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#EnhancedCommunityQuarantine: Face Shield Making by XSFS Group

When the lockdown was imposed, most of us were confused.  I was confused.  It really was a half-assed plan to lockdown the capital.  But instead of using the word lockdown, they opted for a rather 'friendlier' word - I would have wished that they just written down a plan, studied it carefully and then announce it to the public.  But what happened was that - they just decided 'Hey! Let's do this and let's just play it by ear'  When the setting is friends getting together or organizing a trip - that is quite alright, but when it's a country, the Philippines you are handling - well, it's a different ballgame altogether. I have been silent for a while really, because I wanted to give this administration a chance.  But this administration has been falling short of every low expectation that I put out.  They have constantly gave out excuses instead of solutions.  The president of the country has been absent in the important instances the country has faced.  


My uncle passed away because of COVID-19. It's serious.   I never thought someone I personally know and a blood relative would be one of the casualties. Who would have thought? But it's reality, OUR reality. Everyday we hear of deaths, infections and it looks like it won't end soon. AND THEN WE SEE ON THE NEWS AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT A SENATOR OF THE PHILIPPINES WAS FOUND COVID-19 POSITIVE!  And he went to Makati Medical Center to accompany his wife who is about the give birth. Now, wait a minute - he knew he was a PUI YET he ESCAPED his quarantine and has endagered the LIVES of so many people and their families. PERSONALLY, I am VERY VERY ANGRY. He was selfish.  I put myself in the shoes of his wife - then I realized, that I wouldn't want to compromise the safety of those around me.  Even if it's my first time to give birth - it's NOT A REASON to belittle all the rules and exempt yourself.  Yes, she needed support, she was afraid - b

COVID-19: Shit just got real

COVID-19 It's REAL and those that are at more risk are the SENIOR CITIZENS!! Please tell your senior parents and relatives to STAY HOME! The underlying conditions are DIABETES and HYPERTENSION. An uncle of mine passed so suddenly. He had diarrhea for 2 days. The doctor gave him meds. Then he had high fever. They gave him meds. He had a hard time breathing. Hospital #1 turned them away. Hospital #2 took him in. He died that night. He wasn't tested. There was not time to test. His death will not be included in the #Covid19 death statistic. He had a history of diabetes and hypertension. Deaths are under reported because some die before they even get tested. Uncle L.  Rest in PEACE.   You were the nicest uncle on your side of the family. You were quiet but nice and polite and good hearted.

The NEW Gloria Maris Greenhills!

Gloria Maris has been a staple for birthdays and celebrations with the family.  I remember when my Panget and I were still dating, his parents would always choose to have dinner in Gloria Maris when they didn't want to think of a new place to go.  We know that food will be good and that everyone will enjoy it. When they moved to it's current location in Greenhills, everyone expected it to be the same.  Well, the menu was upgraded, the price too - but the quality well, in my personal opinion it deteriorated.  Well, you see - when you upgrade the prices, people will expect the food to taste better right?  Well, that wasn't the case. We found ourselves going to Gloria Maris less and less.  So when news that a new owner was coming in - well everyone was all on the edge.  I'm sure everyone was curious on what would happen.  Would the name be changed?  Will the menu change?  Will there be changes or will it just be maintained.  Everyone was excited to see what's in st

#SundaySeries: Relationship with God

Having faith is something I feel is needed more than religion.  Religion will teach us that there is a higher being, but it's really up to us to start that relationship. In school, we were taught prayers and good deeds in religion class.  When I was younger, I took the class for granted.  I didn't feel the need at that time to have a relationship with God.  As I grew older, I felt I needed it and started one. I respect all kinds of religion.  I will never put down another for mine.  I respect people's faith and even admire them for their relationship with God.  Most religions have flaws, but I think the bottom line is that - when we start and continue on a relationship with God, then it should be personal.  We need not declare to the world that we are going to Church, or the ministry that we do.  The Lord sees all our efforts. I firmly believe that our relationship with the Lord should be personal and private.  We ask for prayers because we too pray for others.  It al