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My Birthday staycation at the F1 Hotel Manila + Giveaway!!

UPDATE: May 22, 2015: Congratulations to the winner!  Please see the comment section! ----- I had a wonderful staycation during my birthday at F1 Hotel.  It was very memorable because I don't usually celebrate my birthday this way.  All I want on my birthday is a birthday cake and a good meal.  Hahaha!  But this time, my birthday salubong was made extra special because I get to spend it away from my *home*. The Lobby We checked in during lunch time and it was a breeze!  The staff was very helpful and friendly.  We were surprised that lunch was offered!  The kids had a lovely time eyesore-ing the candy bar and ice cream!  My yayas enjoyed the buffet - I especially loved their Binagoongan, it was really good that I couldn't help and get more (than seconds!). The staff is wonderful too as they heeded to our every request - the sofa bed was made and we even had a welcome wine and cheese plate!  Hihi.. After lunch, the kids had to sleep - so my Panget and I

Lysol Wipes: A Healthy Touch

I believe that cleanliness next to godliness. I am quite tough on cleanliness.  I think I'm a bit OA when it comes to cleanliness, I'm sorry but I feel that dirt is the root cause of all sickness and disease.  So to keep myself and my family from getting sick - I make it a point to have the house thoroughly cleaned.  Cleanliness is one of the major criteria that I had when I picked a pre-school for Kailee.  The kids have wipes in their bags, I even have diluted Lysol in an atomizer for the yayas to use when we go out.  They also have in their bags alcohol and hand sanitizer.   When I learned that Lysol was introducing hand wipes, I had to see it for myself.  True enough - this is the product that I have been looking for!   It's gentle on the skin, it kills bacteria and germs, and it's in the form of wipes!  I mentioned above that I have wipes and tissues and also a diluted Lysol solution in the kids' bag right?  Well, with this product - it saves sp

Engineering for Kids + Giveaway!

Engineering for kids. Really? It got me curious.  I was then told to bring my kids ad they might enjoy this.  I googled it and what I saw was something different.  I was excited to be honest and so I went with an open mind. What I saw heard and experienced was something out of the ordinary.  It was very interesting.  The materials that they used are those in our household - nothing so out of this world - but the basic stuff. It's simply making science applicable to daily life, simple enough for the kids to enjoy and at the same time learn from.  I wish we had this during my time.  I am very much fascinated with Chemistry in HS but was discouraged because there was not application involved.  What I learned in school - I only did in school - there was no practical application.  I am so glad for the kids now because they have means to develop their interests early on.  Whats more is that parents support their kids decision now - parents value what their kids like and give