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HK Eats: Brunch Club & Supper in Causeway Bay

Whenever we're in Hong Kong, it has always been Chinese food or ramen.  That's it.  No one eats steaks, burgers or western food.  This time around, my friend Cubie told us that she will take us to lunch at this brunch place near her flat.  She told us to meet her at a restaurant called Brunch Place and that it's along Leighton Road in Causeway Bay. So I take out my Google Maps and research.  It was in a familiar territory or at least it looked nearby as I saw the famous Times Square.  But Google Maps took us on the longer route - we were clueless so we relied on it and it was okay.  We still to there right? The place looked really nice, very *home-ish* and Western.  I mean, I don't usually see a place like this whenever we go to Hong Kong!  So this place is really different.  The crowd too was mostly Westerners so it was very different.  Service too was a bit nicer - they were very accommodating to Cubie's requests.  I know that Westerners are *big* when it come


Warning - EMO post ahead!!! ---- My childhood was filled with lots of playing around and sleepovers at my ama's house.  I enjoyed the company of my cousins.  I had a *best* cousin - and I loved her very much.  But as we grew older - things drew us apart.  I remember in HS she wouldn't be as friendly to me - it was only years after that I learned that the reason behind it was that I took her for granted one time.  She mentioned to me that I left her alone by herself when we went skating with my friends and that hurt her.  I wasn't aware that I did that, I couldn't remember anymore - but I told her I was sorry. So we were a bit okay for the next couple of years.  We would gladly bump into one another during gimmiks (in college).  It was a nice time.  Our parents' relationship I guess drew her apart from me.  I couldn't blame her.  I mean that's her family - and she will feel the havoc of anger when she disobeys.  We grew farther apart.  And that wa

Nathaniel's Lasagna is goooooood!!

Last year, I saw an IG post of Jin of a lasagna that she ordered.  My MIL and BIL asked me to order a pasta dish for our New Year's Eve dinner,  and I asked them if they wanted lasagna.   I was so glad they said yes because I really wanted to try Nathaniel's lasagna. The transaction was very easy.  I sent him a text message and called him right after and that was that.  I asked him first if he could still accommodate my order since it was kind of last minute, I ordered it just before Christmas.  He said yes, and I was so relieved!  Had he said no, I would need to look for another home cook!  Hahha.. So on December 31 - I drove to his place in New Manila and it was Nathaniel himself that handed me my tray of lasagna.  I put it in the passenger side of the car and the aroma was pure torture!  It smelled soooooooo good!  I really had to control myself - no joke.  I kept taking peeks and opening the foil cover.  You would laugh when you saw me that day. This is what th

Birthday Cakes, Birthday Cakes!

Nope, they're not necessarily birthday cakes (only one was) but I got them all on my birthday! I celebrated my birthday yesterday - I won't be shy to say it - I turned 35 yesterday.  I'm sure you will all relate, but I don't feel any older than 30.  Well, except of course of certain body aches and pains, being (very) impatient, fearful of certain things, discovery of white strands of hair (quite a LOT of them), and having a hard time losing weight - yes, the battle with the (mega) bulge.  I still feel I'm the same person - only more responsible (I'm sure my mom will give me a high brow!) more mature and with a better (somehow) understanding of life. So there - it was my birthday yesterday!  Yey! A few days ago, I received a delicious chocolate cake from Starbucks. Then yesterday - I got not one, not two BUT three cakes from Anita Li of the Baked by Anita fame. We had a staycation at F1 Hotel last weekend and Pau gifted us with another cake

My learnings from the Papal Visit

When the Pope announced that he would be visiting Manila, I was excited.  For I knew that we are very lucky to be graced by the Pope - the whole country that is! More than a month before the Pope's arrival, my Panget decided to go on a holiday.  He predicts that the days of the Pope's visit would be declared holidays.  Two weeks after - we was right.  It was declared a holiday from January 15 to 19. Even if I wasn't here during the arrival - I caught a glimpse of the Pope on TV.  The welcome was massive and I can't explain the feeling - I was teary eyed and very happy.  My heart was very excited and grateful.  Sa TV palang yan ha! I must say - the country seemed to be very peaceful.  Most every one of those who went to Luneta were following rules.  They weren't trying their darndest to go and jump over the barricades.  Everyone was cooperative.  It was a proud moment as a Filipino - because it was then that I realized that - WE CAN DO IT!  We can be discipline

My FRUSTRATION in driving around Manila

Sudden stops because Jeeps take in passengers. And then again because passengers want to alight. Overtaking speedy buses. Buses overtaking all the lanes. Tricycles, Jeeps, Taxis - counter flowing the roads. Running the red light. Blocking an intersection. Tricycles, Jeeps, Taxis illegally parked on streets. It can go on and on and on. I am FRUSTRATED to say the least.  There is no giving way - everyone want to be *lamang* on the road.  And at what cost - MASSIVE TRAFFIC. Two days ago, I had to bring Kailee to the doctor because she has been itching like crazy.  I assumed that since I left the house at 4:00pm - there would be less traffic.  I was wrong.  I came from QC and I was going to Cardinal Santos in Greenhills.  What usually was just a 30 minute travel became an hour worth of waiting in traffic.  It was a mess!  When I was still in ICA - I don't recall experiencing that much traffic in the area.  It was really, really bad. This is along Gil

Mompreneur Summit Year 3!!

