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Starbucks Signature Pairings!

Starting today, welcome your morning and your day with these signature Starbucks Pairings!! Lovely, just lovely - right??

Count your blessings

Challenges in life is a norm.  Let's all admit it, we most of the time dwell on the bad instead of the good.  It's hard to focus on the good when something bad comes along.  But life is not all bad, right?  There must be something good too, I mean come on - if it's all bad, then why are we still here? Warning - EMO post ahead!! I used to be envious of other people's lives.  I used to say that this friend is lucky because she's can afford certain things or that friend has a wonderful perfect husband who adores her and many more.  But what we see is only what we want to see.  For sure everyone is envious of each other's lives - we're only human, no one's life is perfect.  And we usually yearn for something that we don't have. Recently, I've learned to STOP say * Ang swerte ni ganito and ganyan * because I felt that it made me more sad about my life and something that I didn't have but want.  It's quite hard to be honest, because i

New Starbucks Frappuccino flavors: Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt & Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt!!

Recreate your fun-filled adventures with new Starbucks Frappuccino® flavors – Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt and Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt. Starting July 26, get that much needed zesty boost with these new beverages boasting a delicious combination of chilled yogurt and fruity swirl blended with ice. “The all new Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt and Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® Blended Beverages are a delightful combination of fruity taste in a sweet jelly, layered with the smooth texture of yogurt. Reminiscent of a creamy parfait, these Frappuccino® Blended Beverages are inspired by our customers’ love of sweet fruit , making them the ideal beverage to lighten up one’s day,” said Keith Cole, head for marketing at Starbucks Philippines. Delight in the sweetness of fresh mango or strawberry perfectly balanced by a hint of tartness from the yogurt for a mouth-watering beverage. To energize your day, the Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® perfectly blends honey-citrus

Trying to get the groove back..

I'm still adjusting - to being a mom of a big schooler.  Waking up at 5:15 in the morning to get ready and wake Kailee and get her ready.  I've been brining her to school every morning and picking up Connor after school.  My day now is totally different - schedules, moods, responsibilities - well my life has experiences a sort of shake up and down. My day used to be waking up at 7:30am waiting for the kids to get ready so I can bring them to the office.  There were days that I wake up at 8:00am.  But now, I wake up at 5:15am so I can wake Kailee up at 5:30am to get ready.  We leave the house by 6:00am the latest to pick up my niece and nephew (they carpool with us).  Bring my nephew to Xavier and then bring the girls to ICA.  During my time, parents would just drop off their kids at the gate.  The kids would go up by themselves and find their classrooms on their own.  Now - parents, yayas and grandparents would need to bring the girls through the gate, up the stairs and bring

Parenting Advice from Becoming Sherilyn: 3 Things I learned parenting my 5-year old

I'm sure all of us had had those moments that we lose the tiny string of patience left in our sanity with our kids.  I am guilty of shouting at them when I get frustrated.  I start out with using a loving soft voice, but when I need to repeat what I said more than three times with them just ignoring me, I suddenly feel that I need to jolt them up using a louder angry.  It works, but I'm sure they're all very *jolted*. How I wish there was a manual that we all can follow on parenting. I'm sharing with you guys an article written by my HS batch mate, Sherilyn.  Please click the link to read the full piece. Things I learned parenting my 5-year old Repairing an interaction is one of the most valuable gifts we can give our kids — they learn that it is okay to make mistakes and that it doesn’t take away from a person to apologize. Kids benefit more from a parent who humbles and repairs than from a perfect parent. Another wonderful thing I’ve learned firsthand is tha

Bag Tags by Buckingham Embroidery

Every time we travel, I make sure to place a ribbon or some sort of marker on our bags to differentiate it from other bags.  As we all know, luggages seem to all look like the one you have!  So to make things easier - and to not make the mistake of getting a bag that is not ours - there's a ribbon and a bag tag. Last year, since we travelled quite a number of time, I went to the mall and had bag tags made.  All I could find was the the card type bag tag.  To be honest, it was quite pricey - I remember paying Php150.00 for each bag tag. But after just one use, one of the tags cracked and was bent.  I assumed as much because the card type is quite delicate and brittle.  We had to *remedy* the bag tags, put tape on it even if it looks silly.  I mean I wanted my Php150.00 to last me a while, diba? After 5 trips, the bag tags looked so kawawa.  I honestly didn't want to use them anymore but what was I do to.  I didn't want to have new ones made because I knew they're g

Pet Express: Dog & Cat Expo 2016!!

