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Mommy Duties

I have to be honest.  I have been spoiled by our Nanny.  Ever since Kailee was born, there were only a few times that I had to bathe her, bottle feed her, feed her solids and 100% look after her.  Whenever we went out, we brought our Nanny with us - she looked after Kailee. Playful Kailee, such a happy little girl! Since our Nanny went on vacation last Wednesday, I have been the one who took care of Kailee.  I spoke to Kailee that Wednesday morning, I told her that 'Mommy will take care of you for a week, okay?'  to which she replied 'Okay'.  It was as if she really understood what it meant!  For those seven days, she never looked for her Yaya.  She never screamed for Yaya (as she usually does) - it was always 'Mama' or 'Mommy' to her.  I fed her, bathed her, put her to sleep and took care of most of her needs.  I was honestly scared at first because it meant that I had to do everything!  But what I thought was hard, was actually - enjoyable!  I n

Roasted Rice Tea

I've been looking for rice tea for a long time and found none.  The closest I got to it was through a complimentary tea bag in our hotel in Korea. And so when I saw an Instagram of Joey of the roasted rice tea, I immediately asked where she got it!  She sent me a message with the details and I immediately contacted them. Yesterday, before bringing my little boy to the doctor, I picked up my roasted rice tea! I immediately tried it when I got home and it was really good! Jenny With Tea Ball - P350.00 Without Tea Ball - P250.00 09209506256 / 09433364903

The Clubhouse

Last night, we were at Robinson's Magnolia and decided to have dinner at The Clubhouse.  The restaurant is fairly new there was a sign that they were on soft opening.  From outside the mall, the interiors looked interesting through the glass, but when you're inside the mall - the restaurant's entrance was quite invisible - good thing there was a waiter who had a menu on hand, attracting customers. The staff was very accommodating - helping us set up the table since we brought Kailee along without help.  They gave us a highchair (which they should clean!  I'm anal about highchairs thus I bring my own diluted solution of Lysol for those cleaning moments - and as expected, it was dirty) and gave into every request we made from teaspoons, to mugs, to glasses of ice, tissue and  extra plates. We ordered the fries and sausages for appetizer, I ordered their Asian Rice Bowl while my Panget who was craving for longganisa had their Longganisa Hash. Their fries and sa

Didi's Bibimbap

Here's the bibimbap that I made the other day. I was short on ingredients and made it with whatever I had in the fridge. The beef was sauteed in Kikoman, garlic and ginger (this was what I did to my Panget's bibimbap).  I'm not a fan of ginger, so I made mine with just garlic. 

THE San Marcos Cake

Everybody has a favorite cake, well for me - they're more than one.  And last Sunday - I've officially added another to my favorite list. Introducing - The San Marcos Cake This cake has been around for a while, but last Sunday was the first time I was able to try it. Words, cannot express how good of a cake it was!  I ate slice after slice after slice!  Even my Panget loved it!  I loved the crisp creme brulee on top and the cream in the middle.  It was such a heavenly mix, almost perfect! Try it to believe it!  Order 24 hours in advance Cake costs P800.00 San Marcos Cake 0916-7457729 Valle Verde, Pasig

La Creperie

I've always walked by La Creperie in Shang Mall, but I never got around to trying it.  Late last year, I saw IG pics from friends that it had opened a branch in San Juan.  I honestly had no idea where in San Juan. So to my delight, it was right beside Toribox!  We just had dinner there and I convinced my Panget to try out La Creperie.  The main reason was not because I wanted to try it finally (since walking by it for years) but because of an IG pic of their Frozen Hot Chocolate on my friend Sab's feed. I have to be honest, after watching the movie Serendipity (Kate Beckinsdale & John Cusak) I became curious on this place called Serendipity 3 that served the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I HAD to be curious, because isn't it ironic to serve a frozen 'hot' chocolate?  I also saw this drink being featured on Oprah (she was raving about it and FYI a cocoa mix of this is being sold on Amazon!) And so, there we had our dessert.  I ordered the Frrrozen Hot Cho


Before the new year, my Panget and I wanted to try out Greeka Kouzina but since the place was full and we didn't want to wait - we drove around San Juan to see what's new.  I then remembered seeing Toribox and La Creperie somewhere near Serenitea (yes, Serenitea is a landmark for us now!) We then drove by and since we found parking immediately - we decided to try Toribox.  I think I've read mixed reviews on this place - a friend said that there was nothing good, while another friend said it was a good place to get cheap tonkatsu. And so we tried it, and we liked it!  Maybe it was because there were only a few customers.  Haha!!  The food was not bad - for the price you are paying, I think it is all worth it.  We were filled full and Kailee enjoyed eating the rice.  Even if we were seated on the second floor - and we were the only ones there, there was a server that waited on us!  I call this good customer service because I'm sure for other restaurants, they won&#