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SeakingPH: Panfried Salt&Pepper Salmon with Pistachios

I have a confession.  I have always been afraid of cooking salmon.  It's such a nice fish + it's pricey, and I don't want to overcook it and ruin it.  Thus I have NEVER cooked salmon ever.  I never attempted because I was too afraid.  I am more comfortable with white fishes because they're easier and well, in my head - not as pricey to ruin.  My friends tell me that salmon is so easy to cook (and bake)  but I guess being intimated, I never really ventured into it. A few weeks ago, I got a wonderful surprise.  I received a delivery of three kinds of salmon cuts.  I was excited and nervous.  It was like the universe was telling me that I needed to try my hand at making salmon dishes.  And so I mustered up the courage to make one. I used this Keta Salmon slab first because I knew it was boneless.  I wanted to try something really simple with this salmon so the flavor will stand out.  When I opened the pack, the salmon slab was in a vacuum sealed plastic.  Very good

Great Korean Food at Soban K-Town Grill!

There's something with Korean food that I really like.  I think it's the pieces of meat that they serve and the grilling & cooking of them right in front of you.  I feel it's 'healthier' since you don't use any oils to cook it.  I love seeing all the drippings after meals.  I feel a bit healthier.  Hahaha!!  I think I also really enjoy the experience of cooking the meats as you eat them.  It's fresh off the grill!  My kids call it 'luto luto' Last weekend, we were able to try Soban K-Town Grill in SM North Edsa.  Soban K-Town is one of the Korean restos handled by Happyfoods Group of Restaurants.  I have personally tried Sariwon (this was their first venture) so many times and I really love the quality and taste of the meats that they served.  It brought me back to when I was younger and visited Seoul, Korea for the first time.  Everything was quality.  I would remember those meat pieces being neatly folded around a piece of square bone.  It wa

Fitness Gourmet: Getting back in shape!

When I learned I was pregnant, one of the first things that came into mind was the weight gain.  I gained so much weight when I had Kailee that I haven't had the chance to lose all of them yet.  Realistically speaking, I don't think I would ever get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I am very much happy with how I am.  It's just that I realize that my weight is affecting my lower back.  I remember reading somewhere that every pound we lose helps ease tension on our knees. Two years ago, I joined the #MakeItFit program of #FitnessGourmetPH.  I lost weight .  So when they offered me another chance - I immediately said YES!  But there was a catch, I was breastfeeding.  But when Shobe turned one - well, I took the offer and jumped at the opportunity to lose weight, any weight.  I know for a fact that Fitness Gourmet serves good calorie counted food.  I've tried it before and I really enjoyed the journey. Here are just some of the meals that they served:

Pay your bills with PayMaya!!

I soooo love #PayMaya's CASH BACK!!  Here's another deal that you won't want to miss!! Meralco, PLDT, Smart, Pag-IBIG and other bills? Don't pay cash,  PayMaya !    Paying for your bills now gets more convenient and  ultra rewarding  when you use  PayMaya . Instead of spending time to line up at a payments center, just use your  PayMaya  app and get up to P300 cashback plus a chance to have  PayMaya  cover your bills next month!    Worried about how to pay for your Meralco, PLDT, Smart and other utility bills as well as your payments for government  services?   PayMaya  h as your back with its convenient Bills Pay feature. To make it even better, pay for your bills via  PayMaya  every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of September and get a P100 cashback on your first three transactions. Don’t forget that your bills worth a minimum of P1,000 each should be paid in full and on time.    And if you pay at least three unique bills

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Playful diapers & Jeunesse Anion napkins!

GIVEAWAY ALERT!! I'm doing a giveaway of #Playfulbabydiaper and #JeunesseAnion sanitary napkins. Please click the links below to join! Winners will be announced on Friday the 13th! (9/13) Open to Metro Manila residents only.. Playful Baby Diapers Instagram post on the giveaway + mechanics Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Products Instagram post on the giveaway + mechanics