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Disappointing Restaurants..

This is actually a first in my blog. I am ranting.. On restaurants I've tried last night and just this noon time. TGI Friday's Trinoma Last night, my Panget and I decided to eat at Friday's Trinoma. We wanted to use the mobile GC that we got through this site. Seeing that my favorite Mushroom Chicken Mushroom was back in the menu - I ordered it immediately! But when it was served - the look of it was, well - it wasn't the Mushroom Chicken Mushroom I remembered. The presentation was so off! The chicken looked like it just came ouyt of the microwave, the fries were kinda cold, and the mushrooms - well, they were about 6-7 pieces only. It actually turned me off. I mean, why bring back a pretty popular dish and not make it the same? I was so diappointed that I sent an SMS to . The format was this: SHARE_Name/TGIF/Feedback So I sent the message following the exact format. I got two replies, asking me to use the correct format. I learned that the correct for

Late reactions....

Just recently - I have been enjoying updating my Multiply and Plurk accounts! I never thought doing so was so much fun!! I know, late reaction ( since they've been around for quite a while ) But seriously - I love updating (and commenting)!! Follow me on Multiply and Plurk See you there!!

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

I'm so happy to hear that there is a vaccine against Cervical Cancer !! At long last! A vaccine to prevent a certain type of cancer! That's such a breakthrough for me. My grandfather died of Cancer - and I was witness to the pain and suffering he went through. I have a very good friend who was diagnosed with Cancer last year - thankfully, she's in remission already! I was shocked to learn that women and men can die of this! I always assumed that Cervical cancer was a cancer that hit only women. Most Pinays would steer away from visiting an OB-Gyne for fear that they will be branded negatively. I personally have never visited one - I never thought I needed to, I always assumed that going to the OB-Gyne meant that you were expecting or trying to conceive. But after hearing talk about Cervical cancer - I realized, I thought wrong. We women have to take time out to visit our doctors, get a regular check-up and update ourselves on the vaccine that prevents Cervica

Hong Kong secret spots (as printed in Manila Bulletin)

My first EVER published article! I'm giddy with excitement! Grab a copy of Manila Bulletin today - Travel and Tourism section C-3 Hong Kong secret spots This Hong Kong trip has to be by far my best travel for this year. Maybe because it was: Photo grabbed from Manila Bulletin's site 1) Unplanned 2) I won the trip (thanks to Joey and Andi’s segment on Magic 89.9 and the HKTB) 3) The company was superb 4) The food was great 5) The hotel was new and very modern 6) I found new secret addresses! The trip was totally unplanned – who would have thought that I’d be one of the three winners! Not me in a million years! When they asked who I would be bringing – without batting an eyelash – I answered, ‘my mom’. My mom loves Hong Kong; it’s the vacation spot for her. She says that despite the fact that she’s been to HK many times before, it’s still her favorite city. To be honest, it’s mine too! When

I'm giving away FREE Make-Up!

To pay it forward (with my luck and al l) - I am giving away free make-up from Maybelline! Just leave a comment with the following info: a) What is your favorite entry in this blog? ( Pressure! ) b) Name c) Email address * *I will be sending an email to confirm that you are indeed joining the contest :) Kindly reply. Thanks! Incomplete entries are immediately disqualified. I will be running this contest from today, October 10 to 24, 2008 Winner* will be announced on October 25, 2008 *I will pick a name from a bowl (raffle!!) Join now!! :)

Wedding Essentials: Dream Weddings 2008

Even if I had a bad case of food poisoning yesterday - I still managed to attend the launch party of Wedding Essentials' Dream Weddings 2008. I made sure to attend even if I was felling a bit queasy, after all - I owe a lot to Marbee for my WE feature ! :) The party was hosted by Issa Litton - the cover girl of the latest issue. I just have to say that she did a great job hosting! She was a natural! The highlight of the night was the cover - can you believe they produced 30 different covers?! Wow!! That's for the 30 couples that shared their love/wedding stories to Wedding Esse ntials!! It was fantastic! Imagine if you were one of the 30?! Your wedding pic is actually ON A MAGAZINE!! That is something you will forever treasure!! :) To my HS classmate Shaps - congrats on the feature and the cover!! :) ( Loved your picture! !) Another highlight was - well, again (for the Nth time) my Panget won something ( lucky charm - ME !!) - a full board overnight stay at Di

a case of Food Poisoning..

