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Giveaway: Body Shop's Olive Body Scrub

And here we are, as promised!! I'm giving away an Olive Body Scrub from Body Shop !! Joining is easy and the winner will be picked by Rafflecopter. I am just randomly giving this away to share my blessings! :) You can join everyday (tweet) to increase your chances of winning!! GOOD LUCK! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Customer Service by Sugarhouse

I have been saying time and time again, that nothing beats good customer service.  So here I am writing about it!  I am very happy that at least the country, establishments are improving, customer service wise. So yesterday after we had lunch in Greenhills, we walked by Sugarhouse and decided that we would like to buy their Honey Cake.  My Panget said that since it was a holiday the next day - it would be a reward to us, that we had cake in the house.  You see, my Panget and I are so very fond of cakes and pastries.  And so we purchased a whole Honey Cake. It was only during our late breakfast that we ate the cake.  The cake looked kawawa because the center part was semi caved in already.  I cut out two slices, one for me and one for my Panget.  My slice in particular had an odd taste.  The 'honey' and the icing were not sweet - and instead, tasted a bit savoury (if you know what I mean).  I ignored it and thought tasted another bite and it was sweet, exactly how I remembe

Giveaway Alert!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am indeed giving away this Body Shop Olive scrub!! :) Please do come back to check out the mechanics.  I am now still thinking the giveaway mechanics. So, in the meantime - STAY TUNED!! :)

Toxic Relationships

I have been hearing the word TOXIC for years describing what the day has been for them.  I honestly never understood what it really meant.  And now, I still don't know how to use that word properly in that certain context.  Hahaha!! So, I've been attending a seminar/fellowship on the 'Toxic' series and we were just discussing about Toxic Relationships. My cousin-in-law Irene sent me this, this morning. I have to admit, this is an eye opener. Read them through and see if you are in one.. I realized that there are really persons/people in your life that is 'toxic' to you.  They are detrimental to your growth.  The sad thing is that - they think the mean well BUT actually, they are doing more damage. Its honestly quite hard to admit that you are in a toxic relationship OR you are the toxic in the relationship.  But I guess by the mere fact that you are able to identify this is one step closer to becoming a better person. My prayer now, is to be ab

The Starbucks Card

FINALLY!  A Starbucks Card! A card that is a reloadable (you can use it to purchase) and doubles as a rewards card!  Earn stars (points) for every purchase of a handcrafted beverage, a bag of beans or VIA ready brews! Starting tomorrow - August 7, these babies will be available in ALL Starbucks stores nationwide.  You'd need to purchase a card for P300.00, this card is already loaded with a peso value of P300.00 that you can use to purchase beverages, food items and merchandise!  You can reload it at ANY Starbucks store nationwide.  What's great about it is that - you can earn stars (loyalty points) for every purchase of handcrafted beverages, coffee beans and VIA ready brews.  The stars that you earn - can be redeemed as follows:   Isn't that wonderful?  Be rewarded for every Starbucks beverage that you buy!  I remember my aunt - when Starbucks first opened in 6750 - she used to collect all the receipts of the Starbucks purchases she made.  Her logic behind th