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A Moment to Remember

Here's another Korean film that made me cry.. The film is kind of heavy - emotionally - comparing it to My Sassy Girl. But once you compare it to The Classic - well, nothing will beat the heaviness of The Classic. Here's a girl meets boy, girl snatches boy's coke, girl finishes the coke, girl gives back the can of coke to boy, and boy tries to drink - but there's nothing left. Most Korean films deal with tragedies one way or another. I think this genre suits them very well, and hey - it clicks and makes a lot of money! Watching the first few minutes of the movie, I knew that there will be a tragedy but I still couldn't figure out what kind of tragedy will be striking - I was expecting it to happen - soon! But as I said to myself I wouldn't cry - you guessed it right - I cried, and cried and cried until the end. I did not cry continously but I cried every so often (you know me!!) The movie is really nice - it makes you want to be in love all the time.

Snaps for Chef Sasa!!

Let's give SNAPS to Chef Sasa!! She got mentioned at Reggie Aspiras ' column today!! Click HERE to read the col umn CONGRATULATIONS!! Here are pics of the 2 cakes she's made for me and for my Panget Star Wars Theme My DEE DEE cake!!

Are you a golf player??

This was the question asked by uber cute little Gabby - when I first met him last night. I declare that we hit it off pretty well. Why? Because we were chatting like crazy after that question! He sang and cheered me on while I hit a few balls last night at the driving range and vice versa. He's such a fun little boy! Since I also love to talk - I like meeting kids who are the same - that way - I can test my patience and determine who's the first to give up (sino ang unang susuko). Haha!! :) Gabby is the son of my new found friend Georgette who's a friend of Myke - the future brother-in-law of my Panget. Gabby is so cute! He's so talkative and isn't shy! I've been wondering if all kids are shy - but this one - Gabby - will blast off all stereotypes of shy kids! He was telling me stories like how he found 2 toys of the same kind in different cereal boxes and that he loved Cookie Crisps and Koko Crunch. That he works out in the attic because he wants to

Couch Potay-toe

Yes, I'm gaining weight - blame it on these shows!! Haha.. :)

Men of the hour..

CONGRATULATIONS!! Leo, Pastor and the whole team!! You guys did it!! :) Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Can't wait to see you guys on TV and hear of your stories up there!! You guys made me proud!! (as if I knew them?! ha!)

an EVENTFUL Saturday..

I never thought that a gloomy, actually a 'typhoon' infused Saturday would bring about meeting a lot of old friends and familiar faces. I woke up to a gloomy Saturday morning, my room still lingers of cold airconditioning even though I turned it off at about 5am. I had a late lunch with my classmate in ICA - Karol. We met at Conti's, I was an hour late because the driver brought me to Tita Conching's - in Manila. Anyhoo, when I got inside Conti's I searched for Karol - then I saw her unbelievably glowing face - I walked fast towards her and gave her a hug. This is the first time I saw Karol since High School! Yes - it was that long - I couldn't beleive it! I knew that she was taking up medicine - but it was just recently (actually just last year) that she messaged me through friendster - I thought, wow! Considering the fact that is studying to become a neurologist - she still had time for friendster! Well, that's Karol - she's one of those peopl

Damn AI voters!!

Damn AI voters!? Why vote for McPhee who forgot a portion of the lyrics of her first song - and went over the top on the second song?? Her 2nd performance was really bad - she was trying so hard to sing it well and was belting it out! Dog dammit! I was hoping Chris Daughtry would be included in the Top 3! Damn AI voters.. If only I could vote - DAMMIT!! Bye Chris - I wish you all the best McPhee - I HATE YOU!! This was what I was hoping for. Dammit!

MI:3 = Alias??

Just saw this last Saturday and all I can say is that - being an 'Alias' fan - well, actually more of a JJ Abrams fan - I can clearly see the same flow of thought and the predictable sequence of events. The director even used his favorite 'suki' actors to play as extras! For those Felicity, Alias and Lost fans - you guys would know which actors I am referring to. Haha.. :) I guess just like Gary Marshall who's favorite, Hector Elizondo - appears in almost all of his films! But anyways - I was entertained, I was expecting worse! It turned out to be good - worthy of the P180 bucks? I guess - Yes, of course!! I was instantly taken by the hot cutie - Declan - John Rhys Meyers - I love his accent! Don't you?! Also - I was kinda laughing to learn that Agent Musgrave was Russel Hammond! Haha.. Yes, the rocker front man of the band Stillwater is now - the 'handler' of Ethan Hunt.

Serendipity - FOUND!!

At last, I've found one - in VCD format that is - but what the heck - I still love it! The movie reminds me of so many things - the past in particular.. :) As they say - what doesn't kill you - only makes you stronger! To Kath & MayMay - remember our discussion on this movie years ago in Beijing? Haha.. :)

My Latest Acquisitions

For a person who is not fond of shopping - I did my fill last Sunday at the Podium. Here are my latest aquisitions: - 2 pairs of BAYO shorts (one in light beige and another in green - *since I couldn't decide which to get - I got them both!) - VCD of Serendipity - a Red wallet from Girbaud Still on my list are: 1) VWM Armada Sunblock SPF 70 2) White, Black, Pink, Green, Yellow, Light Beige leather bag from Singapore* *There are times where I can't decide on which color to get for a particular item - my theory - if it takes you 5-10minutes to think about it - GET IT IN ALL COLORS!! Haha.. (this is definitely something Lyn and I share)

Paradise found..

I found paradise in Palawan. Imagine a postcard with a photo of a perfect beach - clear blue waters and white powdery sands - yes - this is what we found when we got to Club Paradise in Palawan. We were all amazed at how clean the waters are! It was like the place was taken right out of a postcard! It was breathtaking - I was stupefied, I couldn't beleive such a place existed in the world - moreover - in the Philippines! Upon docking, my panget and I immediately smiled as we felt the sand on our feet - it felt nice, powdery and soft (except for the sweltering heat!), we took a look back from a distance - the place was picture perfect - paradise to some like me. Our 'GRO' for that day was Laila - she ushered us to the clubhouse near the swimming pool. Alch, Partyboy Fred, Marianne, Owen and Ren headed to the dive shop for their briefing of intro to diving - me, my Panget, Lyn and Ian then headed down to the beach. It was breathtaking - a sight for sore eyes! It was

Summer Must Haves..

I just got back from my Palawan trip. Here's a list of must haves for those heading to the beach (or anywhere with water and sun invlolved) these items have been tried and tested by yours truly!! :) VMV Armada Sunblock SPF 70 - this works like magic! It's waterproof and can protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays, plus it's hypoallergenic, it carries no scent and is easily absorbed by the skin! - Php1,400.00 (estimated) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF 45 - it's waterproof and ultra sheer - easily absorbed by the skin - Php460.00 (USD9.00 - Coppertone Waterbabies SPF 45 - the ever reliable sunblock for all skin types - kids and adults alike! - Php390.00 (estimated) Rubber Ducky Bag - I was amazed to learn that this bag is locally manufactured! Where else can you find a waterproof bag that floats in water even if there are items inside?! Amazing? Get one!! - Php620.00 Nivea Sun Tanning Oil SPF 4/5 - works like magic for those who