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Hair Coloring with Herbatint!

I didn't know that I was very conscious of my white hair until they started appearing!  I used to have a really nice jet black hair.  No signs of white hair at all - and I was so proud of that.  Then in the recent years, well - I guess with age came the white hair strands here and there.  Before when it was only a few strands, I would pull them out and even keep them for sentimental purposes. But now, the number seemed to grow exponentially.  I have baby hairs that are white and they are very very visible.  I felt so conscious.  I realized, this was the reason why my parents always have a box of hair dye in the house.  I used to think it was shallow - but you know what, when it happened to ME.  It's not shallow anymore.  Hahaha! There are quite a few things that I dislike with DIY hair dyes - one is the strong scent and the other - the sting that you feel on your scalp once you put the product on your hair (and it touches the scalp).  I really really really dislike the

The sad state of the QC Central Post Office

It was just sad.  Very very sad. When I entered the compound, I noticed that it looked not maintained.   The plants were all dried out.  The pebbles on the driveway made me think, was it really a pebble finish or was the pavement broken into pebbles through time?  The pebble wash steps and lobby were breaking up.  It stopped me and made me look around.  It looked empty and forgotten. The lobby are was spacious, it was lacking chairs - what they had instead were , blue colored wooden benches for patrons to sit and wait.  The lights were dim and it was a bit dark inside.  It was dirty (in my standards) and not sanitary.  I am very particular with cleanliness, and the lobby - well, it was below my standards. The queue was a bit confusing.  I always notice that in government office, the security guards seem. to be part of the government work force.  People ask them for details and assistance, and they answer with directions and motions to where we should wait and sit.  It's not p

The Odd Couple: Heard of Facebook?

I like enjoy watching Matthew Perry on screen.  But during the flight to HK, I already saw Friends.  On the flight back to PH, I thought - why not watch The Odd Couple. Image grabbed from THIS site And so I did.  I enjoyed it, but missed the gang.  There was something though, that was said in the show that left me thinking.  It was something that Felix said about Facebook. Oscar (Matthew Perry):  Not everybody wants to share every painful detail of their life! Felix (Thomas Lennon): Oh really?  Heard of Facebook? This made me laugh out loud and think - it was so true!  I do see rants and raves on my FB feed, and so much opinion of so many many people all over.  I've read dramas from people and sooooo much more!  I'm honestly surprised to see that people are comfortable sharing intimate details in their lives in Facebook posts.  It's shocking to be honest, but hey - FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHT? I hope people will understand that freedom of speech doesn

There is Forever Love in Del

What are my secrets to a long lasting relationship with my loved ones?  Well for one - LOVE, communication, patience and understanding.  One thing I learned being married for 8 years is tolerance.  Well you see, every single one of us is different, we each have our own quirks and habits which irritate the life out of one another - but since there is LOVE, we tend to turn a blind eye on somethings.  As the saying goes *Don't sweat out the small stuff*.  I have lived and breathe on this saying with my loved ones.  If it's not a very big issue - then let it go.  If it's an issue, then discuss and compromise.  We can't always win, right?  Communication is key too.  Learning to use the right words and the right methods to put forth your message is very important too.  Saying things when angry is a no-no but you know what, it happens so what I do is just breathe deeply and then say this in my head *Lord, Ikaw na bahala*.  Patience is a virtue, a really really hard one for th

Chef Donita Shares Jolly Heart Mare Canola Oil-Healthy Tuna Recipe

PRESS RELEASE “Chef Donita Shares Heart-Healthy Tuna Recipe” The rewarding experience of sharing a feast is just one of the many perks of cooking especially for Filipinos, and  Jolly  Heart Mate Canola Oil Ambassador Chef Donita Rose happily shares her passion for cooking among Filipinos by doing her rounds at the country’s top festivals, such as the recent General Santos City’s 19 th  Food Festival. The annual Tuna Festival not only celebrates the city’s leading tuna industry, it’s also a venue to relish some of its tastefully prepared local dishes with family, friends, and revelers. During the weeklong annual festivity, one of the highlights is the cooking demo of the esteemed celebrity chef Donita Rose, wherein the island’s abundant marine resources take center stage with tuna as one of its star ingredients.   “As a food-centric city, it’s important for every household to look for ingredients and learn cooking techniques that are beneficial both for health a

Digital Walker SALE October 6-8, 2017!!

Yes, it's nearing that time of the year again!  And to start it off, well DIGITAL WALKER is having their 2nd #DWChristmasComesEarly SALE this weekend - October 6-8, 2017! See you at the Megatrade Hall 3 of SM Megamall!! For a sneak peak, here are some items that will be on sale this weekend.