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GIN BLOSSOMS in Manila! November 2010!!

Here's a screen grab from their site: Sched is: November 19 - Cebu, Waterfront Hotel & Casino! November 20 - Araneta Coliseum! THIS IS IT GUYS!!! :)

Pedicure: CAN!

Singlish?  Well, I translated it literally from:  Pedicure? Pwede! I have friends who have warned me againsts having my pedis done.  They say that there might be chemicals that can be harmful to the baby.  To be honest, I was sad - because, I hate cutting my toe nails!  It's my every two week 'me-time' when I go to my suking nail salon. Lo and behold! I got this in my email!! I am thrilled!! Yahoooooooo!!

Forever21's Maternity Line

And it gets better! Forever21 now has a maternity line! I just hope that they have it here too!! I actually found the article quite funny - as they were able to analyze that the Maternity line will be sold in states with a high number of teenage pregnancy!!  Tsk.. Tsk.. Being pregnant, one should still be fashionable!  Article from Time Newsfeeds

I miss the shower..

We're currently experiencing water shortage. It's been three days - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I have a confession to make - I miss using the shower. Photo credited to THIS site I've been using the old fashioned tabo and balde . But you know what I figured out? I can use LESS water with using the balde & tabo as compared to using the shower! I wonder, how much water do I use up when I use the shower?  Because with the balde & tabo - I just consume one (1) whole balde ! That's one for me and one for my Panget! Hmmm... As much as I'd like to conserve water, I hope that we can fashion a device that will ease and utilize the use of the balde & tabo method. What do you think? Any suggestions??

Maynilad Water Problems..

We've actually had water problems since February - March this year.  It was such a hassle because we had no idea on when the water supply will be up and about.  So our helpers and my mom was on-guard, checking every how many hours.  One of our neighbors even gave up sleep of a night so as to find out when she will have water!! It's such a hassle. But last May to June, the water supply was back to normal. Last week, I've been reading complaints on Facebook - well because the water crisis is there again!  Apparantly, Angat dam's water level is low so they've switched off supplying them to Maynilad. Sheesh!! Last Friday, Maynilad issued a 'schedule' for the water interruption.  We downloaded a copy and read it so that we'll be somehow in the know. But guess what, the schedule? NOT ACCURATE AT ALL!! The schedule for the INTERRUPTION was supposed to be at 4PM till 11PM but our water supply was already gone 5AM Friday!!  We had water just yeste

How are you when you're HUNGRY?

Some people are irritable, while some are just normal.  Some become braindead and are lost, while some say they experience feeling their brains full of air. Me?  Well, I just realized that I am masungit when I am hungry. You see, this past week - I've been feeling hungry more often.  Maybe because I am six weeks on the way.  I do not usually feel the hunger perse, I mean - I know its time to eat - thus I eat, but lately - I've been having these sudden hunger pains, considering that I eat a light breakfast nowadays before I take my daily dose of folic acid.  I feel hungry more often, and when I look at the clock - its barely been two hours!! Is this normal?  Okay - so how did I realize that I am masungit ?  Well, during this evening's dinner - while waiting for our table, I suddenly felt really hungry, as in really really hungry.  ( I wondered because at about 3:30 in the afternoon, I was snacking on toasted bread!  But then being six weeks on the way - I thought, t

Smart WRONG KEYWORD charging!

I looked at my rewards points and saw that i had about 44,000 points.  I attached a photo that I copied from the Smart Web Connect site - it said text REDEEM to 9800 And so I did - and when I did, I received an automated reply that said: YOU TEXTED A WRONG KEYWORD. TO KNOW WHAT YOU MAY REDEEM, TEXT REDEMPTION TO 9800. THIS MSG IS P1. Now, why the HELL am I being charged for a wrong keyword that I just COPIED & FOLLOWED from the Smart Webconnect site?? THIS IS NOT MY FAULT AT ALL!!! Had the instructions said to text REDEMPTION instead of REDEEM - I wouldn't have been charge P1.00 for the wrong keyword!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING????

Smart Buddy: AND it happens YET AGAIN!!