Want to be INSPIRED?  MOTIVATED? Mommy Mundo & Mompreneur Manila presents Jan, 31, 2015, Saturday Edades Tower, Rockwell, Makati City 9:00am to 4:00pm *Lunch and an afternoon snack will be provided Conference fee is P2,500.00 *inclusive of lunch, a snack and conference kit Hurry and REGISTER!

Our experience with Ready Steady Go Kids - Hockey

In my wildest dreams - I never thought that my kids would learn how to play Hockey.  Why?  Well, because we simply don't have snow!  And that our skating rinks don't have hockey lessons (or so I think).  So imagine my delight that they were to learn - Hockey! I honestly thought that it would be difficult since its hand-eye coordination - but I was really happy surprised to see that Kailee was able to do such movement!  It's quite difficult for a teacher to mentor a number of kids at the same time and it takes a whole lot of charisma to convince the kids to follow and listen - Coach Sonny had both!  I commend and congratulate him for a job well done since my kids (and the other kids) listen to him!  Thank you for your patience and love for teaching Coach Sonny!  I am forever grateful!! Here is a video of Kailee hitting the hockey puck and below is a video of her friend Xavi who's doing the same thing.  Wonderful right?? I think we parents who have witne

Our experience with Ready Steady Go Kids - Tennis

I have to admit - I am NOT a sporty kind of person.  I don't dislike sports, I appreciate it but I won't do any of it.  I will remain a spectator forever and cheer - and that's it.  My Panget is the exact opposite.  He's very much into basketball and it shows since we have a court in the house, so he can practice shooting. When I was introducted to Ready Steady Go Kids - my eyes and thoughts were opened.  What if the kids wanted to do sports?  The only problem was - which sport?  I know for a fact that during summer, some offer sports clinics - but they're only confined to one sport the whole time.  What if my child doesn't like that particular sport?  Should I just go ahead and make them take the classes even if they're not interested?  With Ready Steady Go Kids - the kids will be introduced to ten (10) - yes, 10 different type of sports!  Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, AFL, Rugby, Athletics, Cricket and T-ball.  Wonderful, right? One part

The Oriental Palace in Tomas Morato

One Friday last December, I had a dinner date with Michy of (i am) .  She invited me to try out Oriental Palace in Tomas Morato.  We had an evening filled with great good, endless stories and so much laughter.  I didn't want it to end, to be honest - I enjoyed the food and the wonderful conversation with Michy, Tadene and Cherie. Oriental Palace is where City Best used to be.  It has three entrances - one along Tomas Morato, one along Scout Gandia and one along Scout De Guia.  I am more familiar with the entrance in Scout Gandia.  From what I remember, the restaurant is HUGE. I mean really huge.  I was glad that when I entered - Oriental Palace has changed a few things.  Everything now is well lit, plus I like it that they set up the place to accommodate multiple functions at the same time.  They've built movable ceiling to floor walls to separate each function privately.  (I wasn't able to take pictures but I will update this soon!)  The image below

Southern Sojourn with Jane at TUS' Restaurant

When I made plans to go to Alabang, I immediately texted Jane of Sugargospice that I wanted to see her even for a short while.  It was because of her that I charmingly fell in like with Alabang and it's chill out vibe. The drive to Alabang was fast - it was the traffic around the Manila area that was terrible.  We left the house at 11:00am, dropped by a party - stayed for 10minutes and gah - traffic was so bad!  We reached Alabang at 1 in the afternoon.  Perfect timing because the baptism I was attending started a bit after 1pm - so I was still on time. Jane and I agreed to meet at TUS' - it's this new place in the West Gate area.  I have to be honest, I've never been to West Gate - or I was totally clueless that it was West Gate.  Hahahaha!!  From Outback Steakhouse - it was a short distance to TUS'. I was so happy to see Jane and meet the women behind TUS's.  While Jane and I were chatting away (she was so eager to meet my Panget in the flesh and I w

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz

I used to love buffets.  Ask my Panget.  We both loved going to one.  But then through the years, the quality of food in the buffets have declined and so we stopped.  Last year, I was introduced to Vikings Luxury Buffet and my buffet experience has never been the same, ever. Last week, my family and I tried the newly opened Vikings in SM Jazz Mall.  I happened to be in Makati and my favorite aunt was craving for Vikings - she actually wanted us to go to The Block!  She was so happy and thrilled that there's a branch on her turf - SM Jazz Mall. We got there early, we parked at 11am and made our way to Vikings.  Here is their massive entrance. We were immediately seated and was told to begin our feast, and we did!  We enjoyed our meal immensely!  We met Ms. Ulit the F&B Manager of Vikings SM Jazz and she's really nice.  She went from table to table to introduce herself and ask feedback from diners!  She was really working the scene - and it was so nice of her to