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Cookies Unlimited will make you a cookie MONSTER!

Two weeks ago, I received a package from Cookies Unlimited.  The first thing I noticed was the packaging.  I absolutely adore anything *transparent* so the bag was a winner.  And then I took the carrying boxes out.  They were so very pretty!  I appreciate nice packaging.  I carefully opened the boxes and took out the cookie packs one by one.  Presentation is everything, if you ask me.  And these cookies - they were oozing with confidence and they're so very attractive to the eye! When I saw that the cookies were thin.  I knew that I would like them.  I have a thing for cookies - I prefer big chewy ones or crispy thin ones - I like them in extremes.  So here they are - all of them crispy thin.  I was admiring each cookie and was thinking how much love was made into these cookies.  I know that making thin ones aren't easy.  And mind you, these cookies are consistently thin and round.  I was impressed! I have just recently took a liking to chocolate - ye

Spring Time with Starbucks: Caramel and Hazelnut Machiato

Spring time is here and so are the new drinks from Starbucks! Team CARAMEL Macchiato Team HAZELNUT Macchiato This is the Blueberry Dome Cake Chicken Parmigiana on Sesame bread Chicken Spinach Roll S'Mores Chicken BBQ Wrap Wait there's more!! Enjoy Spring time in Starbucks!!

EXPO KID 2015: Best Summer Ever!!

Get ready for the BEST Summer ever!!!

We aim to please

What did I do during the Valentine weekend? I read the Fifty Shades books.  I didn't want to watch the movie, but I read the books ebooks. Yes, I gave in.  I honestly wasn't interested to read it because, I don't know - maybe I wasn't as curious?  Hahaha!  But then the movie opened right before the Valentine weekend and everyone was commenting here and there that the movie was blah.  A new friend said her husband felt sleepy.  Another friend said - it was a waste of time.  So I got curious.  What was it about??!! I was told that it was *Mommy* porn.  I have a friend who was so in love with Christian Grey, she was gushing about him and was encouraging us to read it.  This was I think 2-3 years ago, I'm not sure.  And then the media outpour about the book that made so many people read it and rave about it.  There was instant talk of the book becoming a movie.  There were discussions on who Grey would be on screen - some said it was very Iam Somerhalder and

On friendships, online and offline..

I used to secretly laugh at people who chat endlessly during my younger years.  I have to admit, I never had the chance to chat (we didn't have internet then)- thus, in school certain groups would talk about their chats and being in a chat room the night before and being kicked out by the mods - I secretly laughed at them and think - don't they have a life?  It was that time that the IRC chatrooms boomed, internet was still dial-up, ICQ was a big hit and well, friends were all hidden under a *nick* This is what an IRC chatroom looked like.. I guess I wasn't interested. Fast forward to now. I write.  I blog.   And in this blog, I have shared my thoughts on whatever things.  I have written about my Panget, my feelings, my kids, my addiction to ballpens, my sorrows, my thoughts on things.  I have shared part of who I am in this blog.  I've read my fair share of blogs too!  I have stalked blogs and secretly loved their entries.  It's nice

TaiOne Beef Noodle

I've been to Taiwan a number of times when I was younger, but to be honest - I don't remember what the food tastes like!  Was it because I was much younger and didn't care about food yet?  Hahaha!! Whenever my Panget and I are in GH - it was such a chore to think of a place to eat with the kids.  I have stopped going to Crystal Jade because during my last 2 visits - the dishes we got were poorly made.  I have to be honest - it wasn't the same anymore.  I hope though, that they can improve. Anyway, so there - looking for a resto in GH is quite a chore for me (sorry!) and then I remembered seeing Tai One.  It was always the place I remember after eating a not so impressive meal in the area.  So when Panget said that we were to go GH - I immediately remembered to mention Tai One. Tai One is hidden at the back of Promenade.  I guess the location is good IF you come from the back.  Since we always park in Unimart - the location of Tai One was always hidden to us.

Telegram Messenger

When I got my first smartphone - I remember being told to make sure to get Viber.  And then my foreign friends said that they use Whatsapp.  So, I got that too!  But between the two, I have always been partial to Whatsapp - but most of those in my contact list are using Viber, I had no choice. During the last half of 2014.  I have begun to notice that Viber does not deliver all of the messages sent over its app.  I thought it was impossible - but it was.  And then some images and videos take too long to load.  Then private groups began to have strangers in their group.  I didn't think it was possible since it was a *private* group.  Then the ads - the sudden messages from Viber announcing this and that.  As the months passed, the loading of messages took very long too.  There would be notifications that you have an X number of messages - then when it loads, you get 1 out of the X number of messages.  These *late* messages appear days after it was sent.  How very unreliable

DIDIscoveries: Grandma's Secret GOO REMOVER

Last Christmas, Tin gifted me with this -  Grandma's Secret Goo Remover. I used it immediately during the holidays when I was wrapping up gifts.  I was so happy because I was able to take out the sticky goo caused by sticker price tags.  It was so easy, all I had to do was spray it on and wipe it away.  Yes, it was that easy!  I used to labor rubbing out the sticky goo using paint thinner, gas and baby oil!  These products left a bad smell and would even have *oil* marks!  Horrors!! I loved this product because unlike thinner, gas and baby oil -   it smelled citrusy, PLUS - it wasn't very oily.  I was not worried that the book/item would have an oil stain nor be smelly.  There are other uses too - it can remove Gum, Glue, Oil, Adhesive (what I used), Crayon and Candle wax. I decided to put it to the test.  The kids' toy room has this green table.  It has since then been stained with crayon marks, pentel pen marks and colored pencils.  My yayas told me that th

Backstreet Boys in Manila May 5, 2015!! So, which is your favorite Backstreet Boys song?

Which is your favorite Backstreet Boys song? I am dedicating one post for them because they remind me so much of my youth!  I remember in HS they were very very very popular!  They were teenagers then.  I would remember brining magazines (BOP!) to school to share with classmates! Plus - they're coming to Manila THIS YEAR!! Wooooohoooo!!!! Though they've grown and matured through the years - their music will forever make me smile.  Whenever I hear their music - I can't help but sing along.  I don't know why - but I am so drawn to their music.  Call me cheesy or baduy - I don't care na - basta BSB - I'll go gaga for sure!  Hahaha.. So which is my favorite Backstreet Boys song? It's ... Drowning.. I would sing this over and over and over again!  In the shower, in the car - EVERYWHERE!! It's the type of song you'd listen to when your Yaya would make you nap in the afternoon with the help of the radio station - Mellow Touch.  (If

Kailee's Barry Allen Crystals

What? Barry Allen crystals! This is what Kailee *invisibly* hands me whenever she rides her bike or scooter in the house.  She would go as fast as she can and then stops and then runs to me and tells me *Here are your Barry Allen crystals!*.  She has been doing this for the past few weeks.  It's such a delight to see them so excited and happy with their made up *games* I finally asked her - *What are Barry Allen crystals? "Diba you like Barry Allen?  The Flash?" I nod. "I am giving your crystals that you like - Barry Allen crystals!" Got it. Hahaha!! So I always accept Barry Allen crystals that she gives me with a huge smile and with a hug of thanks.  Times like these make me realize the innocence of children.  They are happy and delighted with the simplest of things.  I treasure these moments.  I guess you can say that hormones got the better of me in this post as - I feel really sad and happy at the same time because my kids are growing up.

Valentine FOOD weekend at Restaurant 101

Looking for that perfect Valentines date place? Look no further as  Enderun's Restaurant 101 has got you covered the day before, on the day and the day after Valentines.. February 13, Friday February 14, Saturday February 15, Sunday