This is the exact email that I sent to Smart's customer care email, MVP's email and Inquirer's The Consumer: -------------------- Service Request # 315892069 And it happens YET again. I just lost 500+ text messages today, it happens YET again!! Yesterday - July 15, 2010 at 11:08am - I checked my balance and it read: Load: P353.00 Free texts to all networks: 851 I checked it again - July 15, 2010 at 19:33pm it read: Load: P353.00 Free texts to all networks: 375 I check it again - July 15, 2010 at 22:07pm it read: Load: P323.00 Free text to all networks: 375 I check it again - July 15, 2010 at 23:33pm it read: Load: P323.00 Free text to all networks: 375 I then called the CS hotline - the call was received by Ms. Flor Palileo, I asked her to check my account details and she confirmed to me the following: a) My FREE texts to all networks amounted to 683 (composed of 83 free texts from the 500 e-load, 44 free text messages from my call &

GIN BLOSSOMS in Manila!! This is IT!!

Just got this from Gin Blossom's fan page in Facebook: It's confirmed then!!!! GREAT!!!

Smart's 1time goodwill appeasement..

Last weekend, I got a direct message from SmartCares: (Read from the bottom post up as the first message is at the bottom) Okay - to be honest, I was insulted.  Why?  Because to appease me, they're just throwing in 500 free global texts!  I mean, the reason why I'm complaining is not about getting a 'freebie' out of them, but to get to the truth of where my missing 570+ free text messages were! At first, I thought of accepting it and forgetting the whole thing, but then I realized - when I accept this, it will mean that all my complaining will be for nothing!  I mean, for sure they will just stop and deem the complaint as 'closed' and 'resolved' because I accepted their offer, right?  And I do not want that!  I want justice!  I want them to investigate where in hell are my missing 570+ free text messages ! I've asked a lot of people on their opinion on this and they told me just to accept it, because - I got what I wanted.  But you see, th

One of my FAVORITE drinks in the world...

  Milk! I'm sure a lot of people will raise an eyebrow - but I am one who appreciates and loves drinking Milk!! Loooooove Milk!! Just discovered recently that Parmalat now owns St. Paul's!  Goodie!!! <p><iframe src="" style="padding-top: 5px; width: 131px; height: 245px; padding-right: 10px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" align="right" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"&am

Team Carnival's My FAVORITE FRIENDS episodes..

I thought this topic would be easy but it isn't! I mean to pick just 5 episodes out of the 10 seasons? Hmmm.... So how about this - my favorite episodes in random order. 1)  The One with the Emryos This has got to be one of my favorites.  I loved the competition between the girls and the guys, what I loved more were the questions formulated by Ross!  You know, watching this episode over and over again - makes me wonder, since there were questions in all catergories that were not picked - what questions were they??!! My favorite question was 'What is Chandler Bing's job?'  Hahahaha!! 2) The One with the Proposal I never thought that Chandler would ever want to get married, and so this is one of my favorites because it made me cry!  Monica proposed to Chandler! This episode made me cry and laugh at the same time. 3)  The One that could have been What really could have been?  I immensely enjoyed this episode because it shows that whatever they do -

Missing 500+ FREE text from Smart Buddy!!

Here's the deal - last June 20, 2010 I checked my Smart Buddy's balance - it said that I had load credits amounting to P2.31 with 913 FREE text messages to ALL networks. Last June 30, 2010 out of curiousity, I checked my balance - the load credit was still the same at P2.31 while the FREE text messages to ALL networks was depleted to only 316.  This got me irritated, I immediately called the Smart hotline - to which my call was REJECTED because I had insufficient load to make the call!  I then used a landline, and was once again rejected because of the same reason.  I had to punch in a friend's number just to get through and these are what transpired: June 30, 2010 about 5 in the afternoon: -  I was able to speak to a CSR names Keanz Quintana . -  I waited for the call back of Mr. Jasper Salapare (supervisor) because Keanz assured me that her supervisor will give me a call within the day -  I never got a call back July 1, 2010 at about 9 in the morning: -  I cal