Yes, I was food poisoned ( is there such a term? ) Well, last night - after munching on Big Mama's fried chicken with curry sauce, I felt a little queasy. I dismissed it and thought it might just be a case of overeating! But after a few minutes - I began to feel nauseated and there was the strong urge to vomit. And I did. Again and again. Afterwhich - got a case of mild LBM - which turned worse as the night deepened. I was not able to sleep well!! I felt I was half asleep, my head was so heavy!! I hate this feeling!! So, what was the culprit? It was the curry sauce!! How did I discover?! Well, I asked my friend Kath and she told me that indeed she and her sister sampled the sauce, her sister was the one who consumed most of the sauce. My mom who ate the chicken, was normal. Kath's dad who ate the chicken was normal too!! So - it has to be the curry sauce!! Any tips on how to treat food poisoning?? I'm still a little sick now - I hate this feeling!! Argh

Definitely, Maybe

I don't remember where I saw the trailer of this movie, but when I saw it was a Ryan Reynolds - romantic comedy-ish flick - I knew I had to watch it. So when I visited our suki Wheng in Metrowalk - I was surprised to see that the title was already available! Of course, you know what I did. I bought it but watched it just last weekend. I loved the movie - call me cheesy - but I loved it! :) It was sweet and lovely! Isla Fisher is so cute and was perfect for the role!! :) Ryan Reynolds - well, whatever he does - I like, yes, I'm biased! Loved him from his 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza place stint! I can't believe that Rachel Weisz accepted such a small role! But she was cute in it! I could feel the love she had for Kevin Kline's character! Found it funny he was in the movie - I always have this image of Dave in my head when I see him. Hahaha! If you want a feel good movie - then this is it!! :)

Apology from Fr. Nebres

Got this email from Spanx regarding the DLSU players and coaches names being burned during the Ateneo bonfire last September 30, 2008 ------------------------------- From: < > Three days ago, photos of wooden planks bearing the names of the DLSU Green Archers stuffed together with those to be used for the Victory bonfire last Tuesday, 30 September were circulated on the Internet. To set the record straight, Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ sent a letter of apology to Bro. Armin Luistro , FSC of De La Salle University last Thursday, 2 October 2008. The second letter is from Mr. Jessie Paredes, HS'54, AB'58. -- The Office of University Development & Alumni Relations ############################################### Letter of Fr. Nebres, SJ to Bro. Luistro, FSC ############################################### 2 October 2008 BROTHER ARMIN LUISTRO, FSC President De la Salle University System 2401 Taft Avenue Manila Re: Ateneo Bonfire Dear

What the HELL??!!

Grabbed from THIS photobucket account I mean, COME ON!! My gosh! I expected more from the Ateneans.. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk... P.S. These were sent to me..

Wizard Magazine

My twin brother used to be a fan of comics, my cousin too! But my Panget - well, he still buys them to date. He's such a big fan of the comic, graphic novel genre that we go to the Philippine Toy Convention - every single year! Since we've been together for quite a while now, I've come to tolerate appreciate his comic book slash toy collecting vice. I've become sort of excited to see a new toy or a new Wizard magazine! For every issue that he has - I've read it from cover to cover. Sometimes asking him questions on certain character I'm unfamiliar with. Yesterday - while he was getting a haircut - he gave me his newest copy - it's still sealed in a plastic, for me to read. I was so excited to open it. It's funny - because I opted to read this magazine over a Cosmo and Marie Claire Philippines!! It's geeky, I know - but I loved reading through it! I can't explain why I like reading through it, as I am not a comic book enthusiast, but I

Camp Rock!

Photo grabbed from THIS site I never thought I'd like this movie, but I did! I got curious because HK tourmate Reena said it was really nice. I loved it!! I've been hearing a song by the Jonas brothers and some girl on the radio - I was shocked to learned that it was from this movie! Joe Jonas is such a cutie!! :) Another great one from Disney! :)