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Things I did over the weekend..

I haven't done this in a looooong time - posting in bullets! Hahaha.. So here it goes! Went to the Promod Sale with Annie - was very disappointed! I just got 2 dresses! Sigh.. Hoping to see more new items! (even if they keep saying their stocks are already ALL OUT!) hahahaha Had dinner at Tong Yang! Haven't done this in a year! It was super fun - but at the end of the night we were all full and smelly!! Hahahaha... Next year again!! Had my pedi at CANS Greenhills by Riza! Love love love her!! Went to Forbes to reserve the Church for my inevitable wedding date! (Hahaha..) Hung out at Starbucks Magallanes (as my Panget went to Druid's Keep to get his 2 weeks worth of comic books and toys!) Went to Rustan's Makati - hoping to attend the Metro Weddings event - well, I was late - about 2 hours late! Hahahaha.. Had dinner at Caprisiosa in GB3 - the pizza was great - but the pasta, well - it was really bad! No flavor at all! And the pasta was really really dry (


The movie was wonderful! I loved the action scenes! I just have to say - Matrix revolutionized the slow-mo-replay thingie. But this movie stepped it up a notch!! The only disappointing thing for me was that - I was expecting Wesley to do more killings! Hahaha... :) Angelina Jolie was so HOT! Oh my gosh! I was telling my Panget - and he just smiled! Well, he knew I was biased! Hahaha... :)

LOST Season 4 Finale

I just have to say this.. this show has got to be one of THE best show on earth! The makers, writers, directors my gosh - they're all EFFING good! I salute you JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof! I effing salute you geniuses!! Too bad, they're tying up loose ends.. I know the show as been experiencing a lot of bad reveiws, saying that the show has become more and more confusing - well, I salute that! I mean, even if there are times that I get confused - I just take it as it is - because I know it'll be answered someday. I am hoping that that someday is far far away - but it's going to be soon.. Sigh... I love you Jack , I love you Kate , I love you Sawyer , I love you Jin , I love you Hurley , I love you Locke , I love you Sun , I love you Daniel Faraday , I love you Desmond , I love you Sayid , I love you Ben (I can't believe I'm saying this!!), I love you Mindy ! I love you all!!!:) Right now, as I finish this - I am again, watching the last 5 episodes!

Happy Happy Birthday Sophie!!

Happy Happy Birthday Sophie !

Comic Relief

Click image to enlarge I received this from my Panget's friend Barbs email. I just want to share this to you, to make you laugh - somehow. Enjoy! Have a great weekend guys! :)


Image borrowed from this site Last Saturday, a friend of my Panget was sharing to us a miracle that happened to her. She has been begging and praying for the longest time that her husband stop smoking but nothing has happened. Since she attended Sunday Christian Church regularly - she has been hearing of prayers being answered, especially if coupled with a sacrifice. She then thought to herself that she would try it at least - without expectation. And so she decided to fast, just one meal a day, and for the two meals - she would instead meditate or pray. For a while, nothing happened - she was getting skeptical, but then her Pastor told her to hold on and have faith. Come Sunday, they went to Church again - after the celebration, her husband turned to her and handed her his box of cigarettes and told her 'Throw these away'. When she heard it - tears began to fall and she was crying. Her husband not knowing what happened was shocked and bewildered. It was only when th

Boston Celtics it is!!

I love seeing a sea of Green and White!! :) Congratulations guys!! It's a well deserved win!! You kicked their asses good bye!! I love it!! Hehehe...

Dialogues at Starbucks

Inspiration. I have this theory that Inspiration is paying it forward. You must be inspired with something or by someone to have the feeling of a certain 'high' that drives you to do certain things. Thus you pay it forward by doing something that inspired you. Somehow it inspires someone thus the cycle continues. Last Saturday - I was honored to be invited by Starbucks to join the first leg of their Dialogues at Starbucks. They had 2 guest speakers - the first was Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and the second was JP Tanchanco of Tanchanco Tri-Media Productions . Anton Diaz As for Anton - his theme was Proud to be Pinoy. Those who follow his blog can see how proud he is of our country! I've actually never seen him do a 'talk' I've bumped into him and his lovely wife numerous times - once even travelling with him to Corregidor. You can really sense his eagerness and thirst for new discoveries. The best thing about him is that - he shares it to us thro