Furry Facts, Finds & Fun at the Pet Express Dog & Cat EXPO 2016 Did you know that the Dachshund was originally bred as a working dog in Germany? Were you aware that the Shih Tzu was bred as lap dogs in Tibet and China to serve as a royal companion to the emperor? Find out other interesting tidbits on different dogs & cats breeds and brands from various countries around the world at the Pet Express Dog & Cat EXPO 2016! Now on its fifth year, the event is happening on July 16 and 17 and will once again be held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. Meet different animal breeds as dog and cat groups show you what being a pet parent is about. Take your pick from pet-related talks on health and nutrition, pet-friendly spaces, animal welfare, agility demos, and pet fashion shows. Be one of the first to learn new pet products to be unveiled exclusively at the EXPO and enjoy pawsome deals and limited offers in store for your shopping pleasure. The event

Of cancelled flights, delays + someone's birthday!!

For the first time in my ENTIRE life.  I experienced not one but TWO (2) cancelled flights.  Add to the fact that I was with Kailee and Connor.  Thank goodness we were stranded at the Hong Kong International Airport!  Had we been stuck in NAIA - all hell would break lose!!  PLUS someone special was celebrating their birthday.. Last week on the day of the holiday we flew to HK for our annual trip.  What welcomed us was a rainy Hong Kong, but it was just on the day we arrived.  The next days were gloomy and sunny.  Something not new to us since we're used to the HK wet and hot summer.  The trip was kind of relaxed.  For the first time, I didn't make an IT nor a list of places to go and eat.  I was serious with the *Bahala Na* plan.  Hihi..  We got to try new restaurants deviated from our comfort choices and survived!  Hahaha... :) Last Saturday was our last day in HK.  We're usually in a rush, but that particular day - we were very relaxed.  We were able to manage our tim

Loving Basulir Tea

I must confess, I am not a coffee person.  But I do enjoy an occasional cup or two at times.  I'm more of a tea person.  Thus, my favorite drink are the tea lattes in the more popular coffee joints in the country. On Mother's Day this year, I received a very special gift from Basilur Tea.   Isn't it pretty?   I opened it up and was surprised to see that they're real DRIED LOOSE TEA LEAVES!  I was so used to seeing dried teas in tea bags.  It was a pleasant surprise to see the real loose tea leaves.  AND the smell - it was so fragrant and sweet!  Something very feminine and sweet! During the hot summer months, I enjoyed sipping my Paris Basilur Tea with ice.  Yes, it was a REAL iced tea!  Hahaha.. I found it really refreshing because of the mini fruits that were infused with the tea.  The flavor was just right, it wasn't overpowering strong nor was it weak.  It was just right, add to that the sweet aroma of the tea.  It takes you into a dif

Connor & EduPlay School Manila

I must confess that with Connor.  I was not as *tutok* when it came to his learnings.  I let him enjoy play and even if he didn't sight read his letter and numbers - I was just so relaxed.  Hahaha!  It was only last year that I felt that he was a bit behind because his peers (kids of my friends) were already in pre-school.  I honestly felt a bit pressured but I trusted my decision to let him enter school only this year. I've heard and seen a lot of kids crying when they entered school.  I didn't want Connor to experience that I didn't want to go through the stress of having to force them and the emotional upheaval I will be feeling with his refusal (if ever) to go to school. Last year, I decided to put Kailee in EduPlay and it has to be the BEST decision in my daughter's educational path.  I am very happy with the outcome and I am proud of what Kailee has become with the molding and guiding of her teachers in EduPlay.  Read about why I chose EduPlay School H

Starbucks Limited: Mocha Ribbon Chip Frapp!

Yes, you read that right - a LIMITED edition drink! The Mocha Ribbon Chip Frappucino Blended Beverage WITH Cookie Straw! Our signature Coffee Frappuccino ® is made more exciting with java chips for a chocolatey crunch. We then line the cup with Mocha sauce before pouring the Coffee Frappuccino ® for a sweet balancing flavor. The beverage is then finished with Chocolate whipped cream, aromatic Turkish coffee grind and a cookie straw. Available starting Monday - July 4 till July 10! Hurry and try this exciting limited edition drink! By the way - the cookie straw will be available (to be sold separately with any of your drinks) starting July 11, 2016!! Instead of sipping your Frappuccino with a green straw, why not use a rolled sweet wafer biscuit lined with rich chocolate ganache? The cookie straw is light and crispy with a slightly toasted, sweet wafer and chocolate flavor. Yeyness right??