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Win a Neutrogena WAVE from Jean&Rosz!!

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Jean & Rosz: Accessory Blog and Raffle!!

In the Philippines' local blog industry, it is very rare for us to find bloggers who dedicate themselves to fashion accessories. Jean & Rosz is an ACCESSORY TREND SPOTTING BLOG which provides not only trend updates, histories and tips on how to accessorize on a day to day basis, but it makes sure that readers will get BEST VALUE in their accessory investments! This fairly new blog of Jean & Rosz features usual topics in fashion, beauty, travel, food, culture, arts and current events, with a unique twist of incorporating day to day fashion accessory elements in them. As good news to my readers, Jean & Rosz is sweet enough to give out 3 of their hottest items this season. Jean & Rosz Pearl with Stars Necklace Flower Rosette Bib, Spring Summer Collection Giant Leaf Necklace Here's how to join: 1. Add Jean & Rosz to your blogroll OR add them in Facebook - Jean & Rosz's FB account 2. Post a comment in any of Jean and Rosz's features 3

Helper woes..

Managing a household, I realized is not easy. It looks easy but it isn't. Last December, my reliable helper had to leave because her family is being relocated to Laguna. She told me that she will try her best to return because she enjoys her job. I have to be very honest, I love her dearly - she's really something. I don't need to tell her what to do! She sometimes even suggests on what she can do to clean! Isn't that something? But then, she had to go. Now, my mom found me a helper. She's quite forgetful, she needs a lot of reminding. At first, the reminding was okay - but after a while, I get tired of reminding her to do things. Thus, I made a list of things to do everyday, once a week and reminding of what she needs to do before she sleeps. I printed it out and even laminated it so it won't get destroyed. She still doesn't follow at all!! She still forgets some tasks!! What am I to do with her? My patience is really thinning. Taking car

Rest in Peace JP!!

Last night, I attended the funeral of a godbrother. I actually do not know if we’re god brothers, but one of his sisters is my mom’s goddaughter – so, I think it was safe to assume that we were god brothers. I’ve known their family since I was little. We attended each other’s birthday parties, saw each other in school and other social functions. They’re those type of people who you have so many many common friends with, most everyone knew them in one way or another. Borrowed from this site.. To give you an overview – his parents had three daughters, and since there were enough daugters – his parents hoped that on the fourth pregnancy, it would be a boy. And indeed it was a boy – JP. His parents tried three more times after JP, but no boy came, instead they were blessed with three more beautiful daughters. Since JP was the only boy – he was the favorite of everyone, especially his dad. During the eulogy of his friends, JP’s dad cried a lot. To tell you the truth. I’ve never

DAMN YOU Murphy's Law!!

DAMN YOU Murphy's Law! Damn you!! We are now experiencing this. Help us.. PLEASE!!! Photo borrowed from THIS site - laptop accessory haven!

In this day and age, most everyone has a laptop. Most everyone carries it around, whether for work or school. But what makes your different from mine? Yes, even at this day and age - there is quest for 'individuality' - the factor that sets us apart from the others. Enter laptop accessories. When you actually think about it – it’s kinda dumb, I mean – why the hell set you laptop apart from another? It’s as if there will be an identity theft or something right? Welcome – unique ideas to make yourself stand out from the rest! Mind you, laptop accessories do not just serve as eye candy. They have a purpose! They protect our beloved lappies from so many things!! Take for example a laptop bag. How do you lug around your latop? Of course, you’ll need a bag! But how do you want to carry it? There are those messenger bags, knapsacks and shoulder bags. And how about laptop sleeves? Those tight fit cases that protects your laptop which you can keep inside your ba