Dinner at Mamou

I've been hearing from my friend Kath that Mamou's steaks are great! To be perfectly honest - I'm not keen on eating at any Serendra restaurant - because the ones my Panget and I have tried - we were let down. There was only one prior to Mamou that we liked. But we had to pick Serendra for last Saturday's dinner - as it was requested by one of my Panget's college buddies. And since Panget was a steak lover - Mamou it was! I liked the fact that the restaurant is following a first and second seating policy. It makes reservations easier and is a little more 'civilized'. This so reminds me of the Alaskan cruise I took years ago! Thanks Annie for the great service!! Anyhoo - I got the Beer Battered Fish and Chips while my Panget opted for the Twin Steak! Beer Battered Fish and Chips The Fish and Chips were just alright - I was expecting something more, a better kick or more pieces! But it was really done in a very simple manner. But what was nice about th

Boston 3 - Lakers 1

I really love Green and White!! Thank goodness they caught up!! Thank goodness!! I so love that the Lakers lost! Hahaha!! :) 1 more game!! :) Let's go!!

We have a winner!!

For the nth time.. I've won my Panget a prize!! And this time, it's a Philips Go Gear 2GB. Ever since we got together, he's been winning a lot of prizes! I've been telling him that I must be his lucky charm! Yes, yes, yes! Yey!!

Golden Oreos!!

I am ecstatic, delighted and on a high!! I'm so glad they make 'Golden' Oreos!! (snaps for Nabisco!!) I am not a fan of chocolates thus, my Oreo experience is just contained to consuming the 'stuff' in the middle!! I got my stash from S&R!! :) Long live the Golden Oreo!! :)

Remarkable Hilary Clinton

Last Saturday night, I was having a hard time sleeping. I was channel surfing, hoping to get bored and somehow sleepy. During these wee hours - I try and take a sneek peak on the US news channels, hoping to have a glimpse of what's hot and new over there. I was in luck! Hilary Clinton was giving her exit speech. I just have to give snaps to her speech writer! The speech was brilliantly written - it didn't seem long! And I really can feel the emotion on the speech. While listening to her, I so much admired her strength - conceding is not easy but she made it look easy. She repeated countless of time that she is behind Barack Obama and asks her supporters to support him. How I wish that politics here in the Philippines is the same. I salute you Hilary Clinton! You are truly great! To read the full text of her speech - click HERE . As for my favorite lines, here they are: to the moms and dads who came to our events, who lifted their little girls and little boys on

Free Make-Over from Guerlain & YSL

Free make-overs! Coolness!! :) Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance!! Mark your calendars!! June 14 June 21 June 28 Please don't forget to book!! Rustan's Makati - 813-3739 Rustan's Shangri-La - 633-4636 local 122

Sex and the City: The Movie

Good thing I brought with me somewhat low/close to none expectations.. because... I so LOOOOOOOOOOVED the movie!! I'm not a big fan of the show, I mean I like it and watch it, but I don't go into too much show details (like I do on FRIENDS). The movie was wonderful - it was a long version of the TV show, which was great! I mean, it was like watching a marathon! Michael Patrick King - was GOOOOOOOD!! I mean to transition from a TV show to a movie - he did a very good job!! The movie didn't feel too long (it was almost!) but it was just alright. I think if you're confined to have everyone's story wrapping up in 2 hours - he did it fashionably great! So, what were my favorite parts of the movie: (they come in no particular order) WARNING: Spoilers ahead!! The gorgeous walk-in closet! I think most everyone will want that kind of closet! Paging Panget! I want that one too!! The Toss-Take fashion show! I loved how they kept the old dresses!! Seeing the 4 gals

A Photo Shoot!!

This morning - because of my Panget's friend Marbee - I was part of a photo shoot for her magazine. For the first time in my entire life did I feel like a model. I was made-up by Barbi Chan , Maybelline's Chief Make-Up Artist, my hair was done by the loveable Jerry Javier of L'oreal Professional and who shot us? Well, it's non other than Pat Dy himself! Loved it! Loved it to bits!! I have to give snaps to my BFF KI - she was with me the whole time!! Thanks Marbee! Thanks Barbi! Thanks Jerry! Thanks Pat! At the end of the shoot, here's what I got!! Yeyness!! Freebies! Who doesn't love freebies!!