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Thanksgiving Turkey! Just this morning - I made a Plurk/Tweet that I wanted to have a Turkey dinner. I've been secretly wanting to make one - but was always overwhelmed with the preparations and the size! I can only dream of making one. I was honestly thinking of buying a cooked bird, and inviting friends over to share the feast! Then, one of my friends Bny , commented on my Plurk/Tweet that he wanted a Turducken . I thought I was reading wrong - turducken ? What the hell was that? Thank goodness for Google! A Turducken - simply put is a chicken in a duck in a turkey! from this site Now - where did that come from? Like you, it’s the first time for me to hear this and first time for me to research about it! After reading through a number of articles - I immediately declared that indeed, a turducken is much more yummier than a roast turkey! What's better? Most everything of a turducken - i CAN eat!! Wooohoooo!!! :) This can be my ' lechon '! Hahaha.

Luxe Print 2010 Planners: Which one are you?

In this digital age - most everyone has a cellphone / pda to log in their reminders and things to do for a certain day. But for one who is not apt with these techie gadgets - I still rely on a trusty planner to jot notes and dates and what not's. I'm still fond of the idea of having to buy pens and write down my reminders on a notebook! And at this time of the year - we, I think go through a 'Planner Craze' phase. We receive a lot of planners from people - as corporate giveaways, or we earn them buy purchasing a number of drinks from a certain coffee house, or we buy those 'generic' planners from our trusted bookstore. I am very OC when it comes to choosing a planner. Firstly - it has to be cute or something that has to be Didi, I mean - I am not into those generic types of planners. I want something nice to look at when I jot down things on my planner. Secondly - the size, it has to fit my bag - something not too big and not too small. Thirdly - the paper of

Cooking Quest #2: Parmesan Baked Fish

I have been wanting to do this for months! But it was just now that I found the time (and the urge) to make it. There's the baked fish bandwagon - you have Cookbook's Parmesan Crusted White Fish, Angel's Kitchen's Parmesan Cesar Fish, then there's Moksha's Baked Fish, and some others. Here's my attempt to satisfy this craving: Didi's Parmesan Baked Fish Ingredients: 1 small bottle - Mayonnaise (the REAL one and NOT the 'lite' one! 220mL) 2 fillets - Dory Fillet (easiest one to find in the grocery!) 1 teaspoon - Paprika 1/4 cup - Milk Bread Crumbs Grated Parmesan Cheese Salt & Pepper to taste Pre-heat oven to 3750C 1. Wash your fish in cold water then season them with salt and pepper. 2. In a bowl - combine well the mayonnaise, bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese (I can't say the exact measurements of the last three ingredients - its up to you - just make sure that the mixture is creamy thick! The more Parmesan cheese - the better!!

Blood Donation - A+

Image borrowed from THIS site I recently just discovered that I was an A+ - I always thought that since I have a twin brother, whatever his blood type - is mine as well! But I was wrong. He's and AB while I'm an A. I gathered that since we two has our individual sacs - we had different blood types. Yesterday morning, my Panget asked for my blood type, he said that a relative needed blood - he then asked if I wanted to donate. And I said Yes. Things to consider: 1) I am deathly afraid of needles piercing my flesh (except for the derma and the dentist - i LOVE them both!) 2) I hate the sight of too much blood! 3) This will be my first time EVER to donate blood. 4) I am afraid of pain, period So - I thought, this is a good thing. A good deed! I am helping another individual, right? Then, there's the waiting period. I hate the waiting because it makes me think of so many things! Then there's the fear coupled with the waiting! I hate it. So it was my tur