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My weekend that was Part 2: Ceejay Apple Service

Two weekends ago - I wrote that the screen of my iPhone was shattered.  Honestly, it was a stressful thing simply because it was an added expense.  In my mind, I was thinking - I needed to spend for a replacement!  On one side, I wanted a new phone - but I wasn't ready to shell out a big amount for a new one.  Yes, I'm kuripot that way - as long as my phone is still functioning, I can make do with it.  But in all seriousness, I think my phone needs to be replaced.  It has been dropped, thrown, bitten by the kids - it seriously needs to rest.  But I am too cheap to buy a new one.  I have been waiting for a year already for my Panget's 5s hand me down, but it hasn't happened yet.  I actually now doubting if it will really happen.  Hahaha!! So two Sundays ago, I went ahead to Greenhills with two things in mind 1.  Replace the glass screen 2.  Consider getting a new phone You see, in considering a new phone - there is ONLY one brand that I will go for.  And that

Rita's Frozen Custard Cakes

When I was younger, I remembered going to the Magnolia plant (where Robinson's Magnolia is) and waiting for our box of Ice Cream Cake to be pushed towards us to take home.   When the plant closed down - no one ever saw a Magnolia Ice Cream Cake ever again. I wish I can share with my kids the joy of having a HUGE ice cream cake as a birthday cake.  I miss those time. Last weekend, when we were about to go home - we stopped by Rita's Ice in Greenhills.  I was asking for samples then when I looked up, I was surprised to see my Panget's cousin manning the counter.  He made me try the Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly flavor, it was good!  Hahaha..  I love peanut butter so it was a no brainer!  Hahaha..  I ordered a Gelati and so I topped this Italian Ice with Chocolate Custard. A few minutes later - my Panget came in with the kids in tow.  My kids love Rita's Frozen Custard.  Connor's favorite was the Orange custard, unfortunately - it was not offered that day.  Appar

Enjoy cleaning with Swiffer!!

I first saw this product in Tita K's IG post.  It got me curious, cause she said that it picks up dog hairs and it sticks to the fiber of her Swiffer.  I searched and searched until I saw Swiffer in True Value. I didn't buy it. Because I found it expensive.  In my head - why does a mop costs close to P1,000.00?   What is so special with this mop that it costs so much?!   I hesitated. That was about 2 years ago. The other day, I was with Cai and Kaye in S&R when I saw it again. Swiffer. Ask Cai and Kaye what my reaction was.  I was excited and undecided.  I then took one piece of this Swiffer *pack* and held on to it like a trophy.  I couldn't put it down.  I was like a child in a toy store, only what I am is a grown adult clutching an expensive mop.  I held on to it and kept looking at it.  I felt silly really - but hey, I'm old enough to enjoy and get kilig with cleaning materials.  Haha! That same night, I tried it.  I was so amazed on it's e

ALQUERIA at the Mega Fashion Hall

I have to be honest.  This restaurant is one of those that I usually pass on.  Maybe because the company I am with are not typically ones who enjoy the Spanish cuisine that Alqueria offers.  I personally love paella, but I can't finish one whole order - well, I can but it's quite embarrassing to finish one just by myself.  Hahaha!! So when I got invited by Yen of The Tummy Traveler , I was delighted.  I said to myself - Finally! I will get the chance to try their food!  I was very excited.  So that night, I braved the traffic and I think the traffic gods were cooperative because for the first time EVER - it took only 30 minutes from my house to get to Megamall.  It was a miracle.  It must be meant to be.  I know.  I think?  Hahaha.. That same day in Megamall, was the premier of The Love Affair.  Yaya Belen and I were wondering why there were so many people waiting near the escalators - apparently, the stars would be going up that direction.  Hmmm, it's been ages since

My weekend that was Part 1: KidZania, Gino's Brick Oven Pizza & La Lola

Last week, was a bit hectic.  Kailee celebrated her first ever Grandparent's Day, my day job was a bit consuming but rewarding - to sum up the week that was, it was tiring.  A good kind of tired and hectic, you know what I mean.  I didn't expect that my weekend would be *eventful* as well. So last Saturday - after my Panget's annual mooncake dice game, Kailee and I headed straight to KidZania for our second time.  I am very thankful to Cai of Apples and Dumplings for thinking of dear Kailee to bring to the McDonald's event.  Thank you Cai, very very much!  We were late because our dice game ended late - plus, I was stuck along EDSA not because of traffic, but because Waze failed me.  But it was all good.  Two weeks ago, the PNP's Highway Patrol Group handled the traffic along EDSA and made a few very good and beneficial changes.  It just so happened that the shortcut that I was used to (and Waze was used to) was closed - well, the barriers were stretched a bit fa

EduPlay School Manila

Last week, I got Kailee's entrance test results from ICA.  She got in!  Yehey!  I knew she would be accepted BUT I still felt nervous.  I never expected to feel that way.  Hahaha!  First time parent, I guess.  I give credit to her teachers in EduPlay School Manila.  Since Kailee started in June, she has learned so much already and she had matured and developed in so many ways.  Everyday, I am in awe of what new thing she has learned.  I feel pride and joy whenever she tells me what new thing she learned that day.  You can see it in her eyes how much she enjoys going to school everyday.  Take note, she wakes up by herself!  We've only have two incidents of her refusing to wake up to go to school and that was just in the first month!  She really enjoys her school, I mean really enjoys school. I've written about out trial class in EduPlay last year .  Being there, seeing the teachers in action solidified my choice to enrolling Kailee there.  Call me biased, but I liked

Burger King: Grill & Chill Cookout

Press Release BURGER KING: GRILL AND CHILL COOKOUT What makes a great burger? What elements do one look for to determine the best on their radar? By spending an afternoon with Burger King, we’ll find out why their burgers are definitely #MARKSBETTER. Sam YG and Tom Rodriguez interview the winner of the International Whopper Challenge Edward Vergara (Record time of 12 seconds assembly of a Whopper). On September 1, 2015, Burger King pays ode to the Whopper with their very own Grill and Chill Cookout. On this day, The Choice 2015 winner for Favorite Fast Food Burger, reintroduces the Whopper by celebrating the importance of grill marks in searing and sealing the flavor of Burger King’s signature burger. By locking in that delicious, authentic beef flavor, they come to a characteristic that sets them apart from other burger chains. Just as Tom looks for marks that distinguish real first-rate quality from the rest, be it with friends, good art, l