manila - Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations Tristan!! Bikram Yoga Manila - Makati Tel. 889-1011 Bikram Yoga Manila - Quezon City Tel. 376-4632

Cupcakes by Sonja

Berries and Cream Cupcakes by Sonja Serendra, The Fort Since we were at The Fort last Saturday night - my friend Jen, my Panget and I went on ahead and took a look at the Serendra. I've been there before - but during the day. I had lunch there with Gracie a few weeks ago (or was it already a month ago?) Jen and my Panget wanted to see the Cupcakes by Sonja store. Since they've been hearing so many things about it - might as well see what the fuss is all about right? Good thing there weren't that many people. We were able to find parking instantly! We then headed down to the store. It was brightly lit - and full of people. Well, mainly because the store is not very big. When we entered the store, I immediately asked if they had Berries and Cream, this I was told was made of fresh strawberries, since I love strawberries - I had to give it a try. And so I did. I was lucky enough because they had only one piece left. Galing noh?! When Sonja Ocampo handed me th

Market Man's EB

EDSA traffic - on a S aturday night en route to The Fort Going out on a Saturday night may cause headaches - why? Well, simply because everybody in the Metro WANTS to be out. But nevertheless - my Panget, Jen and I weaved through EDSA just to get to Gourdo's at The Fort in time for dinner. It was a special occassion for Jen and I because FINALLY - we will be meeting Market Man . I have been a lurker of his blog and now I will be meeting him in the flesh, in the flesh! Most of you must be wondering - why I am excited at all?! Well, because in the local blog scene - Market Man is a celebrity, yes - he definitely is. I love his blog, I love his humor, I love reading his thoughts on just about anything. On the information super highway, it is a rarity that one can put a face to a handle(nick name) because everyone remains anonymous (unless of course if you're friends with that certain person). This month - I am celebrating my blog anniversary - it was just last year

I'm a Lumpia!!

I tried this test from Pinaygourmand's Blog Which Filipino Food Are You? Lumpia: a small fried eggroll filled with veggies and/or meat. Take this quiz ! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Excited, super duper excited!

I am super excited for tomorrow night's buffet dinner at Gourdo's! Finally, I will be meeting Market Man face-to-face. I have been a lurker of his blog for the past six months and I must say, I love his blog - I visit it almost everyday(actually, everyday..) - hoping that when I click on his link - I will be reading a new entry. At the same time, I will be able to put faces with the names of the other blogs that I frequent. When I read that MM was entertaining thoughts of having a 2nd EB - I was delighted. I immediately sent an SMS to my good friend Jen (who I miss by the way...) asking her I she was game, to be honest - I don't think I need to ask! She was deinitely game. Great! The plan is now close to perect! One thing left to do - and that is to convince my Panget to attend with me. I had to think of something, something great and unique - to try convince him to come with me. Good thing, the EB asked for the attendees to bring desserts - a dessert buffet.

Grey's Anatomy

Finally! I've decided to watch this show. Finally!! I've been told a dozen times by different people that this show is gooooood. But I never got myself to watch this show - why? I don't really know. I've never been fascinated with medical dramas. Anyhoo, the verdict? Well, I'm not as obsessed with it as I am with Lost or Prison Break - but, I LIKE it. I've been trying my best not to sleep on the wee hours just to finish the episodes, but looks like - I will be. It's not addicting but it's fascinating. Maybe I'm speaking too soon! One thing I liked about the show is how they humanized the characters (duh?!) Doctors pala have emotions too. (I know?!) They're not just machines/robots (as I assume them to be) who react when given a stimuli. I was touched and naawa in a couple of episodes. The show brings a different flavor and taste to the table. Why not, diba ?! P.S. Meredith Grey looks so young! Unbelievable! I thought she w